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Awaken Your Practice
Awaken Your Practice

This is probably the easiest article I have ever written because I am SO grateful for what just unfolded last weekend. I witnessed people finally put on paper what they WANT, that BIG vision that almost feels too big to be true and then spend three days getting into alignment so they can make it happen. When I first started to write the book for

Awaken Your Practice

I thought I was just outlining some ideas to compliment the teachings. Six months later and a book that is 248 pages in my hands I can say this is not just an outline of ideas - somewhere along the way I poured my


into this book and program. I finally acknowledged that I know some things and have some strong beliefs about this thing we call self-development and the powerful tool called coaching.

Yes, this weekend was designed for entrepreneurs and change leaders who are building purposeful lives from their heart center. For people who's purpose IS their vocation. But the ENTIRE focus is on YOU. Your essence, your being, what makes you, you. Of the 248 pages, less than 5 pages are about "business", "marketing", and "sales."


Because what you do is not nearly as important as WHO you are. And now that this weekend is complete I know I made the right choice to keep the focus where I did. I am still processing this whole experience but I want to share a few of my biggest takeaways from the weekend.

You're human No matter if you want to launch a business, start a non-profit, create a foundation, be the next Gabby Bernstein or Oprah, or change the entire money system you are human, first. You are susceptible to things like fear, judgment, uncertainty, stories, habits, patterns, and you have a history. Give space to your humanity because you have to go through your humanness to launch your big beautiful purpose.

Asking "how" will stop you before you start Too often the complexity of our big idea is too much to wrap our minds around. We don't know how we're going to possibly get our idea off the ground because we don't dream in small, baby dreams we dream in BIG LIFE ALTERING dreams. But even these have the first step. Find your first step or asking, "how?" will keep you from even getting started.

Money is involved Money is a game. It can also be a game changer. Whether you agree with the system of money or how it plays out in our world today, if you have it, spend it, hoard it, save it or give it away you are part of the game. Find a way to be congruent in this game and to play it in a way that empowers you and the people you serve.

You deserve to see what you're capable of You were not simply placed on this planet to breathe. You are conscious and you know you exist. You can think about life and live it at the same time. This is called self-awareness. We are in a changing time. Because of technology, industry is not what it used to be and I believe that conscious commerce is the new social change agency of tomorrow. It's the business builders and leaders who turn problems into profitable solutions that can dramatically alter our world for the better. But this means your ideas have to come out of your head and heart and into the world!

Mostly what I take away from the weekend is that people are amazing. Our ability to connect and share is so awesome. To sit in a room with change leaders for three days and see them go to their core and clear their stories and fears in the name of more service and more possibility doesn't give me hope, it IS hope in action.

I am already getting requests for the next one (thank you!). Early Bird enrollment opens Monday (I am opening 5 early spots at $797) and the next AYP is March 24-26, 2017. We're just getting started :)

Light and love,