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May is Conscious Living for Mindful Entrepreneurs month!


Mindful EntrepreneursI work for myself from the comfort of my own home. I am incredibly grateful for this and know it's not for everyone. Everything I teach is something I myself use in my own life. Meditation, journal writing, morning rituals, vulnerability, resilience, and owning my worth are all daily practices I preach and utilize. The #1 place where these practices get used, tested, and are needed most? Being an entrepreneur. 

65% of my private coaching clients are entrepreneurs or business owners. I won't assume that 65% of my readers are too but it is a safe assumption you all want more ease, clarity, freedom, abundance, and certainty in your life.

The reason I bring this up is because a new theme has emerged in my work. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur or want to be then this is for you. I am having similar conversations with this 65%. They are all incredibly successful or on their way to immense success. And yet there is a BIG problem...

As an entrepreneur myself I can appreciate the reasons we choose this path. We have ideas, solutions, and drive. We crave freedom, flexibility, and a place to funnel our creativity. And then something we didn't expect starts to happen...

No matter how much we do we don't feel like it's enough.

We start feeling guilty for taking time to rest and restore.

Somewhere along the way we assimilate accomplishment with happiness leaving us on a hamster wheel with no end.

We believe when we achieve our next goal we'll feel like we've made it....and then the goals get bigger and bigger with no stopping. 

Every other part of our life starts to suffer. Our friends, family, partner, hobbies, health, finances, and spiritual practice become second to our work. 

For these very reasons I am dedicating May to Conscious Living for Mindful Entrepreneurs. 

Over the next month here's what you can expect from me:

  • Monday articles to help you reframe your work week. These articles will address the dilemmas above plus more. I encourage you to share these! It's time for the Mindful Entrepreneur to emerge, don't you think?
  • A FREE tele-seminar. Join me on Thursday, May 21st at 12PM PDT for a 60 Minute Free Call. I will address your biggest concerns as an entrepreneur AND share with you my best tools for living into your full potential in ALL areas of your life. Wouldn't you love to bring the same energy and dedication to your relationship, finances, friends, family, health, and spirituality that you bring to your work and personal growth?
  • A FREE Journal Workbook for joining the tele-seminar. Following this extensive call I will provide you with a FREE journal workbook so you can begin putting what you learn into practice.
  • Additional insight from my mentors & coaches. I have the most incredible community of fellow entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors. I've enlisted their help! You'll see them pop into the articles and on the tele-seminar so that you get the best guidance.

What do you need to do? Just show up. You can read the articles here every Monday from May 4th - 25th. You will also get them in your email IF you're signed up on my email list below.

Why am I doing this? Because you deserve to actually live the life you imagined for yourself when you opened your business or pursued the inspiring track of an entrepreneur.

What I WON'T be talking about...

There are TONS of business coaches & programs out there.  T-O-N-S. And I'm grateful for this - they've helped me to run my business. Everything from sales and social media to websites and blogging. But that's not my area of expertise. So let's talk about what I won't be touching on in this series:

  • Business. <-----period. You can run a business. And successfully. What of the other parts of your life you got into this work to make better? How are they doing?
  • Marketing. As an entrepreneur you sell yourself. What if you were so proud of yourself your work sold itself?
  • Money. Do you want to live a prosperous and abundant life? Would you like to take the pressure off your business to provide for you?
  • Balance. It's not about creating a balancing act. What if you were driven to be as successful in your finances, relationships, finances, spiritual practice, friendships, family, and hobbies as you are in business?

Who this series IS for...

  1. You are currently an entrepreneur
  2. You are struggling to feel like you're doing enough
  3. You want balance and security built back into your daily life

I'm so excited to provide this and more for you. Thank you for being here! See you next week when we'll begin by talking about 'When is enough really enough?'

In light and love,

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