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Stuck, stalled, or struggling? This is for you...


stuck stalled strugglingLast week it came to me that it's time for me to open a group coaching program for a small group of individuals. Anytime I open anything new I always start by asking my readers what they need or want more of in their life. I sent out this survey (feel welcome to join in!) and I got some very insightful results back. Of those who chimed in 65% feel unsure of their direction and 46% are afraid of failing if they moved forward in their life. Then it got really interesting. I asked for ONE word that currently describes you. I won't share them here because part of collecting data is respecting the privacy of someone's answer but I will share this - 85% used a word that described being stuck, stalled, or struggling. 

Different people with different lives from all over and the majority described a sense of of idle-ness in their life.

Today I want to talk about being stuck, stalled, or struggling.

Stuck, stalled, and struggle are part of the freeze reaction brought on my chronic uncertainty. You can't know where you're going if you're unsure of where you are. Many of us believe that where we're going counts more than who we are on the journey. I offer you something a little/a lot different:

It isn't where you go but HOW you go that makes the difference.

When you feel like you can weather the storm, accept adversity, lean into discomfort, and listen for the message in the chaos your path will be hard to miss. Don't look to your next step, look to your being in any given moment and it will tell you where you're going.



We get stuck for just a two reasons -

Reason #1: We are living in the past

By living in the past we are living in a sort of time warp. As Caroline Myss writes, "When we choose to keep the past more alive than the present we interfere with the flow of life force. Don't view today through the lens of yesterday." What she's saying is that when you live today with the lens of your past more of your past continues to show up. Living in the past can cause depression, fear, and  stuck-ness because if the future holds what the past held you don't exactly get excited about moving forward.

Reason #2: We are living in the future

Living in the future is often through a lens of uncertainty and anxiety. Maybe you want your future to be life-altering or bring your more happiness. Do you trust moving forward? If you're living in fear of the future you could be plagued by chronic worry - wanting something new but not knowing at all how it's possible.

The coaching group I'm creating will address this but it will also address the most important piece: how to get UN-stuck. 

Thank you ALL for you honesty and for letting me into your world for a moment.

Look for details coming this week (possibly as soon as Wednesday!) about this new 6-week group.

In light and love,


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