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Money is a Godsend (literally!)

get uncomfortable
get uncomfortable

Please know, I am very uncomfortable right now. My heart is pounding and my palms are actually a little sweaty. But this article is part of my truth. This is how I live my life. This is how I view, work with, receive, spend, and handle money. It's why I don't go without and it's why I have more than enough. (Ah, I can't believe I am saying this! What will you think? Am I being an a** hole? Have you already left? Keep going....) I feel compelled to write this because if I look at the coaching conversations I've had in the past 6 months alone, 100% of the people who showed up wanted more money or a healthier relationship with money. 100%. So naturally I think we have to talk about this.

First, a short story. I was driving home last night thinking about this article and what I was about to commit to this space. I passed a busy corner and saw a man on the corner with a sign that read, 'Need $18 for a room tonight' and at the front of the line of cars directly in front of him was another man in a red Jaguar and he was not looking at the man on the corner.

And immediately my judgment set in.  Why won't the man in the car look at him? Oh, is he too good? It's only $18! What a wealthy jerk...see money is evil and doesn't help...and on the judgment went.

Then I laughed out loud and thought - Oh. This is part of our dilemma. 

The only information I had was two men. One on a corner with a sign. One in a car at a stoplight. That's it! And my conditioning filled in the rest.

Our conditioning 'conveniently' (insert me doing air quotes here) fills in the rest. 

What else is possible? What if the man in the car were homeless once? What if he actually has zero money and is in debt from this car? What if the man on the corner is a millionaire? What if the man on the corner was once wealthy and spent it all and lost everything? What if the man in the car didn't see the man on the corner? What if the man on the corner has a hobby of standing on corners?

What if we stop the assumptions and stories? 

If I believe we live in a black and white world where plus one equals minus another... OR If I think more of one thing means less of another then when I see stuff like this I have to assume the worst to save my identity.

But what if none of this is true? What if money is a Godsend.? What if abundance applies to ALL things?

The things I am terrified to say (but I do believe) are as follows...

99% vs. the 1% is not a solution to money "problems". Poverty is not humility. Don't confuse poverty with non-attachment. You're not poor because someone else is wealthy. You're not so powerful that 'taking' what you want leaves someone else 'without' that thing you took.

I've been poor. I've lived on less than $900/month (Yes, I know in some places this is a LOT of money and in the U.S. it's barely enough...) and now I make more than I need. The difference is this, and this is something I see far too often...

When you're poor you think it's 100% not your responsibility or doing. When you're wealthy you take 100% responsibility for your wealth.

I am actually not going to dive in too deeply here, but these are a few of my thoughts. They aren't solutions, they are statements. Scroll further for my solutions or at least my spark for a new conversation.

How I got over my money fears and am still terrified to say (but I do believe with every fiber of my being) are as follows...

I got rid of the 'me vs. them' story and replaced it with a 'If I am poor, it's my own doing, and if I am wealthy it is ALSO my own doing' story.

I believe that money is a Godsend for good.

I stopped judging people for having money AND people for not. 

I let go of any attachment to money as a symbol of my worth or my value.

I know that God is a yacht just as much as God is a homeless shelter. When you can wrap your head around this you'll find freedom.

Sometimes, it is about the money. Because as a human being on planet earth, money is part of the deal. I can't invest for my future, give, buy gifts, or even put gas in my car without money. So why are we so afraid of asking for it?!

And my personal favorite - I replaced 'it's spiritual to be poor' with 'Money and God are one in the same.' 

Why would something that can buy food, build shelters, print books, create technology, and connect billions of people be evil?

Wouldn't it be a better fit to pre-suppose money is a gift? That money is a given? And if so I promise money was never the problem, but your beliefs about money can be a problem.

Do you enjoy being broke? I certainly did not. It was stressful, I was always anxious, I would check my bank account constantly, and have to quickly add up my grocery costs while in line, to make sure I had enough money to eat some days. And if you looked under the surface you would have found money beliefs that created my poor situation.

And now? Thanks to education, asking scary questions and flat out questioning what I saw I began practicing a new set of prosperity beliefs.

Here are a handful of powerful beliefs and practices I employ every day to receive more than I need.

  • I have plenty because I earn plenty, but more importantly I SAVE plenty, and live on LESS than I need.
  • The more money I have the more I get to be, do, and have. The more influence I have.
  • If I need money all I do is ask and trust it's on its way.
  • I don't need money to feel secure, I need money to physically survive. Security is inherent in my being, money just makes things a little easier.
  • Someone's billions doesn't mean there's less to go around, it means someone has billions. I can too. So can you.

Now you don't have to agree with a single thing I say. Really. You can throw this away and say I am totally nuts. It doesn't actually effect me. (And here comes the thing I am REALLY scared to say...)Those of you who do want to throw this away I can almost guarantee are struggling in some way with money. So I invite you to let this in, just a little. Stop defending what keeps you poor. Stop hating proof that money is abundant and available.

What money story would you rather tell?

In light and love, Andrea