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How to make 2015 work 'for' you

How to make 2015 work for youDo you ever get frustrated by the expectation of setting goals or resolutions in a new year? I do which is why I ask. It's a lot of pressure! Goal setting is fun but I still have goals on my list from a few years ago. And yet the things I'm most proud of from this year I never could of planned for. Did this happen to you this year?

We are creatures who love two seemingly opposite things - comfort of the known and change. We love our habits and we love to grow and improve. When you find the magic formula to make this happen then 2015 will work for you. 

I don't actually know the magic formula. And if you do please reach out! But I have some guesses and I think you'll enjoy them.

  • What if you could start 2015 already feeling accomplished?
  • What if you could begin the new year already feeling inspired by what's to come?
  • What if on January 1 you were sure you would accomplish what you set out to do and not keep setting the same goal year after year?

For the most part, goal setting goes a little something like this:

"This year I will change..."

"This year I will finally..."

"This year I want to..."

There's only one major problem here. This kind of goal setting assumes you will take immediate but random action toward something you desire like you've never done before.

Remember how I said we are creatures who love habit and comfort? Taking action toward a goal is usually always outside of your comfort zone. And although it could be for something you really want more than anything it's often too big a risk.

But since we love to improve the goal is to approach improvement from a safe place - there is no safer place than knowing for certain you can achieve what you set out to achieve. How do you do this? By coming from a place of strength.

I love this quote and it sums this up nicely:

"Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgment of what IS working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties." - Sarah Breathnach

By knowing how far you've come, what you have achieved, what support you've had, and your biggest lessons of the year that really moved you forward then you can start the year knowing what you're capable of.

The goal isn't going to create the change you want - your perspective and your state of mind will. 

This is why Angee Robertson of Sheic Journals and myself teamed up to create A Year in Reflection - A 10 day journal course which will:

  • Help you start 2015 feeling happy, clear, and inspired – Instead of focusing on goals you’re going to journal about what made 2014 a great year even with stress or struggle. Focusing on what works is a sure way to get more of that in 2015.
  • Teach you how to use your journal for reflection – Your journal is one of the most powerful tools you have. Learn how to use it for more than diary entries. Watch as your journal becomes your best asset for the year ahead.
  • Connect you with 10 areas of your life that will change 2015 before it’s even begun – By writing about areas of your life such as love, forgiveness, and faith you will start your year with a recipe for more happiness and less stress. 
  • Support you every step of the way – You’re not alone. We have created an e-course that will walk you through every step of your journaling. We’ve included tips and daily prompts so all you have to do is carve out 10 minutes a day.

Registration is only open until Friday, December 19th at 9PM PST. IF you think this is right for you than get started here.

I want you to love 2015 - every year is a blessing, don't you think?

In light & love,



A Year in Reflection is a 10-day journal course that will set you up for your happiest year yet for one payment of $21. But don’t delay, registration ENDS this Friday at 9PM PST and remember, there’s no risk with our 100% happiness guarantee or your full investment back at any time. IF you think this is right for you then click here to register.

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