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Love + Money

Love + Money
Love + Money

Love + Money - can they co-exist? I want to explore this with you today. I've had the pleasure of having over 30 consult conversations in the past two months. Before I have these calls I send a short questionnaire so I know exactly what we're tackling together. One of the questions I ask is this - What top 5 Characteristics/Things do you value most in life? Without realizing it, this question turned into some great research. Because, and to my surprise, most everyone answers this with almost the same characteristics. The Top 3 I receive back are:

1 - Love 2 - Freedom 3 - Integrity

Here's the thing - one of the struggles my clients have in common is not receiving enough money or abundance. Whether this is in their business or their life. Money seems to be...elusive.

Which brings me to this question - Can we have love, freedom, integrity, AND money? And a better question still - why don't more of us?

The purpose of today's article is to offer a bit of a paradigm shift, if you will, about where money really lives and why you have it or you don't. And if you want it, here are my soulful interpretations of how to receive it while honoring your values of love, freedom, and integrity.

I feel the need to be a bit blunt in this because I wish someone had been this honest with me when I was struggling with money.

It took me over 4 years, hundreds of books, a 3-day intensive training, and a breakthrough session all around money to fundamentally accept this idea -

Money is an extension of my highest good and a simple measure of my ability to affect positive change in the world. 

Receiving money for anything BUT doing work that came from my highest good (ie. love and integrity) was actually devaluing me and the people I was trying to serve.

Another way to say it is this - it's not love OR money, it's love AND money.

The most common reflections I hear about money are these:

"I can't have money and freedom." "I can't be spiritual and wealthy." "I don't want to receive too much." "Money causes pain." "If I have money I perpetuate poverty."

How you feel about money becomes the kind of money you receive. Let me say this again - How you feel about money becomes the kind of money you receive.

If you feel guilty about money - you get guilty money. If you feel evil having money - you get evil money. If you feel entitled having money - you get entitled money. If you feel separate from God receiving money - then you receive money separate from God.

Here's an alternative - and I have a journal prompt at the end that I want you to try this week around this.

If you feel joy about money - you get joyful money. If you feel gratitude for money - you get grateful money. If you feel blessed to receive money - you receive blessed money. If you feel free when you have money - you receive freeing money.

I think you see where I'm headed here. Money has no power outside of YOU.

Being a neutral entity, money is at the whim of YOU. 

And if we are source energy incarnate...and if we make money....then doesn't source through us also make or create money? And if so...doesn't receiving abundance honor THE most creative source? And wouldn't denying money deny that same source?

Just a thought :)

Light and love, Andrea