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Andrea Leda coaching
Andrea Leda coaching

I've officially ordered and enjoyed my first pumpkin latte of the season and I have the sniffles. This is my sign for it being Fall. I haven't spent much time writing lately. I must admit...I really miss it! There was a time when I could 'crank out' article after article. I liked them. I still like them. And I am ready to try something a little different. I don't think you need more information or ideas or 'to do' steps. So I am going to stop giving them to you.

Remember when I wrote this post about the things I think we're all after in our lives? After I wrote this I took a big intentional break from writing. If you and I both want to be seen, to be bold, to give ourselves permission, to play feel fulfilled what will actually help us do this?

I didn't just stop writing. I stopped posting on social media. I stopped using emails to sell products. And I did something that seems to be pretty radical....I started talking to people. I started mailing cards expressing gratitude and saying thanks. I started sharing my favorite books. I attended big events and small events right in my living room.

Since writing that post I've had over 85 conversations. And each one made me feel connected, alive, and right where I was supposed to be. These connections aren't slowing down either.

So it made me ask this question - Is it possible to create for my blog and for my readers what I'm seeing come through in these conversations?

I think the answer is yes...but it has not look a lot different.

I can't talk at you.

I can't regurgitate what I'm learning or have learned.

I can't assume you need help.

I can...share my stories.

I can ...invite you into this greater conversation.

I can....write from my heart.

I can ask you the very things I've asked these awesome 85 people who I've seen over Skype, heard their voice, shared coffee with, and walked through Portland with.

Because I don't actually take space in my life for 'to do' steps or 'how to do happiness' tips. I think the grandest version of your greatest self isn't something 'out there' you can achieve. It's most definitely something 'in here' or in you that you can love through being the life you desire.

Today I leave you with this quote from Michael Beckwith -

"We are luminous, energetic beings of creative intelligence, fully equipped to consciously participate in the evolutionary impulse of the universe and become fully self-realized."

Um...yes please!

Much love and success,