My Morning Practice


Since 2012, I have woken up with the dawn and started my day with 1-2 hours of my morning ritual. This time every (every) morning is a practice of daily pilgrimage, sabbatical, and space all in one. I call it my "$1,000,000 hour."

Because I know some of you want to know what I do during this hour, here is a short rundown of what typically happens. I don't do each thing every morning, but there's always some variation of the things below. Except for coffee. There is always coffee.

  • Drink coffee

  • Sit curled up in a robe, usually by the fire in the fall and winter months

  • Read

  • Write in my journal

  • Reflect and think

  • Meditate

  • Sit quietly

  • Dream and plan

The things I don't do are just as important. I don't...

  • Check email

  • Watch the news

  • Exercise

  • Talk

  • Check social media

Now for the really important question -- why?

Why get out of bed before the sun even rises to sit in a dark room and think?

Next to working with my coaches, this practice is one of the single most important factors in how I grow my business 400% every year, how I built 8 weeks of vacation into 2017, how I attract my clients, how I stay grounded in times of transition, how I don't need to pay for marketing or advertising, how I manifest and tap into possibility, and yes, how I am working my way to a $1,000,000 business.

"Wait, drinking coffee before the dawn makes you money and gives you space?" Indirectly, yes. You have to look beyond the tools (journal, coffee, space) and look at what these things invoke.

It's similar to a pilgrimage. You walk every day. Maybe not hundreds of miles, but you walk. Yet you probably don't have radical inner shifts happen when you're walking circles through the grocery store. It isn't the walk alone that invokes an inner change, it's the intent and the purpose behind it. Just as it isn't the journal that invokes success, but the intent behind the journal.

Now for the next most important question -- how?

Most people don't carve out space for higher purpose work because you can't measure it. If you could add an extra $1,000,000 to your business this year by spending time with yourself, would you? I am going to go out on a limb here and say you probably would. Even still, less than 10% of you reading this will. For those of you in that 10%, keep reading.

Higher purpose work is spending time in those unmarked territories of your soul. The part of you that dreams, contemplates, wonders and wanders, listens intently, and dances with the Divine. It's work that can't be rationalized or planned out. It can only be experienced.

Higher purpose work is also where we touch the most authentic parts of who we are, individually and collectively. It's where you forgive, have compassion, empathize, and seek to understand.

It's a place where the work is not about "us vs. them," scarcity, uncertainty, or fear of what's to come. Instead, this work is where you create abundance, prosperity, and peace. It's in the midst of higher purpose work that you tap into the infinite and make it real and tangible.

What if higher purpose work were the cornerstone of your success?

When I sit in my daily pilgrimage space, I don't reflect on my life; I create my life. I've included actual journal prompts I use below.

At first, it will feel like fantasy. There is likely a big gap between who you are right now, at this moment, and the vision you have for your life in some unknown future. Am I right? When you go to write, read, meditate, reflect, align, dream, and plan this future, it feels far way and unreachable. But that gap is only a perception in your mind.

I know; you want to chime in here with something like, "No, I am pretty sure there isn't $1,000,000 in my bank account. That gap is not in my mind, it's real!"

To which I reply: "Who are you being that created the lack of $1,000,000 in your bank account? Who do you need to BE to change that?"

And just like that, you can pause and reflect and then share with me who you need to be. As you change your perception, you change the gap; as you change the gap, you change your physical reality.

All of your reality is born in your mind, first. Acted on second. Manifested third. No exceptions.

These three principles are the entire foundation of my 3-day weekend, Awaken Your Practice. Your success starts within. And here's the fun, twisty weird part: your brain can't actually tell the difference between a fantasy in your mind and the reality in front of your eyes. So in order to correct the dissonance between the two, it yearns to close the gap.

How does it close the gap between your morning ritual and $1,000,000?Your RAS (reticular activating system) gets activated and you start to SEE everything that can help you close the gap. But you have to tell your mind what to look for AND take action. This, my friends, is the real law of attraction.

*One mega important key: If there is any internal story that says you can't have the thing you desire or aren't worthy of it, then you won't attain it.

This is why when I do higher purpose work on myself or any client, I begin integrating and understanding how I currently see myself. I didn't start to grow my business until I saw myself internally and externally as someone who CAN have a thriving business.

When I sit to journal in the morning and I feel the need to process, I don't hash out my struggle on paper. I rewrite my stories to leave plenty of room to create my vision. Oh, and $1,000,000.