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Monthly Journal Challenge: January


Monthly Challenge January 2015Welcome to 2015! I have a good feeling about this year. But I probably say that every year. Last year felt like a lot of transition. Did you feel any of that? I have a feeling this year is all about taking action and moving forward. Have you planned any intentions or written goals for the year? I have mixed feelings about goal setting, however I always encourage using your journal in the beginning of the year to write your ideas and dreams down. You might be the most inspired now. 

Then get to work figuring them out! This month's journal challenge has a few prompts to help you put your dreams to paper.

The challenge is free to participate in. Included each month are 12-15 writing prompts in a .pdf calendar you can download, print out, and keep in your journal or on your desk. The prompts aren't everyday but spread out over the month. Some prompts are specific to that month or season, and some are just for fun.

Here's how it works:

1. Download your calendar here - Monthly Challenge January 2015

2. Leave me a comment telling me you're in! You can also use the #monthlyjournalchallenge to share your experience.

3. Enjoy your month of journal writing.

Thanks for participating and have fun! In light and love, Andrea

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