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Roots to Fruits - Part Two


I am SO grateful that my last article resonated with so many of you. I ended up giving an entire talk on Roots to Fruits to a women's conscious entrepreneur group a few days later and as I started to explain how our roots become our fruits I saw eyes getting wider as the idea landed for them. Today I want to go down into your Roots with you and look at what they're made up of. I updated the image and added a few more things!

Your Roots are made up of:

  • Stories
  • Negative Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Purpose
  • Fear
  • Peace
  • Worthiness
  • Trauma
  • And more....

I could spend an entire article on each root. So instead, I have been reflecting on which root is the most potent? Which one when changed, has the biggest ripple effect on the rest? I think it's our BELIEFS.I am not talking about what you believe in. I am referring to what you believe to be true about yourself AND the world. I love this definition of a belief from the book, 'Creating Money':

"Beliefs are an assumption about the nature of reality."

I just think that nails it! Your beliefs are those bold absolute statements you have created to make sense of your life and the world. We are meaning making machines - this means we need to make sense of things. All things.

We ask questions like...

'Why do I get hurt?' 'Why am I broke?' 'Why can't I get healthy?' 'Do I deserve this love?' 'Am I the kind of person who succeeds?' 'Why do I always fail?'

And on the list goes.

See what happens is we have these strings of memories we've attached emotion and meaning to. Then we interpret them as truth. This becomes our own individual reality. No two people see the world the same way.

So when we go to make sense of something or to answer one of these big questions above, we have to pull from our beliefs. From our assumptions about the world. Our beliefs are made up of our memories or our stories that we have strong emotions about.

Here's a sampling of how we answer these questions with a negative belief/assumption:

'Why do I get hurt?' ---> I am weak 'Why am I broke?' ---> I am bad with money 'Why can't I get healthy?' ---> I was born this way 'Do I deserve love?' ---> I am not good enough 'Am I the kind of person who succeeds?' ---> I never follow-through 'Why do I always fail?' ---> I am not worth it.

How do these turn into fruits? Because - remember, what you plant you reap. If you plant a belief that, 'I am not good enough' you will SEE the world THROUGH this belief. It's like wearing a pair of glasses. But instead of glass, the lenses are made up of your beliefs. You are now interpreting AND creating your life through this belief.

Here's the belief I had to do some work on...

"I don't belong anywhere."

Now I could spend time talking about this. That means dissecting why I believe this, where it came from, and so on.

But looking at a belief doesn't remove it. It's like acknowledging there are weeds in the garden, talking about them, asking if others see them, finding out why they are there, etc. BUT NEVER ACTUALLY PULLING IT!

How did I pull this weed? How did I plant a new root?

Please don't' get me wrong, there are no steps here.And this process is 100% dependent on YOU.

For me, I had to see it. Then I had to talk about it. Then I did some meditation, with support, and asked my higher self what purpose it served? Then I listened to my gut...

Here's the fun part...

A negative belief is a lesson in disguise. It's a part of you that got sent into the shadows (more on this another day!) Learn from it and it evolves. This is what it means to transcend!

This is key - it doesn't go away. It morphs from dark to light. It fills in this small gap in you that's missing.

My belief went from - I don't belong anywhere.


I belong everywhere as long as I travel with heart.

Now I have to do the work. Once you change a belief give the new one time to grow. New seedlings don't sprout overnight. They take nourishment and care.

It's a daily practice to allow this new belief to be true. We're talking about a belief that's been in my life since I was a kid! So be patient and kind to yourself in this process.

This is a recent belief change, but I can share what FRUIT has already come from it.

  • I got to give a wonderful talk to a group of entrepreneurial women and share in my work with zero shame.
  • I was invited to co-train with a coaching academy.
  • I can talk about my work and my spiritual practices with my family openly and honestly.

Will this lead to more money, more joy, more balance, etc? Of course! It can't not. And never underestimate this simple truth - peace of mind is worth more than we can quantify.

Happy Holidays & Many Blessings, Andrea