"None of us get out of this alive."


Last month I devoured this book. I couldn't get enough of it. In the introduction, the author wrote this line: "None of us get out of this alive." Morbid? Perhaps. But so totally on point and he's right. None of us get out of life alive. We all end up where we start -- stardust and energy. So what is it you're doing with your aliveness?

I've been hearing this a lot lately: "The time is NOW!" I've even said it. What does it mean, really? What is it time for, and why now? What are we referring to and why should you care?

Is it time for women to rise to equal pay?
Time for children to not go hungry?
Time for free and accessible health care?
Time to hold large corporations accountable for unethical actions?
Time for good education no matter your socio-economic status?
Time to salvage art and music programs?
Time to treat our queer community as normal human beings?
Time to stop "gentrifying" inner cities?
Time for us to return some much-needed love to our planet?

What do you wish it was time for? Even more, who is going to do all of this?!

No, really. I would like to know. Our government? Our entrepreneurs? Our social workers? Our neighbors? Other people over there?

Or...(dare I say it)...you?

Many of my clients' stories you don't know yet. Their mission maybe hasn't found its way to you. You probably haven't read their books because they're still being written. And you maybe have never heard of them...but you will.

I know this because I see their conviction, their grit, their sacred pauses, and their willingness to get up every Monday and do it all over again for the sake that maybe ONE person in the world will be happier, supported, championed, and advocated for because of it.

Why do you think there are so many stories and metaphors available about lighting one light, then another, then another? Because how else do we effect change other than by the one person in front of us now? Sometimes that one person is ourselves. Sometimes it begins in the mirror.

I don't know how to do any of the things I listed above. I wish I did, because watching these things spiral is sometimes too painful - but then I wouldn't be playing my role or climbing my mountain. My mountain is to help carve out the people who do know how to do these things and the people who WILL do these things.

There's plenty I don't know. But I know how to do one thing really well: I believe in people and their far-out-there ideas. Call me naive or optimistic, but I believe that people - when given the chance to - will do the right thing and that we are basically good. Don't believe me? Watch this film.

So if we're built to climb our mountain, if we're built to act on behalf of others, and none of us come out of this alive...what do you want to do with all of this?

Well, that depends entirely on you. If you want to join your fellow leaders and use your passion for good, then I suggest joining us at the third Awaken Your Practice. You can book a 30-minute call and chat with me about it here: https://calendly.com/andrealeda/awaken
I leave you with an excerpt from a favorite poem by Mary Oliver:

"Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"
Andrea Wilborn