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NEW: Soul Seeker Inner Circle (It's free!)


You guys, I am so excited to announce my newest online space - the Soul Seeker Inner Circle! I used to stress out so much about my emails. What should I write? How many people will actually read it and how many will leave? Is this even helpful? And still, week after week I am so drawn to write. I love it. But I wasn't in love with my writing space. So...I changed it. (You're allowed to do that) I wanted to LOVE opening my email campaigns, love working on them, and pour more intention into what I created for my readers. I sent out a survey and the results really did surprise me. You want more self-development and purpose. You want more articles and more resources. Well, I can do that.

I created the Soul Seeker Inner Circle.A place for guidance, support, insight, community, and a behind-the-scenes of my own process. You will get more about voice, playing big, the fear gremlins, success, fulfillment, connection, and purpose.

Every month I'll send my best ideas, insights, and support to your inbox to help you live on purpose, create fulfillment,and a life that matters. Join your community (it’s free!) and welcome to the life of a soul seeker.


  • Articles I pour my heart and truth into – I write about purpose, answering your calling, money, connection, using your voice, being a leader, and help you to do the inner work.
  • Journal prompts and workbooks – I love journal writing! It is a very dear practice of mine. Every week you’ll get a journal prompt and sometimes I’ll send you a digital journal workbook to help you dive into your process even more.
  • Quotes I’m gushing over – Quotes are the best. They so quickly get to the heart of the matter. I will share my favorites every week to help inspire you and get you asking better questions of your life and purpose.
  • Purple Room Book Club – I am a book lover and each month I’ll share my 2-3 favorites I am currently indulging in.
  • Inner Circle Exclusive Offers – Be the first to know about Awaken Your Practice and exclusive virtual events and coaching calls.
  • Fun Giveaways – Journals, books, workbooks, I have plenty to share!
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