You're enough and allowed to be magnificently BRAVE with your life.


My wish for you is to know you're enough and allowed to be magnificently BRAVE with your life.

When I was little I wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a fashion designer, a mother, a drive-up window operator (yes, really), and someone who drove a big car. My imagination ran wild and I would spend hours in our backyard conjuring up pretend worlds to meet my every desire.

While I didn't go on to do any of these things (hello, Prius) when I think back on that time as a wee one, I am most struck by my sheer belief in the unbelievable. Knowing I 'could' make believe or had permission to imagine were not pre-requisites to my dreams.

Then I grew up.

What is it about growing up that inserts asking for the things we desire in life to be a requirement? I don't know. And I spend most every day coaching people and their dreams. But mostly I spend my time on what keeps you from saying YES to your dreams. 

While today I don't desire to work a drive-up window or drive a big car I do feel a kinship with those who are being brave with their life. People who are seeking something with their life that has a purpose only they can really tap into. I call these people Positive Influencers.

I define them as people who are creating positive influence and impact THROUGH their life and work. Why?

This is a funny question and one I often get asked. I think if you are called to this kind of dedication there is no answer, the work itself IS the answer. If you're not called to this kind of life, then no answer would quantify choosing it.

How do you know if you're a Positive Influencer?

You are building a body of work

You are using your vision and hope in a new future to curate a body of work that can be taught and shared to better more lives with focus and intention.

Your platform is just a vehicle

Whether you're a coach, teacher, advocate, writer, media person, yogi, or business owner, your chosen platform isn't where you stop or want to be known for. It is the thing that delivers what you want to be known for.

You want your life to count for something

Whatever it is you are dedicated to doing, you are connected to it, it also gives your life meaning, purpose, and connection.

You are deeply interested in your growth and the growth of others

You are curious about your life and the lives of others. You actively want to grow and uplift others to grow alongside you.

You are a steward for kindness and compassion for all

You feel connected to people and your empathy runneth over. You want your work, choices, and ways of creating positive influence to be through compassionate action toward yourself, the earth, and all people.

You are a "possibilitarian"

You are driven by what could be. At times you feel your vision for others and our planet feels overly optimistic but you simply refuse to believe now is all there is. You are defenders and uplifters of possibility.

You are generous

If you think what you know or have learned could truly help someone then you will share it, write it, speak it, or give it away in some way.

You are the 'visionary mare' of the herd

Your goal isn't to gain power but to gain influence which requires you to listen, share, collaborate, be patient, be steady, and hold the lamp for those in the dark.

You see your life as a journey, not a destination

Your goal, in many ways, isn't accomplishable. This can feel defeatist or it can be empowering. If the goal isn't to get it done but rather to continue the ripple, then your life must be lived sustainably. You want to have adventurous experiences, travel, learn, live fully, be grateful, share your resources of time, energy, and money, and live with intention.

For you, I share my personal brave manifesto.

(Print it out here)

I want you to TRUST yourself and your choices. I want you to create your life and uncreate anything no longer serving you. I want you to travel, play, explore, and create your own grand adventure. I want you to feel creatively and financially free and worthy of that freedom. I want you to nourish your mind and body so that you exude love of life from the inside out. I want you to demonstrate with your life your values and deepest held beliefs about what you're capable of. I want you to overflow with gratitude for the community you surround yourself with. I want you to know you are worth fully knowing and choosing every day, I want you to know that your one wild and magical life matters and in choosing to matter you teach others to do the same. I want you to know you are valuable and your calling is a beautiful gift to you and all living things.I want you to know you're enough and allowed to be magnificently BRAVE with your life.

To being brave,


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