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NEW: Soul Seeker Inner Circle (It's free!)

You guys, I am so excited to announce my newest online space - the Soul Seeker Inner Circle! I used to stress out so much about my emails. What should I write? How many people will actually read it and how many will leave? Is this even helpful? And still, week after week I am so drawn to write. I love it. But I wasn't in love with my writing space. So...I changed it. (You're allowed to do that) I wanted to LOVE opening my email campaigns, love working on them, and pour more intention into what I created for my readers. I sent out a survey and the results really did surprise me. You want more self-development and purpose. You want more articles and more resources. Well, I can do that.

I created the Soul Seeker Inner Circle.A place for guidance, support, insight, community, and a behind-the-scenes of my own process. You will get more about voice, playing big, the fear gremlins, success, fulfillment, connection, and purpose.

Every month I'll send my best ideas, insights, and support to your inbox to help you live on purpose, create fulfillment,and a life that matters. Join your community (it’s free!) and welcome to the life of a soul seeker.


  • Articles I pour my heart and truth into – I write about purpose, answering your calling, money, connection, using your voice, being a leader, and help you to do the inner work.
  • Journal prompts and workbooks – I love journal writing! It is a very dear practice of mine. Every week you’ll get a journal prompt and sometimes I’ll send you a digital journal workbook to help you dive into your process even more.
  • Quotes I’m gushing over – Quotes are the best. They so quickly get to the heart of the matter. I will share my favorites every week to help inspire you and get you asking better questions of your life and purpose.
  • Purple Room Book Club – I am a book lover and each month I’ll share my 2-3 favorites I am currently indulging in.
  • Inner Circle Exclusive Offers – Be the first to know about Awaken Your Practice and exclusive virtual events and coaching calls.
  • Fun Giveaways – Journals, books, workbooks, I have plenty to share!
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My heart is so FULL...
Awaken Your Practice
Awaken Your Practice

This is probably the easiest article I have ever written because I am SO grateful for what just unfolded last weekend. I witnessed people finally put on paper what they WANT, that BIG vision that almost feels too big to be true and then spend three days getting into alignment so they can make it happen. When I first started to write the book for

Awaken Your Practice

I thought I was just outlining some ideas to compliment the teachings. Six months later and a book that is 248 pages in my hands I can say this is not just an outline of ideas - somewhere along the way I poured my


into this book and program. I finally acknowledged that I know some things and have some strong beliefs about this thing we call self-development and the powerful tool called coaching.

Yes, this weekend was designed for entrepreneurs and change leaders who are building purposeful lives from their heart center. For people who's purpose IS their vocation. But the ENTIRE focus is on YOU. Your essence, your being, what makes you, you. Of the 248 pages, less than 5 pages are about "business", "marketing", and "sales."


Because what you do is not nearly as important as WHO you are. And now that this weekend is complete I know I made the right choice to keep the focus where I did. I am still processing this whole experience but I want to share a few of my biggest takeaways from the weekend.

You're human No matter if you want to launch a business, start a non-profit, create a foundation, be the next Gabby Bernstein or Oprah, or change the entire money system you are human, first. You are susceptible to things like fear, judgment, uncertainty, stories, habits, patterns, and you have a history. Give space to your humanity because you have to go through your humanness to launch your big beautiful purpose.

Asking "how" will stop you before you start Too often the complexity of our big idea is too much to wrap our minds around. We don't know how we're going to possibly get our idea off the ground because we don't dream in small, baby dreams we dream in BIG LIFE ALTERING dreams. But even these have the first step. Find your first step or asking, "how?" will keep you from even getting started.

Money is involved Money is a game. It can also be a game changer. Whether you agree with the system of money or how it plays out in our world today, if you have it, spend it, hoard it, save it or give it away you are part of the game. Find a way to be congruent in this game and to play it in a way that empowers you and the people you serve.

You deserve to see what you're capable of You were not simply placed on this planet to breathe. You are conscious and you know you exist. You can think about life and live it at the same time. This is called self-awareness. We are in a changing time. Because of technology, industry is not what it used to be and I believe that conscious commerce is the new social change agency of tomorrow. It's the business builders and leaders who turn problems into profitable solutions that can dramatically alter our world for the better. But this means your ideas have to come out of your head and heart and into the world!

Mostly what I take away from the weekend is that people are amazing. Our ability to connect and share is so awesome. To sit in a room with change leaders for three days and see them go to their core and clear their stories and fears in the name of more service and more possibility doesn't give me hope, it IS hope in action.

I am already getting requests for the next one (thank you!). Early Bird enrollment opens Monday (I am opening 5 early spots at $797) and the next AYP is March 24-26, 2017. We're just getting started :)

Light and love,


Ready. Set. B r e a t h e...
Andrea Leda
Andrea Leda

Today I am giving myself permission to take a much-needed breath.

 I am taking a pause and some space to reflect and get ready for the weekend ahead. To put the things we create into the world is fun, scary, exciting, and full of unexpected twists and turns. No matter how organized, prepared or ready you think you are there's intention and

then there's life.

Today I need to make some space for life.

In less than four days I have people from all over coming to

Awaken Your Practice.

This thing that for whatever reason had to be born through me. And I am so grateful it did. Because, as much as I am its creator I am also its student.

In the last two weeks, I've been meeting with my guest teachers, finalizing the teaching schedule, ordering supplies, renting chairs, ordering coffee, stocking up on markers, printing forms, and putting some love into a few surprises for the students. This is the last push but the one thing I haven't done is b r e a t h e.

Because taking a breath isn't encouraged, is it? Hustle. Push. Drive. Create. Sell. Do. These things are encouraged. I get it, it's the actions you take that get you from where you are to where you want to go. Dreams require movement.

Movement without being centered is called burn out.

Movement from your center is called passion. 

Awaken Your Practice is certainly a passion project. And the people coming this weekend are working in their passion projects or at least they desire to be.

The AYP book opens with a return to your center and ends with a call to surrender and let go. Today I surrender. I am so proud of this teaching and the people who felt called to attend it. I have done everything I need to do. I've written, connected, shared, and created the space. And now all I have to do is show up and share.

Believe it or not, the actual teaching is the easy part.

We all know how to BE the thing we're called to. We know how to create, write, photograph, build, coach, design, stretch, and share. It's letting ourselves play big, ask people to show up, have the courage to say what we're brilliant at and dare to be seen that is the real work.

It's our contribution that defines us. When you answer your calling this is what you're really doing. Contributing. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

So here's to what calls you and whispers from your heart in the middle of the night. Here's to the silent knowing that tugs at you. And to you answering it for the world to bask in.

Now I am off to walk among the trees and take the most sensational breath.

Light and love, Andrea

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Good ol' Gratitude
Bend Oregon
Bend Oregon

These are a few behind-the-scenes from an early


sunrise shoot at Devil's Lake last weekend. Driving up Cascade Lakes Hwy with the orange sun just illuminating Mt. Bachelor, as the fog rolled over the lakes, is a sight I will never forget. There is something magical about dawn and the waking of a new day. I am hitting pause today to reflect and express some much-needed gratitude. As I round the corner and count down the final 11 days until

Awaken Your Practice

I need to take a deep breath. I have been traveling, adventuring, writing, and preparing for this weekend since March and as it comes near I'm really just in awe.

Gratitude. The remarkable practice of recognizing the good. Something we can all do more of, don't you think?

Just two weeks ago I was on a private vision immersion with a client and watched gratitude melt fear before my very eyes.

I felt gratitude for nature that can take my breath away looking out over Sparks lake as the sun set.

And I feel gratitude (beyond measure) for my Awaken weekend just days away and everyone who has supported me in making this possible.

After we wrapped the photo shoot we warmed up over chai and the best hot breakfast I've had in a long time. My dear friend and photographer, Jennifer Alyse, looked at me and asked, "how do you stay grounded?" To which I replied, without even thinking about it, "I just am."


Is that true? Where did that answer come from?!

But this is one of the ways when I am in the midst of coaching, teaching, writing, travel, speaking, and creating that I keep my feet on the ground. I say thank you. For all of it. Yes, ALL of it. Even the things that push me and challenge me (which is a kind way of saying the things that light my sh*t up). Because I am also human and not exempt from struggling.

My goal isn't to not suffer but rather to understand my suffering and be ok with it. One of the ways I do this is through gratitude. And I invite you to practice some today. Call it thankfulness, gratitude, acknowledgment, appreciation, recognition, or many of the other synonyms it doesn't matter what you call it. What does matter (and I mean literally manifests) is born from what you SAY matters.

Here is a quick, unedited list of things I am grateful for in this very moment. I hope you make your own list and then bask in the energy of that gratitude.

People My work Fall Hot coffee Blank journals Family Our puppy Yummy tea Mountains Birdsong Creativity The ability to read Books Home cooked meals Taking a deep breath Working for myself This space here YOU Water Funny movies Money My health A good bottle of wine

Deep chats with my Dad

My mom's health

My community


Gutsy ideas


Art Post-it notes (What would I do without a list?!)

Cards on my wall

Trees Travel Friends The ocean Hiking Meditation My coaches Lavender Red maples in the fall Fog in the morning Walks

and my beautiful, strong, inspired, supportive, powerful, loving wife.

I could keep going. This is the joy of gratitude, it has this kind of compound effect. Try it!

In light and love,


How I got to 6 figures (Part Two)
Journal prompt for spiritual leaders

"I am in my own right. I am in my own authority. I am in my perfect divine timing. I am growing and attracting. I am reaching and rooting. I am everything I've asked for. I am clear and focused. I am ready now. And so it is."

I don't remember what inspired me to write these statements or what I was reflecting on when I did but I come back to this because success is born from your beliefs and how much permission you give yourself.

Not enough of us grant ourselves permission to radically succeed. To me, radical success means wealth, ease, reach, service, clarity, peace of mind, and vision.

Earning 6-figures is a result. It's feedback that says, "Hey, you did something that added up to this number." All results are feedback. There are some undeniable themes that led me to 6-figures but of them all there is one I borderline obsess about every day - a relationship with the not knowable, the universe, divine source, or the energy between energy. 

Ok -- let me back up to August 2014. I had just left the business I found with my wife and dared to imagine I could embark on a totally new adventure all my own. And I was terrified. I had failed 8 other businesses at this point. Why would this be any different? I had to start this business with $0. And it had to make money or break even. This was the deal I made with myself.

I produced some pretty bad ideas in the beginning. And thank goodness I did because they taught me the most.

--->I learned that selling digital products to a massive market required a ton of energy and money to get in front of people. So this was out. 

---> I learned that my list didn't love to buy from me. So creating sales funnels was also a waste of time and energy.

---> I learned that when I got in front of people (speaking, coffee, connection) magic would happen in my business. But I didn't make this connect for almost a year. 

---> I learned that if I was working M-F and charging $75 for an individual coaching session I was not even making minimum wage. I made $4,000 my first year in business and $35k the next year before taxes.

---> I learned that I needed to change my approach to this work.

One year ago I stopped looking outside of myself for answers and I stopped listening to "marketing experts", "Facebook gurus", and "High-end coaches" and got very still. I listened to my heart by opening up a dialogue through my journal. Call it a portal, call it a channel, call it woo-woo, I don't care. It didn't bring life to my business - It brought my business TO life.

Privately I was practicing these incredible things like breath work, listening to my intuition, meditation, prayer, paying attention to synchronicity, communion with the unknown, listening to nature, and channeling my guides.

But when it came to my business - it was like I slammed the door and forgot everything I knew. I didn't trust my gut. I didn't ask for support. I looked completely outside myself for my business to succeed and I was failing, quick.

I felt like I was running out of time. Now, in perspective, one year to a profitable business is almost unheard of. I know this. But I made a deal with myself; this business was not to cost me or my partnership anything. And we were bordering on this deadline. I gave myself until the end of 2015 to bring home a paycheck or I was going job hunting.

I threw caution to the wind (it's a real thing) and hired a coach I couldn't afford AND asked him to charge me more money to hold me accountable to a BIG vision. And because I was now borrowing money to keep my business open I stopped paying for all marketing and did something no one was telling me to do - I brought massive amounts of faith and trust into what would unfold next. I surrendered.

And then magic happened. Things that shouldn't be possible, happened.

Nike called.

I got hired to speak.

I intuited an article called, "Roots to Fruits" and filled my consults 3 months out.

I would fill my coaching program in less than 3 months.

I was a keynote for a beautiful event for women.

I started to hear some version of this over and over - "I have no idea how you ended up in my inbox/email/mail because I am not on your list but it feels like divine timing." 


And the more I trusted and leaned into this faith the more people would show up.

Is this "woo-woo"? No.

We know that the act of how we observe something changes what we observe. Because light, thought, emotion and consciousness are things and they move, act, and honor our intentions we can predict our outcomes by observing our present thoughts, emotions, and expectations. (Translation: what you DECIDE will be and dedicate to both consciously and unconsciously, will be.)

Was I granted success for doing good in the world? No. Absolutely not.

It doesn't work like that. There is no reward because this would assume some moral or ethical righteousness that is better than another. Meaning - who gets to judge what is good and what is bad? 

I practice and employ universal laws consistently and have faith that they've already succeeded. And then I act as though I've already succeeded and what I need TO succeed shows up. 

Which laws? I thought you'd never ask! (This is my interpretation of each law. There are many out there. Adopt what feels right for you.)

The Law of Reciprocity

What you give you receive. Want to receive more? Give a million times more.

The Law of Divine Compensation

You will be rewarded most when you heed the call of your heart and answer your calling. To earn money from something that feels degrading to your soul, will be.

The Law of Light and Shadow

The world is your mirror. There is nothing in your field of awareness that is not also inside of you. Lean into your fears for they are your gateway to freedom.

The Law of Intention

What you intend and commit to both consciously, unconsciously and in your highest plane of existence will be. But you have to be patient. For the time is not instantaneous even if thought is.

The Law of Dharma

You have a calling. You have a pilgrimage of the soul. It's in your bones. And when it knocks on your door, answer. 

When I paired this practice with everything I've dedicated my time to (see last week's article) it adds up to what I would call success. Financially, yes. But also joyfully. I am very happy to be living in a way that shines more light on my path, my calling, and my purpose.

No money can quantify the power of fulfillment. 

I want this for you. If you want this too,

Awaken Your Practice is just around the corner. Just sayin ;)

In light and love,


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How I got to 6 figures (The article I swore I would never write)
How I got to 6 figures

This is how I got to 6 figures. I will do my best to outline as much as I can below. I will leave things out. Not on purpose but because when you show up every day and work on your success you forget everything you've done. These are what stick out most to me. Some of you will read this and LOVE what I have to say. Some will never come back because of the title alone.

This is dedicated to those who stay.

I am a spiritual coach who works with business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders. I teach radical success through a spiritual lens. Spiritual is, for me, connecting to my higher purpose, understanding the bigger picture, doing the inner work, and seeing things in their right place.

I don't focus on results because they are results. There is a chain of events that lead to results. I believe if you go to the source of success you get the result you want every time. This is why I don't do strategy. It doesn't work if it's where you begin. And I begin with who you ARE. Your BEing. Your beliefs and your soul.

In total transparency - this is not a lead into a program or a sales funnel. I just want you to have this information. Eleven years ago when I started my first business I would have given anything to be taught these principles. But let me be clear about something -- You can't pay me to help you make 6-figures because it's short sighted.

What is the purpose of making money?

Where does it fit into your life?

How much do you need?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Making 6 figures isn't the real goal. At least it isn't for me. The real goal is a healthy and sustainable business. The real goal is knowing my work works and I am doing it in an honest, ethical way. The real goal is raising my potential, supporting my family, and respecting my values. 

There are SO many coaches out there teaching 6-figure systems. I know some of them personally. There are a bazillion e-books, blog posts, seminars, podcasts, coaching programs, etc. teaching you HOW to make 6-figures. If you merely want the money for money's sake then this post is not for you. 

Take these lessons I am about to outline to your business or your life and do whatever it takes to integrate the ones that feel right for you.

Ok -- here we go.

In 2014 I made $4,000 in my business.

In 2015 I made $35,000.

In 2016 I made $175,000.

In 2017 I made $240,000.

>> How did this happen?

How I got here. These are in no particular order. And there's more where these came from. But these are ALL things I had to work very intently to be OK doing on a daily basis.

It didn't take me one year to go from $35k to $175k - it took me SIX years. Yes, there's technically only one year between 2015 and 2016 but it required everything I did in the past 6 years to make this leap possible.

I mastered my craft. While people were studying SEO, social media tactics, sales funnels, etc. I had my nose in the "coaching/neuroscience/psychology/business/money/spirituality books, seminars, certifications, programs, and mentorships. I mastered what it means to be a great coach. 

I hired a coach and stretched myself. I paid a coach $1,500/month for a year before I charged $1,500/month for a year. I took the risk, first. And while I would go on to reduce my rates, I wanted true empathy with my clients and the money I was asking them to invest to work with me. 

I learned everything I could about money. All of it. I mean all of it. And that awesome Tony Robbin's book about Money that weighs 10lbs. and is 700 pages? Read it. LOVED it. I took money seminars, went to money classes, read 50+ money books, and dealt with allllllll my money baggage. And I do mean all. It is an ongoing practice and I still run into my money stuff.

I treat my business like a business. I have a biz bank account, a biz license, disability insurance, and pay myself actual paychecks. I don't buy my groceries with my business bank account and I pay taxes. I am a legit business.

I set goals beyond what I thought was possible. I didn't set out to be a 6 figure coach, I set out to be a 7 figure company because it got me to think creatively and get outside my comfort zone.

I quit paying for marketing and advertising. I started to MEET people. Like, talk to real people. I had over 90 in-person conversations in 90 days in 2016. I filled my week with as many conversations as I could. I didn't ask a single one of them to be a client because that wasn't the point. I merely showed up and had great convos with people. 

I had a TON of coaching conversations. Instead of being busy trying to FB market sales funnels for an email I actively booked coaching conversations. Over 1,000 of them.

I wasn't afraid to give my absolute best service away, for free. Of those 1,000 coaching convos I had 180 this year alone, and they were 2-hours each. These calls changed my life and my business.

I modeled successful 'models of the world' that I appreciated. If they wore a watch, so did I. If they read so-and-so book, so did I. If they meditated, so did I. If they drank kale smoothies in the morning, I tried. ;) 

The list continues...

I grew my team. I stopped DIYing everything.

I tapped into a mission I can't possibly accomplish and it will drive me for life.

I fell in love with this awesome and very handy resource called money.

I put blinders up to "competition".

I invested more than $30,000 in continued education.

I practiced hearing the word no by getting over 150 of them this year alone.

I asked for criticism and honest feedback.

I did a s*#t ton of inner work.

I quit quitting when it got hard.

I gave away more than I expected to be paid for.

I read over 300 books in the last 4 years alone.

I took total responsibility for my lack of success in the past.

I started a morning routine that I am dedicated to no matter the day of the week. 

I cleaned up my diet. And I healed my body.

I worked less but did more that mattered.

I cut out more than 25 hours of TV per week.

I only started enrolling 10/10 clients and risked leaving money on the table.

I filled my office with affirming messages.

I cleared out toxic relationships.

I created a compelling future I can't stop thinking about.

I realized I LOVE people.

I created a life philosophy.

I deleted social media and email from my phone and check FB 5 minutes per week.

Someone ask me recently, "If yo had to go back and do it all over again where would you begin?" I would begin with my inner world and I would begin with a deep excavation of my money beliefs. Which is why I created a journal workbook to help you do this too.

>> Download my FREE Money Workbook below and start to work with your money beliefs. <<

This work is a practice. I keep examining my life - my dreams, my fears, my triggers, what I am grateful for, what I want, who I want to be, and what I want to create. Without this, none of the above is possible. 

I should be exhausted just reading this list but this is the true cost of a 6-figure business. You can't just sponsor a post and count your followers. I had to actively cultivate a business that was worth investing IN. I am not exhausted. I am happy. Beyond measure. Not because of the money. I am grateful for the money.

I am happy with the service I get to give because I don't have to worry about money. What would this be worth to you?

I am not your guru
I am not your guru

"I am not your guru" is the title of a documentary circling Netflix right now. It is a behind-the-scenes film of an Anthony Robbins event called Date with Destiny. You can Google it or search Netflix and if you haven't already seen the film I urge you to. There's some controversy over his teaching methods. Is it just shock and awe? Is his power what creates change and are people just submitting without integrating the work? You will have to decide for yourself.

Here's why I am spending this space to write about this - because I can't stop thinking about this movie. Because I have watched it 3 times. Because I am one of the few who TOTALLY agree with what happens here. And I realize this puts me a bit on the obviously I had to write about it. :)

Tony Robbins uses NLP. NLP is a method that uses language to interrupt patterns we have embedded in our subconscious. Language is very powerful. Words and labels are how we story information or memories about what happens to us. Those stories become our filters. Those filters tell us what to tune into and what not to. This is how we can stay stuck in the same pattern (like no money, fear of failure, poor relationships, etc.) ongoing for years.

NLP is just a tool. Really, he uses love and his commitment to his mission to help end or alter the path suffering has put someone one. And he will stop at nothing to see this mission through.

Two things fascinated me about this event and the film:

ONE - We are so numb, stuck, apathetic, and lost that 2,500 people spend $5,000 every year to sit in a room for 72 hours to WAKE UP.

TWO - Our typical model for change isn't working. According to Dr. Brene Brown, we are the most "overweight, over-medicated, in debt adult cohort in U.S. history." --> Ok. This flat out pisses me off.

We have the most resources, money in circulation, and awareness today about how to effectively change our lives and still we aren't doing the work. Why?

Why are so many people sleep walking?

Why are we treating depression and trauma as illnesses?

Why are we medicating our problems which are the greatest gifts we have?

Why are we so angry, lost, confused, apathetic, and anxious?

As Tony Robbins says in the film, "We think low-level problems are THE problem because we don't want to deal with the root of our suffering."

So I come away from watching this movie (three times) and what is one to do? Well, sit down and have an entire conversation over breakfast with my wife about change and the art of transformation, obviously. (These are the moments I KNOW I married the right person, thanks babe for getting me.) #wearenerds

The question I asked her was this - What compels one person to shift on a dime and another to die with resentment in their bones? 

You know. Small question. And the conversation that unfolded blew me away. I took notes and want to share them here. I don't have THE answer. I can't. It's all part of the human experience. But this I DO know - we are out of time. If we don't start LOVING one another and our home planet....well, I think you can fill in the blank.

So here you have it. Unfiltered notes on the art of transformation...

The difference between interest in change and commitment is taking 100% responsibility for your life. And the decision to do so happens in an instant. Yes, even the things that happen TO you. Can you be a victim? Yes, of course. But when you HOLD ON to your experience you are self-victimizing.

The more willing you are to go into the darkness the more light you let in.

Suffering is human. You will never not suffer. Suffering isn't the problem. Unintegrated and rejected suffering is the problem. And as Tony Robbins says, "Your problem is you think you shouldn't have problems."

You can't have a breakthrough without being triggered. Your "trigger" is the moment your fear comes true. THIS is prime time for a breakthrough.

A breakthrough requires a pattern interrupt. Change requires a commitment to cultivating the new pattern.

We are collectively numb. Don't look to the status quo to teach you about the possibility. They can't.

You have to be hungry to make this change. You have to find what is BIGGER than you.

I want to help everyone, I really do. And I can't. I won't. Not just because of the sheer amount of people on the planet but because not everyone is here to change.

You can't let go of your fears. You have to integrate them.

Problems sculpt our soul. You "problems" are your best teacher. As long as you aren't learning you have a problem.

Events are irrelevant. It's what you DO with that event that matters. And I mean literally, events can create the matter of your life.

YOU are your own guru. YOU are your own change agent. I am a guide. I facilitate an environment where change is possible but I can't change you for you.

Here is what I decided in an instant: I am done muting my beliefs about this work. Because, as I said, we are out of time.

I am not a practitioner. I am not a therapist. I am not a strategist. I am not just a coach. I am a change agent who BELIEVES in her soul that transformation, joy, love, and happiness is your God given right. Period.

And this is what I believe...

This is NOT Strategy and planning

This is not something you can think your way through. Your stories are not calculated, they are created from the need for love and safety. And when they stop serving you and you decide to face them or untangle them it’s the time to come out of your head and into your heart. We go in with radical acceptance and self-discovery. You will take action, but first, you have to meet you where you are.

This is NOT Just coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool and one that I love. Coaching is a way of showing up with someone and using powerful, open-ended questions to inspire new action in them. I use a coaching container but I fully understand that I can’t help you move forward and get you where you want to go without giving space to where you come from, first.

This is NOT Just therapy

I am not a diagnostician because you are not sick or broken. Therapy is an intimate experience of uncovering and healing. I use therapeutic energy to create safety so you can open up and reveal to yourself the shadows that plague your life. But I fully understand that sitting or stewing in your trauma doesn’t release it or integrate it. Your stories need to see the light of day and be heard. They have so much to teach you and we’ll use them to help return you to a state of wholeness.


An exploration of YOU

This may be the first time in your life you really meet yourself. This may be the first time you connect the dots or see your stories as energy meant to heal, teach, and guide you and not something designed to trap, harm, or keep you stuck. All humans struggle and hold on to their stories unnecessarily. How freeing will it feel when your stories and limiting beliefs are no longer gripping you or when you are not longer gripping them?

Healing occurs when you create a new relationship to the things that happened to you and when you let yourself learn from them without harming yourself or shaming you for them any longer.

Unearthing why you’re here

It’s our soul’s purpose to become complete and we incarnate to learn what we need to create wholeness. Your calling is your gateway to doing this. Your purpose will ignite a kind of passion that is immeasurable and will bring your entire life into immediate alignment and understanding.

Suddenly the things you thought happened to you really happened for you and you are left with a profound amount of self-love and self-acceptance. For most, once integrated, this calling will lead you to teach, give, and serve others in some way.

Radical action

You cannot get someplace new until you create new, inspired action – action born out of your most authentic self. Movement is what creates the tangible results in your life. But I want you making the right movements inspired by your aligned self. Most of my clients come to me because they want something like money, health, purposeful work, to feel seen, success, etc. They also want joy, excitement, confidence, inspiration, and clarity. These experiences are inevitable with the right action. The things you want are not actually outside of yourself. They are an extension of your beliefs and how you see and experience the world.

Self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth

All of life is an extension of how you see yourself and how you show up in the world. Imagine what is possible when everywhere you go all you see are more ways to LOVE and accept yourself?

Breakthroughs and NEW roots

Your entire life and the results you’re here to create are grown from your roots. Your beliefs, desires, choices, stories, attachments, and habits are your roots. The results you want to accomplish are your fruits. We focus on planting new roots so you can grow new fruits. This isn’t about doing more but being the person you need to be to accomplish the goal’s you have.

Growth and Confidence

Both within who you are and the things you’re dedicated to is a desire to grow and expand. There is no one plan because everyone’s purpose is a path only they can walk. This is a kind if growth that brings new business, perfect clients, purposeful work, and new opportunities effortlessly to your doorstep. My role in this is to help you recognize it and help you say yes to everything you’ve ever wanted and asked for.

What will you decide in an instant?

In light and love,


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Truth Nuggets for my Birthday
Listen to your life
Listen to your life

I love a birthday. They are a gift in themselves. Because YOU are a gift. To even be here is a gift. But it doesn't mean it's always easy. In fact, I hope it isn't because it's those moments that push against our life where we learn the most. This has been an incredible year. It was just two years ago that I was in the throws of a total life collapse. Nothing added up anymore and I was very lost. So to be here today on the other side of that experience and to feel as grateful and full as I a way feels like a miracle and in a way just feels like life.

This is how it goes - we live, learn, live, learn, etc. Some lessons suck. There's no polite way to say that. Some learnings are brutal and make you question everything. Some are mildly uncomfortable. And others barely flag your life but they are all just as important.Growth happens in the contrast of discomfort and comfort.

We learn about love when we hurt. We learn about life when we're lost. We learn about happiness when we're sad. We learn about success when we're failing. We learn about what we want when riddled with things we don't want.

I believe this so much that I have made my work and my life a dedication to teaching this. And I am no exception! I am human. Isn't it a wondrous thing?!

To celebrate my humanity I want to gift myself space to reflect on a few things I really took to heart this year. It was a year of radical growth for me. Radical as in rooted and anchored. Growth as in painful and awesome, all at the same time. If you get something from these, great! If not. Well, it's my birthday and sometimes you just have to be self-serving. ;) #kiddingnotkidding

I learned that no one can show up until I do. If life is my mirror then no one can show up until I show up. This is true in my work, friendships, family, community, and partnership. If I long for something then it is the very thing I have to give. If I need for something it is the very thing I need to give myself. Last November I came out as a spiritual leader. It wasn't as painful as I anticipated and it still challenges the part of me that is terrified of being invisible. I learned that if I really want to be seen in this way I have to BE this way.

I learned it isn't about me. When people reject my ideas, it isn't about me. When I serve my clients, it isn't about me. And when I speak to the truth I experience in my own heart and life it isn't about me. I feel that the work I am doing is my calling and my purpose for being on earth. And it is so much bigger than me even when it affects me.

I learned that I want things. I want the world to change. I want less violence. I want cancer to go away. I want a big house. I want to live in the mountains. I want my family to be healthy. I want to live a long life with my wife. I want to publish a book. I want to be a 7-figure coach. I want to put myself out there. I want people to stop judging and start loving. I want people to go within. I want to enjoy every aspect of life. I want to go Home. I want to not hide the things I want. We all want. It feels good! It's about dreaming and visioning new life. And it's about honoring and loving right where you are.

I learned that I have learned a lot. Yup. Not just this year but all the years of my life are so packed with lessons it's incredible. Life really is handed to you on a silver platter and the moment you see this, you are free.

I learned that I am fiercely loved and appreciated. THANK YOU.

I learned that I really love life. Like a lot. I really do love life. I am in awe of life and it's magic. I used to live from beneath a dark cloud and I didn't see the purpose of life. You could have spelled out miracles for me and I would have said you were a liar. And today I see so much beauty, potential, joy, and possibility everywhere I turn. I wouldn't change where I've been or what I've experienced.

I wish for all people to have their entire life be their entire awakening. To get out of their own way and go for it. To answer their calling and turn their art into their purpose and their gift back to the world. Maybe this is a selfish want. But it's my birthday and this is what I want. 

Light and love, Andrea


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"What are you waiting for?"
Light is the new black quote
Light is the new black quote

Something I loved writing for the Awaken your Practice workbook was these little notes from your higher self. I sprinkled them throughout the workbook. And they became the easiest and most fun parts to write. I am proud of the whole book but these little notes seem to come in at just the right time because they pack a BIG message. Today I offer a new one as a download from your higher self. Ok, my higher self but I have a feeling this something you also need to hear. (P.S. Sometimes my higher self uses some...assertive language. But she's smiling and coming from love. This I know for sure.) Enjoy!

Dear Soul,

What the *&#$ are you waiting for? No, really. What magic wand are you waiting to grant you this incredible thing you've already been given? We don't give inspiration to just anyone. We give specific inspiration to its perfect pairing, its perfect match, and it's perfect creator.

Can more than one of you build it? Of course. But if you possess the idea now I assure you there is a reason. Don't ask why. It's irrelevant.

You know when you see an idea out in the world and you think, "Hey! I thought of thatyears ago!" Well if you don't take the inspiration and build it we move it on to someone else. They didn't steal it. You dragged your feet. And quite honestly there is work to be done so we ask you to please stop dragging your feet.

Here's the thing, there's no one to give you the permission you seek. There's no one to invite you to the table of your purpose or of your life. There is no one to graduate you into the work you are destined for. And there is certainly no one to determine your value, worth, or ability to create said purpose. Except for one.


You're it. You're your permission grantor. You graduate you. And you invite yourself to the table of our purpose. And something else we should mention - the work can't begin until you show up. It doesn't happen on the sidelines. It happens in the arena.

The big, beautiful, and bold work you're here to offer the world and to the evolution of your soul can not happen on paper or in your head. It requires doing something.

It requires a commitment to see it through even when it changes your life in ways you don't want. Even when it pushes you right to your edge of fear and limiting beliefs. And especially when it makes you question how incredible you actually are and how bright you are allowed to shine. It is in these moments when the purpose can reveal its entirety to you.

You think it's about just giving something to the world? Sorry. This is not a one-way ticket. This is a give and receive path. Because the very thing you have to give is the very thing you are destined to learn.

So we ask you - what are you waiting for? Don't look to us. We're waiting on you. It's your move.

Light and love, Your highest self & Andrea

Inspired and unstoppable? What happens with doubt...
Doubt Cleanse -
Doubt Cleanse -

Even in the midst of success, I am susceptible to doubt and I know I am not the only one.Let me back up. I have been pouring my heart into Awaken Your Practice and the workbook that goes along with it. When I started the writing process back in April I vowed to myself that I would not go looking for more "inspiration" (aka comparison) or the writing would never get off the ground. This must be, in part, why writers seclude themselves. Distractions = no writing gets done.

So, for three months I have been reading books but no blogs, articles, FB feeds, etc. to keep myself dedicated to what I wanted to convey. I must say - this was incredibly hard. I realized two things. 1.) When I go looking for inspiration all I really do is compare myself and 2.) I don't always trust that my ideas are enough.

Last week I officially submitted the workbook to my designer and I won't see it again until it's pretty and polished. (Thank you, Natalie McGuire!) So what do I do right after it's off my plate? I go back to all the blogs, websites and FB feeds and BAM....not even a week later I find myself in a full blown doubt hangover.


So I do what I do best - create a challenge out of it :) Enter the #doubtcleanse. Five days of not adding things to my awareness that make me question my brilliance.

But it didn't work.

It isn't working.

It almost made it worse. Like there is this big pink doubt elephant in the room and I put a big ol' tutu on it. And maybe some roller skates. You get the idea.

Before I knew it I was in a stream of self-inflicted insults....

Why didn't you think of...

You should have...

You shouldn't eat that...

You could have...

You need to...

You should change....

You get the picture. It's amazing how our own minds know just the right buttons to push, isn't it? So what did I do? I put on some roller skates too (metaphorically speaking) and danced with doubt.

The doubt exists because I believe in what I am doing with my whole heart and this is scary.

The doubt exists because I have this HUGE vision for the world and no real clue how to get there and this is intimidating.

The doubt exists because I love my work so much and some days I think the other shoe is going to drop and this is vulnerable.

It's vulnerable to be invested in something no one else can see yet. Or to stand for an idea that sounds idyllic or naive. It's vulnerable to put yourself out there and build a brand from your heart. So I guess, bring on the doubt!

Maybe it means I am really invested in this magical thing called purpose.

Maybe it means I am pushing my own edge. 

The thing is I will act in spite of the doubt because I have to. This is called conviction. It doesn't mean doubt won't creep in, it means you keep going. And my hope is, when it comes to your purpose, you will do the same.

Even when your doubt puts on rollers skates and gets your attention let it be. In a way, it just wants you to be ok and safe and sometimes our big beautiful ideas aren't safe but they are more than ok. 

In light and love,



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Benefit Coaching Call for Orlando
Love is in the air
Love is in the air

The shooting in Orlando is why I do what I do. Because we are a fragmented whole. Because hate is not an answer. Because hating the perpetrator is also not an answer. And because I think the time is now for business to be an amplifier for good. So, now what? How, exactly, do we do this when events like what happened in Orlando can happen so quickly? Here's what not to do...

Don't point fingers. Call it what you will - a hate crime, a targeted assault, a heinous act - people died for being...human. People are human, first, above all else. This isn't a gay thing this is a human thing. And we kill what we deem different from ourselves. We don't all pull a trigger but we reject, blame, judge, criticize and fear anyone who defines their humanity different than our own. LOVE. Just love.

Don't blame the other. All hate is born from the same place - difference. Be angry, sad, confused, flustered, frustrated that difference causes such scary acts in people. But I request this - LOVE the part of you that is angry, sad, confused, flustered and frustrated and you'll see that you are the other and the other is you. When we blur the line of separation we heal. When we stand for the separation we perpetuate the very thing that causes such violence in the first place.

Love is love. Hate is hate. There's no gray area here. Practice LOVE. Not just with others but with yourself.

Be the thing you wish you saw more of in the world. Love your enemy and they are no longer your enemy. Love what scares you and the fear disappears.

This is where my light workers come in. I want you to hear me out. Really, hear me out. What if your work, your business, your calling were an amplifier of good and of closing the gap in our separateness? What is possible then?

We live in duality where hate exists because love exists and vice versa. Their hate isn't the problem. Only ours is. Love the anger this event conjured up and you heal anger in the world.

"Your purpose is the excuse through which you get to love people." -Panache Desai

You can't lead our world toward harmony if you're still stuck in your head afraid of your gifts. Now is the time to shine as brightly as you were designed to shine! And I am pretty sure it's going to take a lot of us.

Hate is loud. I get it. It screams because its methods are gruesome and cruel. But is the only thing that can bridge any gap and heal any wound. So LOVE through your purpose. This is the spirituality of your gifts and your business. This is the reason you are here.

I want to share something I wrote for my Awaken Your Practice workbook. Sprinkled throughout the workbook are notes from your higher self. And today you need to hear this.I need to hear this.

Dear soul,

I do not give you ideas you can’t realize. I give them to you because you’re the only onewho can realize them in the exact way they’re meant to be realized. There is no great question I haven’t already pondered. No “how” I haven’t already figured out. And no fear I don’t see coming.

So what, then, are you waiting for?

That BIG idea you are sitting on is not doing any good inside your head. It wasn’t granted to you to be pondered. It was granted to you to be BUILT, CREATED, and REALIZED. Why you ask?

Does it matter? I will give you a tiny answer because your “why” is a tiny question. Because. No, really. Just because. Want more? Okay:

Because it’s fun. It feels good. It’s the pure definition of creativity. Creation. To create. To actualize some essence of an idea to something you can hold in your hands. To somethingyou can experience with emotion like joy, gratitude, and reverence. Because, as your higher self, I selfishly want to feel these things too through you.

So go now and create. Put it on paper. Sculpt it. Offer it. Build it. Make it messy. Don’t get it right at first. I assure you, you can’t get it right at first or you’d miss out on things like growth, desire, and the sheer thrill when you actually get it right.

And if you get scared remember this — fear and joy are two sides of the same coin. Just flip it over.

Here's my BIG request

I want to help you step in. I mean really step in. Before you can be a beacon of light and before your work can be shared with the masses you have to do one final, bold step.....Sell.

Yup. You have to sell, invite, and beckon people to be so moved they want to exchange this energy called money for your work. Do you know what good is possible if spiritual teachers were wealthy? Just sayin...

I've teamed up with Michael Knouse and we're hosting a Benefit Coaching Call next week on the Soul of Selling to do TWO powerful things.

1. Help support and give to the families of the victims of the Pulse shooting, who are in such deep mourning right now, put some of the pieces back together.

2. Help you own your craft as an amplifier of good by being so unapologetic about its radical goodness you can't help but invite people in!

The call is $25, 90-minutes, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Pulse Shooting Victim's Fund and Equality Florida. Details below. (Also, if we raise $500 I will match it.) 

In light and love, Your Higher-Selfand Andrea Leda

- Benefit Coaching Call -Join us, Wednesday, June 29th from 12-1:30 PM PST $25 - All proceeds to Equality Florida + Pulse Shooting Victim's Fund

Soul of Selling - How to invite people into your big, beautiful purpose.

A Benefit Coaching Call for the Pulse Shooting Victims Fund with Andrea Leda and Michael Knouse

During this 90-minute call, we want you to step into your brilliance! And we will coach you through it.

  • How do you sell your purpose?
  • Are you allowed to?
  • What good can earning more money do for others?
  • How do you approach sales and receiving money?
  • How do you move fear aside and made bold requests of your clients and customers?
  • Is money spiritual? Can it be?
  • How can you feel worth what you want?
  • And more.

Let Andrea Leda and Michael Knouse support your vision and help you play big and in doing so we can give support to the families affected by the recent events in Orlando, Florida. Now is the time for heart-centered leadership to take hold and for business to be an amplifier for good! 

Please note: This is a GROUP coaching call. Once registered you will receive a confirmation with the call details.

SIGN UP HERE!If we raise $500, I will match it! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Pulse Shooting Victim's Fund + Equality Florida.SIGN UP HERE!

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Coaching is not for everyone...
My Vision

Here we go...another edge I know I HAVE to lean into. And it goes a little something like this...

Really brilliant coaching is not for the faint of heart. 

It just isn't.

And truth be told, I felt bad about this which is why I've tried to coach everybody. Not literally everybody because that is just not possible. But I wanted my work to be accessible to everyone. And this is something I hear a TON of with new coaches - they want to be affordable, accessible, reasonable...but what they're really saying is I don't trust myself to be the boldest, most badass version of my work.

Because if they were, they would also find that is isn't for everyone.

I had a mentor once who said no one needed coaching. And he is right. What he meant was that coaching is a choice to self-actualize. And we don't need to self-actualize to survive. Most of the people on this planet will spend thousands of lifetimes attempting to get there and never quite make it.

He also said this, "Nor is it [coaching] for those who are not 100% serious and committed to their success and happiness (however they define those words in their lives)."

Really brilliant coaching will stretch you, challenge you, push you (gently and sometimes not gently), and help you see that in order to BE the most glorious version of your dreams you have to be willing to do what 99.9% of people are unwilling to do - question everything. And let go. 

I am sorry to say that most people are not committed to their success and happiness. Or they are until they have to...

Invest money in themselves. Invest time in themselves. Question their habits. Be uncomfortable. Or worse - decide that being unhappy, although awful, is less risky. 

Most people want to hold on to what they know and change at the same time. They want to take their stories with them. They want to be right. They aren't willing to take risks or lose anything. They want the experience to be totally quantified in advance. They aren't willing to let their ego-self die. But what's worse is they don't think they need to in order to change. This is what I call spinning your wheels.

You can't go up and stay where you are at the same time. 

This past weekend I invited the challenge and asked to be cracked up. I have a big vision of what's possible here on Earth and I see now that in order to remotely have a chance at succeeding with this vision I have to be unapologetic about my work. (ahhh!!!)  And this means accepting this isn't for everyone...

I still think everyone could use coaching. I still believe the process is powerful for just about anyone. But in my experience really brilliant coaching should not be used on just anyone.

Read books. Journal. Ask big questions. Look within. But don't enter coaching until you are ready to be cracked open. 

- Here's why -

Because it will crack you open! It asks you to step into a version of you that you've maybe only every thought about or doodled on a piece of paper. Because to ask BIG and POWERFUL questions of your life and to not answer them or lean into a waste of a big, beautiful question.

I can't believe I just said that....don't delete it...keep it there...

Don't get me wrong. Coaching isn't for just taking action. In fact, I believe the majority of strategy building and planning done in coaching is a waste of time. (oh geez, I can't believe I am typing this). It's a waste because to take your BEING and expect action to out-run your beliefs is....crazy making.

And for those of you who coaching was BUILT for - Here is what I see in you...

You're a risk taker. You have BIG vision. You're gutsy.You act before you think (sometimes this is good, sometimes not) You don't play a wishing game. You would move mountains if invited to do so.

And my favorite - even when you are riddled with doubt, fear, and uncertainty you lean in anyways. Successful people are no less afraid than unsuccessful people. They don't feel the fear and do it anyways.

They aren't reaching through fear. They are acting in honor of their vision. Period. 

And so in honor of YOUR vision, I have a BIG request for you.

You see, these people I just outlined above are also pretty fiery. They are INSPIRED, PASSIONATE, ON THE FRINGE, maybe even a lot WEIRD in their thinking, and they are BOLD, AUDACIOUS, and UNAPOLOGETIC. 

They are like a big bonfire. They burn high and hot. Here's the problem in coaching fiery peeps - most of you go in search of how to DO more and HAVE more which is like taking gallons of gasoline and drenching your fire! You only burn hotter which makes it almost impossible to come near.

What if you attempted to BE?

Imagine what's possible if you took that FIRE into the heart and soul. If you went within. You would become the brightest beacon of light beckoning people to come close and see what you see.

And for you - I leave you with this.

There is an allowance that we as conscious leaders and visionaries don’t have enough of and that is the entire purpose of my work.

My intention for this experience is to give badass leaders with massive vision for what’s possible for our world a place to go within. We spend 99.9% of our time on the fringe and we have to, this is why we’re visionaries, we have to see what others don’t have the capacity to see just yet.

But to have that one place where we come together, connect, be seen, be vulnerable, and dive into what makes up our heart and humanity is a gift that gives back to us, yes, but also the people we serve.

My vision is to help the world return to its natural state of grace and love. The ONLY way to accomplish to heal yourself. To take what lights your fire and turn that passion into a beacon of light for other's to follow. This is an inner journey and a pilgrimage for the soul.

In light and love,


The 4 ways we ALL Suffer (unnecessarily)
The 4 Ways we ALL Suffer
The 4 Ways we ALL Suffer

This is me leaning into my edge even more. Why is it so difficult to stand proudly for what we know to be true for ourselves? I know this may not be for everyone. I don't need to it be. But this is my truth and how I perceive our world. For today at least. Here we go...Do I think suffering is inevitable? Yes. Absolutely. I have never met a single individual who hasn't endured at least one great suffering or pain. Have you?

Do I think most suffer unnecessarily? Yes. Absolutely. I also have not worked with a single individual who wasn't making choices for their present life based on pain or injustice that happened wayyyyy in the past.

Why does it matter that we talk about this? Well, technically you don't have to deal with suffering if you don't want to. It is ALWAYS a choice. And in the grand world of personal development, growth, healing, change, and possibility there will come a day when if you don't learn why and how you suffer unnecessarily you will pay a big price. also a choice. (I can't believe I just said that...)

Let me back up and share my personal definition for suffering. The word itself is only a label ad there are as many personal definitions as there are people. You don't need to adopt mine or even agree. I define suffering as experiencing pain.

And all humans experience pain. 

So then what is unnecessary suffering? Did you know that an emotional state can only last 90 seconds? That means the emotional reaction you have to any single stimulus (humor, sadness, rejection, etc.) only last 1 1/2 minutes.

Call me crazy but to take an experience that lights up emotional and fear-based reactions in the body for 90 seconds and holding on to them for....days, months, years, even decades seems unnecessary.

What, exactly, are we holding on to? Does suffering serve a purpose? Is letting go an allowance of that injustice?

Prolonged suffering is basically a decision to KEEP the awful, scary, dark, terrifying experience PRESENT in your life as though you can't survive without it.

There are 4 ways we ALL suffer and one of them sort of takes the cake. (I am sure there are more than 4 but here are the ones I see over and over and over..)

1.) I am not worthy 2.) I am not powerful 3.) I have no purpose 4.) I can't lose

Read number four again. I have an entire career ahead of me still so I don't want to make definite statements just yet....however I can say this with plenty of confidence - most unnecessary suffering is caused by LOSS.

Loss of a loved one. Loss of our sense of self. Loss of innocence. Loss of an identity. Loss of a thing or money.Loss of control. And the FEAR of loss in the future.

We basically hate losing. Which is why you hear over and over that the antidote to suffering is detachment or letting go. As well as...

Forgiveness. Release. Acceptance. Self-love. And my personal favorite - to own our place in our own suffering.

I want to share a story. This story is about a girl, a girl who had a pretty charming childhood. Plenty of love and support. She had a wild imagination and loved people. She could see the good in everyone and was always adopting stray cats.

Then one day her love for people was overshadowed by a fear that she didn't belong and she began isolating herself. She replaced loving people with fearing people. She lost her sense of self. And every time someone would leave her life she took it as proof that not only was she alone but she was unloveable.

For 10 years she would hide her ideas, creativity, and optimism in hopes people would take her under their wing and accept her. She fell into a deep depression and began identifying as 'the sad one' and 'the broken one'. She was horribly miserable but she knew how to play this role. She kept people around that proved this right. She took this out on others but mostly she took it out on herself and her body.

It would take a ton of support, inner work, and a total change in her environment to reconnect with the girl she once was. To be able to look out into the world and see and feel love again. It would take her totally accepting that she was creating her depression to seek love and there were better ways. Less painful ways. She took her lessons and returned to wholeness again. And when she did she found a kind of joy she didn't know was possible. Now she was thankful for her suffering for it taught her compassion. But she was ready to let it go, to let it die, so she could be reborn. Which is exactly what she did.

This is my story.

And although I can look back and remember what I went through I wouldn't change a thing. Yes, I suffered unnecessarily and when I was finally ready to let it GO my 10-year experience of depression was done. Just like that. It would take me a bit to mend relationships and pick up the pieces but when I was done suffering I was DONE. I had to lose my story of what it meant to be sad.

Did I suffer unnecessarily? Absolutely. Now I wouldn't take any of my experience back because I can't and because I learned so much about myself. I also know that level of depression would not serve me now or in the future. And hopefully I learned enough to pick a different strategy should there be a next time.

What suffering are you ready to lose?

In light and love, Andrea

Money is a Godsend (literally!)
get uncomfortable
get uncomfortable

Please know, I am very uncomfortable right now. My heart is pounding and my palms are actually a little sweaty. But this article is part of my truth. This is how I live my life. This is how I view, work with, receive, spend, and handle money. It's why I don't go without and it's why I have more than enough. (Ah, I can't believe I am saying this! What will you think? Am I being an a** hole? Have you already left? Keep going....) I feel compelled to write this because if I look at the coaching conversations I've had in the past 6 months alone, 100% of the people who showed up wanted more money or a healthier relationship with money. 100%. So naturally I think we have to talk about this.

First, a short story. I was driving home last night thinking about this article and what I was about to commit to this space. I passed a busy corner and saw a man on the corner with a sign that read, 'Need $18 for a room tonight' and at the front of the line of cars directly in front of him was another man in a red Jaguar and he was not looking at the man on the corner.

And immediately my judgment set in.  Why won't the man in the car look at him? Oh, is he too good? It's only $18! What a wealthy jerk...see money is evil and doesn't help...and on the judgment went.

Then I laughed out loud and thought - Oh. This is part of our dilemma. 

The only information I had was two men. One on a corner with a sign. One in a car at a stoplight. That's it! And my conditioning filled in the rest.

Our conditioning 'conveniently' (insert me doing air quotes here) fills in the rest. 

What else is possible? What if the man in the car were homeless once? What if he actually has zero money and is in debt from this car? What if the man on the corner is a millionaire? What if the man on the corner was once wealthy and spent it all and lost everything? What if the man in the car didn't see the man on the corner? What if the man on the corner has a hobby of standing on corners?

What if we stop the assumptions and stories? 

If I believe we live in a black and white world where plus one equals minus another... OR If I think more of one thing means less of another then when I see stuff like this I have to assume the worst to save my identity.

But what if none of this is true? What if money is a Godsend.? What if abundance applies to ALL things?

The things I am terrified to say (but I do believe) are as follows...

99% vs. the 1% is not a solution to money "problems". Poverty is not humility. Don't confuse poverty with non-attachment. You're not poor because someone else is wealthy. You're not so powerful that 'taking' what you want leaves someone else 'without' that thing you took.

I've been poor. I've lived on less than $900/month (Yes, I know in some places this is a LOT of money and in the U.S. it's barely enough...) and now I make more than I need. The difference is this, and this is something I see far too often...

When you're poor you think it's 100% not your responsibility or doing. When you're wealthy you take 100% responsibility for your wealth.

I am actually not going to dive in too deeply here, but these are a few of my thoughts. They aren't solutions, they are statements. Scroll further for my solutions or at least my spark for a new conversation.

How I got over my money fears and am still terrified to say (but I do believe with every fiber of my being) are as follows...

I got rid of the 'me vs. them' story and replaced it with a 'If I am poor, it's my own doing, and if I am wealthy it is ALSO my own doing' story.

I believe that money is a Godsend for good.

I stopped judging people for having money AND people for not. 

I let go of any attachment to money as a symbol of my worth or my value.

I know that God is a yacht just as much as God is a homeless shelter. When you can wrap your head around this you'll find freedom.

Sometimes, it is about the money. Because as a human being on planet earth, money is part of the deal. I can't invest for my future, give, buy gifts, or even put gas in my car without money. So why are we so afraid of asking for it?!

And my personal favorite - I replaced 'it's spiritual to be poor' with 'Money and God are one in the same.' 

Why would something that can buy food, build shelters, print books, create technology, and connect billions of people be evil?

Wouldn't it be a better fit to pre-suppose money is a gift? That money is a given? And if so I promise money was never the problem, but your beliefs about money can be a problem.

Do you enjoy being broke? I certainly did not. It was stressful, I was always anxious, I would check my bank account constantly, and have to quickly add up my grocery costs while in line, to make sure I had enough money to eat some days. And if you looked under the surface you would have found money beliefs that created my poor situation.

And now? Thanks to education, asking scary questions and flat out questioning what I saw I began practicing a new set of prosperity beliefs.

Here are a handful of powerful beliefs and practices I employ every day to receive more than I need.

  • I have plenty because I earn plenty, but more importantly I SAVE plenty, and live on LESS than I need.
  • The more money I have the more I get to be, do, and have. The more influence I have.
  • If I need money all I do is ask and trust it's on its way.
  • I don't need money to feel secure, I need money to physically survive. Security is inherent in my being, money just makes things a little easier.
  • Someone's billions doesn't mean there's less to go around, it means someone has billions. I can too. So can you.

Now you don't have to agree with a single thing I say. Really. You can throw this away and say I am totally nuts. It doesn't actually effect me. (And here comes the thing I am REALLY scared to say...)Those of you who do want to throw this away I can almost guarantee are struggling in some way with money. So I invite you to let this in, just a little. Stop defending what keeps you poor. Stop hating proof that money is abundant and available.

What money story would you rather tell?

In light and love, Andrea

I don't know if I'm supposed to admit this... 

But I am a bit of a rebel, so why not. I . Am. Exhausted. These past few months in my business have been radical. There's been growth and opportunities beyond my imagination. I am incredibly grateful for all of it. And there are two sides to every coin.

I am also totally exhausted. I promised myself I would slow down...6 weeks ago. Why I am tired doesn't really bother me. It's pretty obvious. I am exerting more energy than I am replenishing. The why behind that statement does interest me. A lot.

Why do we push past where we know we should stop? Why do we break promises to ourselves? How come when we get where we wanted to go it doesn't always feel like it's enough? And the story that is really getting come I feel guilty taking some time to rest and renew?

The story I'm telling myself is because I don't want to take this magical thing called purpose for granted - ever. And if I get really honest with myself my fear is that if I stop pushing then my business will somehow, overnight, dry up and I'll have to start all over again. 

Is this true? No! But our emotions don't work in 'truth' - they work in interpretation and protection. Translation: our emotional body thinks the 'worst case - never going to happen scenario' is REAL.

So now what? It's a bit of a crossroad. I know I need to just BE for a bit. Enjoy what I've created and LOVE the work that's here, now. And it's like I have this one stubborn pinky that won't let go of the cliffside. It thinks I'm failing if I let go and BE for awhile. 

Between my speaking on Sunday and today I did ONE thing - I called in my fellow story-wranglers. My friends, coaches, and my wife to reflect back a better truth. One that allowed me to grow and CHILL OUT at the same time.

And here's what we came to - when we climb a mountain we have to get acclimated. We have to stop part way, set up a base camp, and literally catch our breath. So this is what I am giving myself permission to do.

This doesn't change anything for my business except my perception of my business. And frankly, that changes everything.

This means I can rest. And serve. And create. And grow. Or do absolutely nothing if I choose. Because I am acclimating. And taking a much-needed breath.

I don't share this to just tell a story.

I share this because we all have stories that are keeping us from actually nourishing ourselves. Stories that are like weeds in our life. UN-truths that are worth having a look at and getting rid of.

Call in your troops if you have to. Like Brene Brown reminds me, "Our stories can not survive being shared and talked about." Our stories thrive on staying in the dark.

Have you ever had that experience of saying the thing you were terrified to admit and then immediately felt SO much better?

I invited the women at the event to answer these three questions and I want to gift them to you as well -

What is the story I am telling myself? Is it true? What story do I wish to write instead?

The irony was that this event was all about what it means to be empowered and as I stood on that stage it hit me - to me, being empowered means loving what is, in this very moment, and allowing it to be enough.

I could wrap my exhaustion around me as proof that I am working so hard for my business...or proof that I am actually hurting my business. The choice is totally up to me. The difference is, one is freedom and one is not. One honors a need and one does not.

In light and love, Andrea

Dear Purpose Driven Beings, 
Purpose Driven Beings
Purpose Driven Beings

I’ve written this post three times and deleted it three times. I want to get this one just ‘right’. You know when you have something you really believe in and want to make sure you convey it with the right conviction and passion that people will hear you? This is like that.

Then I woke up early this morning and was sitting with my journal, listening to the birdsong outside my window and thought, "You know, a bird doesn't question her song, she just sings. How can more of us just sing?"

And I knew exactly what I wanted to write today. This is for my fellow purpose-driven beings.

Do we all have a purpose? Yes. Do we all want to act it out? No. But oh how I wish you would. So today's article is for those of you who do want to act on their purpose...but are terribly afraid.

You know who you are.

You can feel it brewing beneath the surface. Maybe you've had some experience of your purpose already or have seen it play out a little in your life. Maybe you're totally aligned with your purpose or are evolving it as we speak. No matter where you are with it, you have this unwavering feeling in you that you just can't shake and I urge you not to.

I'll be totally honest - I need to read this article today so I decided to write it.

My work has grown exponentially this year. Not just physically with clients and students but also in what I do, how I serve, what I write about, and what I dream about. <--- this is the one that really gets me.

What I dream about.

This is what I dream about... That all of my fellow purpose-driven, soulpreneur, passionate, aligned, open-hearted, conscious peeps would do two powerful things:

1) Get out of their own way 2) Play BIG

And yes, in this order. First, let's address getting out of your own way.

And because there is no quote that sums this up as well as this I give you Marianne Williamson -

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” 

Read this. And then read it again. And again. Pause on this - "It is our light, not our darkness that most frighten's us..."

Fear. Most of us equate purpose with fear.

What if I fail miserably at this? What if I can't see all the parts, where do I even begin? What if no one thinks my purpose is worthy or valuable? Who am I to pursue my purpose? 

Sound familiar? This was my narrative too before I turned toward my purpose.

We ALL have a purpose or a calling. Think of it as this truth embedded in the DNA of your soul. When it gets turned on you’re called to something in your life that, if followed, will lead you to the highest version you can live of your life.

This purpose can be many things. Here are a few examples:

  • More purposeful work
  • To become a parent
  • To move or travel
  • To start a non-profit
  • To write
  • To paint
  • To play music
  • To climb a mountain
  • To find God
  • To adopt
  • To forgive
  • And the list goes on…

Your purpose is already there – are you listening for it? 

It’s an unspoken thing you can feel in your gut. It’s a sense that you’re missing out on something big in your life. Oh, and it probably sounds terrifying to pursue. Clients often say to me, “How do I know what my purpose is?” And I always answer with this, “I know you know what it is. The better question is, what are you afraid of by turning toward it?

It isn’t likely that you just don’t know. You know. It’s the idea of actually doing something about your calling that is very scary. Of course it’s scary! Answering your call means…

  • Moving WAY out of your comfort zone
  • Accepting that your calling won’t fit into your life as it is now
  • Challenging what you believe to be absolutely true about who you are

It’s no wonder answering your call requires bravery!

Today I want to share a few stories of this kind of bravery. The kind of bravery playing big beckons from us. My hope is that these stories will act as little nudges to help you turn toward and even answer your purpose. One is about someone I haven’t actually met but admire her conviction. One is about a client who’s given me permission to share his story. And one is about me and what happened when I answered my calling.



There is a woman who answered her calling and it put her on a quest that challenged her entire life. Her name is Elizabeth Gilbert. You may know her from her book, Eat Pray Love or Big Magic. You might have a very strong opinion about her journey, her book, or her message. No matter your thoughts put them down for a moment and let’s look at the bones of what she did.

She felt something deep within her life that just wasn’t right. She hand picked her entire life, she was present for every decision. Her work, her marriage, and her dreams. Yet one night, walking around her home in the dark, she just knew it was all wrong. She didn’t know what was right just yet.

It’s easier to feel what’s out of place because we haven’t made space yet for what fits better. 

Then she did something even she couldn’t believe – she turned toward her calling and let it fill in the blanks. Although terrified, she left her marriage, left her home, and left her life as she knew it to embark on a year-long journey around the world. And she found the life that was perfectly designed for her already


There is a man who is answering his calling one day at a time and he’s finding each day to fit just a little more perfectly. This is the story of a client of mine. I’ll call him John. When John first came to work with me he was in over his head. He had embarked on a business that felt right at the time but slowly it stopped fitting who he was. He wanted so badly to take care of everyone in his life that he never turned toward himself and asked what it was he really wanted.

Until it started to make him feel lost, sad, and sick. Answering your calling will feel oddly effortless.

John slowly started to peel back the layers of his ideal life and where he wasn’t living in alignment with his vision. It turned out what he really wants is to be motivational speaker and a healer. Opportunities were already knocking on his door (yes, this does actually happen) and he was turning them down out of fear that it would rock his current life too much.

Answering your calling will pull you in a direction you are not already headed. In other words – it will ask you to change directions. And fast.

The tipping point is when not answering your calling is more painful than just doing it. John let go of who he thought he was so that who he is could show him the way. In the end, it wasn’t as scary as he anticipated. In fact, it’s the easiest path he’s ever navigated. 


This last story is about a woman who didn’t know she had a calling until it knocked her sideways. This is my story. I’ve shared bits and pieces here and here. Today I’ll give you a short summary that has taken me more than two years to comprehend. Sometimes you have to go with the flow, ask questions later. I had two wake-up calls 6 months apart to the day. The first, a spiritual breakdown, and the second, a life breakthrough. The thing is, I was pretty content before my calling came knocking on my door.

My life was good. Good job, good friends, good relationship. All things happy in their place. Sure I had questions and quiet wonderings about what life was really about. Was there a purpose I wasn’t fulfilling? Why am I here? What is the point?

Until you answer your calling these questions are crazy making. After you answer your calling these questions are irrelevant. 

I’ve always known I was intuitive and had a natural gift for hearing and serving people. When I see people hurting I can’t help but go to them. Then on January 8th, 2014 it all came full circle when God tapped me on the back. Growing up atheist this was a bit…alarming. It sent me into a spiral of questions, books, mentors, guides, and late night journal writing. Turning toward your calling will have you questioning so much. Let the questions come – just don’t get hung up on the answers.

This wake-up call set me up for my second calling when I realized I wasn’t working on purpose. After God said hello I knew I was meant to help others lean into their higher selves, reconnect with their soul, and let go of their fears.

Answering your calling brings a sharp amount of clarity we can spend our whole lives searching for. Just like that…there it is. 

It would be another 1 1/2 years before I was ready to really own this. Well, I’m still working on it. Each day I ease a little more into my calling. It’s still scary. Here’s the thing about self-enlightenment – once you see and feel the light, going back into the dark feels like dying. Even when scared, uncertain, or lost I keep going because life makes perfect sense to me now.


There is no greater purpose for you than to answer your calling. That silent tug on your heart? Tune into it. Listen to what it has for you. Ask what it knows.

No one knows how it will turn out. You can't know. So put the desire to have all the answers up front aside for a moment and ask yourself the following - 

What do I WANT? For what PURPOSE? WHO do I need to BE? What is the ESSENCE of my purpose? (aka how could it make me FEEL?)

This is your business because no matter what purpose you're driven to create in the world or your world - it starts with you. Your heart. Your soul. What makes you come alive. The only how you need to worry about is how you CHOOSE to play big.

Don’t follow the easier path because you don’t know how to play big.Play big and watch yourself growth into the person you need to be TO play that big.

I promise you this – your purpose will not find the fullest expression it possibly can from a place of fear, lack, or scarcity. It can’t exist as its fully expanded self from your lower self.

Only your higher self can actualize your purpose. And your higher self deals in love.

Don’t pursue your purpose from the step you’re on today Purse it from where in your heart you believe you can go. I dare you to get big, be bold, grow, be a visionary, and love your life and work to the degree that it is the perfect expression of what it was always meant to be. And then…get out of the way.

In light and love, Andrea

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Leap and wings appear

I used to think taking a leap of faith was a myth. You know, a nice idea that sounds good when you use it to motivate someone. But when I look back on my life I find that leaps of faith have almost always brought me my very favorite things. Asking my now wife (Eee!) out on a date and now, 7 years later, being more in love than I've ever been.

Leaving a comfy job position to open my coaching practice totally by myself and falling so in love with work its kind of ridiculous.

Investing a lot (like, a lot) of money last summer in a 2-week training that radically changed my life.

With no money, no job, and only knowing one person I moved to Portland almost 8 years ago and found my joy.

What leaps of faith have actually been your most favorite adventures? In the moment right before you leap it's terrifying and the mind starts asking all kinds of tricky questions -what if you fail? How much will this cost me? What if it totally sucks? What if they say no? What if I can't recover? What if I am wrong? I think you get the idea.

"Oh, but what if you fly?", whispers your heart. 

My current leap of faith is launching, writing, fulfilling a weekend I am in the middle of creating, Awaken Your Practice. Now it's not for everyone because some of you reading this are not interested in carving a business out of your purpose. But for this who are - read on. 

Here is an excerpt from Awaken Your Practice - In a way, I think we always know our calling. We may not be able to spell it out at first or point to it but we can feel it. Even as a little girl I know I would grow up and help people in some capacity. I fought it for, oh, 18 years but alas I finally saw the light and realized my purpose had been following me all along.

Chances are if you’re a soulpreneur you are attempting to merge your purpose with business. It is both a huge blessing and a burden. It’s a blessing because to get up every day and spend your time in service of your calling is a rare and special gift. It’s a burden because…it’s really hard to ‘sell’ the thing you hold most sacred.

I can promise you this – building a business from the soul doesn’t make it any less sacred. In some ways, it makes it more sacred because you are daring to serve humanity in some way and it doesn’t get more sacred than this.

If you feel this thing brewing in your heart and soul is what you’re meant to do then make a dedication to yourself right here and now to stop at nothing to make it happen.

Your soul’s path is yours and yours alone. You have to feel your way through it. So feel away! But do not fall away when it gets tough – as I can promise you it will.

When things are tough it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track. Quite the opposite, actually. It means you have some growing to do in order to fully step into who you need to be to fulfill your purpose.

Write a dedication to your soul, your heart, and your work…Have conviction!

Keep this. Write it on your vision board. Revisit it often – because this is your personal declaration to walk this path.

Light and love, Andrea


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From your higher-self: Just get started

Dear soul,

I do not give you ideas you can't realize. I give them to you because you're

the only one who can

realize them in the exact way they're meant to be. There is no great question I haven't already pondered. No 'how' I haven't already figured out. And no fear I don't see coming.

So, what then, are you waiting for?

That BIG idea you are sitting not doing any good inside your head. It wasn't granted to you to be pondered. It was granted to you to be BUILT, CREATED, and REALIZED. Why, you ask?

Does it matter? OK...I will give you a tiny answer because your 'why' is a tiny question.

Because. Want more? Ok...

Because it's fun. It feels good. It's the pure definition of creativity. Creation. To create. To actualize some essence of an idea to something you can hold in your hands. To something you can experience with emotion like joy, gratitude, and reverence. Because, as your higher-self, I selfishly want to feel these things too through you.

So go now and create. Put it on paper. Sculpt it. Offer it. Build it. Make it messy. Don't get it right at first. I assure you, you can't get it right at first or you'd miss out on things like growth, desire, and the sheer thrill when you actually get it right. 

And if you get scared remember this -- fear and joy are two sides of the same coin. Just flip it over.

In light and love, Your Higher-Self


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The L Word

I had something else planned for today and after editing and revisiting that article for three days I threw it away. Because something else was more ready to be written and it was staring me in the face this whole time (see the photo above!). This theme has also been presented to me by three incredible women over the course of a couple months. Three different people. Three different meetings. One single message - can you fall in love with what is?

Then the book I finally picked up (see below) confirmed these three separate occasions and their now BIG place in my life. So the answer is...I'm working on it. (I'm one day in so it might take me a moment...)

My initial answer was 'no way!' Hear me out...

How can I love hate? How can I love suffering? How can I love pain? How can I love disease? How can I love racism? How can I love poverty? And the list goes on....

If I love what is am I not just throwing my hands up in the air and saying, 'Sorry...can't help you.'? Because this simply was not an option. This is why I'm a helper. A healer. A guide. A teacher. And this list could also go on.

I know I am not alone in this - if I love what is then what exactly am I doing here? This was really the question I needed an answer to. Because I have navigated my entire life around the idea that I incarnated to serve. To help. To heal. So...does this mean I am out of a job? Well. Yes, in a way.

Let me back up to these three women and their three messages.

The first woman I met with is a fellow intuitive and healer.  We resonated right away - one of those conversations that I could have had for hours and hours. And in the midst of us talking I shared with her that as an empath I am often sick. That I walk around and 'see' so much pain and then I am in pain.

To which she replied - "How do you know they're in pain?"

And I said, "Because I can't imagine they're happy."

And then she said that thing that knocked me sideways - "You aren't absorbing their pain you are creating it yourself in yourself out of your judgment of what you assume someone else is experiencing. But what you're missing is this - whatever is being experienced in the world is the perfect expression of what it is. Can you love what is?"

The second woman I met with is also an intuitive, a teacher, and a writer. I shared with her a bit about my dilemma around allowing things to be as they are and then what does that mean for me as a helper? To which she replied, "You aren't here to save anyone."

And I, confused, asked, "Then why do I have these intuitive gifts? Why do I feel called to serve"

And she said the second thing that knocked me sideways - "You aren't here to help in the way you think. You can't hold space for people and 'take their pain away'. They are already being held. What holds the sun and the stars and the moon and beats your heart? You are here to simply BE. Be love. Be present. Be empathetic. Be aware. But fall in love with this human life because it is perfection as it is. Can you love what is?"

So....then I meet with the third woman. A woman who is my mentor and very dear friend. Someone I know came into my life to be a wise guide and support for my growth.  We were having a casual conversation about all of these recent revelations and my now major confusion. Is being enough? Can letting people fall on their face really be a good thing? But people are hurting and they don't need to, what of this?

Over the phone, I am asking these questions and she says so calmly the third thing that knocks me sideways - "Can you remember a time in your life of great pain? A time that really was difficult, a time that changed you?

"Of course", I replied. And then she says....

"If you could, would you change it?"

"Actually, no. That experience made me who I am, and in a way I am beyond grateful for it. It taught me compassion, awareness, love, patience, kindness, and self-respect...." I start to ramble, and then she says the zinger -

"What if someone had 'saved' you from something they felt 'you shouldn't have to experience'. Wouldn't they be robbing you of the very thing you needed to become who you're meant to be? Can you love what is?"

So here's where this all leaves doesn't happen TO us. It happens FOR us. Is suffering inevitable? Yes, I believe it is.

For what purpose? To learn. To grow. To understand. To evolve our soul.

Being here is a gift and you chose it. You chose your life, your experience, your people, your teachers, and all that beautiful mess in the middle.

So my practice now, and I invite you to this as well, is this - get curious.

And my purpose? Your purpose? It is just as powerful and just as mission-driven as it always was. But instead of 'helping', or 'healing', I am here when you decide TO get curious. TO look at the labels, assumptions, and lessons of your life and look at what they point to. To support you in loving this splendid experience here.

And to help you ask yourself, "Can I love what is?"

In light and love, Andrea

What's calling your soul?
What's calling your soul?
What's calling your soul?

What's calling your soul? I know you can hear it, you can feel it or sense it brewing there. You can tap into it once in a while and feel the flood of emotion that come with your soul's calling. This isn't necessarily about your 'job' or your 'purpose' so much as it's about what is asking for your attention. It might be your purpose. It might also be your health. Your partnership. Your community. Words in you that want to be written. Photos that want to be captured. Rituals that need to be formed. A place you need to see or visit.

I observe people every day who are turning away from what's calling them. Myself included. I am choosing to give space to this today for two reasons: 1) My hope is to nudge you a little into giving yourself this thing your soul is craving, and 2) Because now is the time.

I've never met anyone who doesn't know what's calling them. 99.9% of the work I do is help people chisel away the things that are keeping them from turning toward what calls them.

I've heard these callings described as pipe dreams, bucket list items, or sheer wishful thinking. I find that we describe the thing we really want to do, or be, or create as out there, away from us, and not possible.

In saying no to the thing you want to do, you're also saying yes to something you don't really want to do. Then we wonder why we're unhappy, unhealthy, stressed, unfulfilled, or broke.

You can not give the best of your heart and soul to something that doesn't speak to you. Because this is a co-created relationship. And the thing you give to gives back to you in the form of inspiration, joy, wealth, and fulfillment.

Turning toward what your soul is calling into your life isn't frivolous, it's completion. It's how you evolve, grow, explore, and understand what you were built for.

The photo above is a journal exercise I did a few weeks back. I decided to turn toward my calling and work with people who inspire me...I wrote who they are down. And then this is what happened...clarity cuts through like citrus on grease. It clears the path. The people I journaled about started to reveal themselves to me. Becuase they had been there all alone.

I didn't change anything other than my perception.

You can't see how close you actually are to the thing that calls you until you choose tosee it. 

In the book I'm reading right now, The Art of Possibility, they ask these two powerful questions:

1) What assumption am I making that I'm not aware I'm making that gives me what I see? 2) What might I invent that I haven't yet invented that would give me other choices?

If you had to drop all your reasoning that is keeping this calling at bay... If you could put them down like heavy stones in your pocket... Imagine picking them out, one by one, and leaving them at your feet. Free yourself from the weight of the assumptions that aren't serving you.

Now - what choices would put your calling at your doorstep? Is it allowance? Abundance? Worthiness? Playfulness? Possibility? Invent a space in yourself, even if just for a moment, where the person you need to be to BE your calling just is

Feels pretty good, doesn't it.

This is what I did in my journal. This isn't manifestation in the sense that I called these people in. They were already around me. I simply chiseled away at the assumptions I'd wrapped around my life and my work keeping me from seeing this so clearly.

And then, like when the sun breaks over the ocean after a storm revealing the horizon, I could see that my calling has been patiently waiting for me this whole time. 

In light and love, Andrea