Our Interior Space + My Rituals & Practices


I took this quick snapshot of my best friend's abode in L.A. She did such a beautiful job of surrounding herself with a home that represents and expresses who she is. This is actually a project I am in the midst of in my own life: taking the time to curate a beautiful home. This practice is a living art.

I can get lost in the details - a gorgeous throw, a handmade mug for tea, a brass sculpture, books everywhere...

But my home isn't the only space that I love to get wrapped up in. I also love to wrap myself up in the rituals and practices that keep me connected to my interior space, my Home. I don't do every single one of these every day, but these are all rituals and tools I know work for me.

As a highly sensitive person, these do help me from blowing a gasket (I am human after all!) but they also open up new worlds within me. These keep me connected to my intuition and higher-self. These are also practices that just feel incredible to me.

I've added a link to each ritual if you're looking for resources!

Journal Writing
It's no secret that I'm a fan of journal writing. This is a practice I've had in my life for more than 20 years and still, a blank page holds the same pure potential it always has. I even created a journaling course called the 52 Week Journal. Personally, I write 30-60 minutes every day.

Making Tea
A good cup of tea requires two things -- impeccable tea + the right steep. It wasn't until I joined Plum Deluxe that I really got this. This is a tea membership (Yeah, they ship hand-blended tea to my house every month for $10). The ritual of boiling water and patiently waiting for my tea to brew is an art I look forward to every day. I currently can't get enough of their Cuddletime Herbal Tea.Chamomile + mint...say no more.

Bubble Baths
This ritual could not be more simple and it is one of my favorites. I use epsom salts, sometimes I burn sage, and I douse the water with essential oils. I don't read or watch TV. I just soak. I personally use these salts which are pretty easy to find at any grocery store.

After my wife and I closed our fitness studio last year I didn't want to lift another weight. I grew tired of it, to be honest, and my body needed a break. I was craving something more...leisurely. We started upping our walks to 90 minutes every day and my body and mind love it. We have a dog so there are no days we don't walk, rain or shine. I kind of love that part - a cold and wet walk makes you appreciate a warm house and hot tea that much more.

Eating something sweet
There is a pie shoppe (spelled with two p's) in our neighborhood and I swear this place is good for my soul. It's called Prosperity Pie Shoppe. They serve pie, coffee, and teach financial empowerment classes. 'Cause why not? Personally, I recommended their coconut cream pie. Don't do anything else while you eat it, just indulge. It's heaven.

Bone-conducting headphones
As a highly sensitive person living with a neuroscientist, I get all kinds of fun (read: weird) facts about what this means about my brain. To help my wife prescribed these. Don't miss the app that goes with them here. I can't get enough of this. I tune into the 100Hz frequency and as soon as I turn them on my whole system melts. In a good way.

Slow Rising
Again, as a highly sensitive person, the last thing I want to bring me out of a deep slumber is the sound of an alarm. But I love my morning practice and never miss it. To help, I use a simulated light alarm clock. Specifically, I use this one. It takes 30 minutes and begins with a deep orange glow and slowly brightens.

Before you go to Amazon and fill your cart with a bunch of stuff listed here (because that is what I would do...) I want to share something. These are rituals I grew into over time. Rituals that called to me, that I tried on, and that fit something I was in search of.

These practices don't make me whole. They can't make you whole either. We are already whole. These are practices that keep me in tune with my own rhythms. Would I fall apart without these things? No. But we are physical beings in physical containers -- not just our body but this plane, this dimension, our whole physical world.

This world is tangible and tactile. There is just something about absorbing that which feels important. We are here, in part, to enjoy our life. I hold space for a living. Mostly, this space is energetic but it's also psychic. In return, these practices hold space for me. Not because I empty and need to refuel but because as I give, I also receive.

Especially the coconut cream pie. That one just keeps on giving ;)

Andrea Wilborn