List-Maker or List-Doer?


"Why aren't you awesomer?"

This is a question Michael Neil asked in his Ted Talk. It's catchy so you don't get mad when you first hear the question but in truth, he's asking why aren't you better at your own life?

Yeah, ouch.

However, this is a valid and worthy inquiry. As I shared last week, these are the kinds of questions which fuel a multi-billion dollar self-development industry. We are not short on information, so then we really have to ask: why aren't we awesomer?

Well, I bump into the WHY behind this on a daily basis. I get to see some of the best in humanity. I get to see our generosity, our warmth and concern, I get to see our ambition and wisdom do beautiful things in the world.

I also get to see the not-so-best of humanity. I am not talking about people who are morally bankrupt, corrupt, negligent, or cruel. We know there is an ugly side of human behavior. But this isn't what I am referring to.

I am referring to those who believe with all their might that they are someone they are not, and act with the conviction as that someone in their mind but fail to ever really change. I am speaking about self-delusion.

Self-delusion is powerful. It gives off just the right impression of movement and success for the benefit of all, but if you look real close you find stale ideas that have yet to be made manifest for the benefit of anyone but the small self who thinks it's a magic maker. And this makes it dangerous.

This is the thing I contend with almost daily inside my work. It's so subtle we can quickly sweep it aside. Why does it matter that you don't? Because your goals mean something to you. Living your dharma requires one thing above all else — TRUTH.

Not just any truth. The truth about yourself that must be revealed by yourself to yourself every day. As I interview contenders for my 4-day immersion I am being shown the difference between the people who MAKE lists and the people who LIVE their lists. And what I see and hear might really surprise you.

List-MAKERS look great on paper.
They are motivated, talented, and skilled. They read books, try new things, and have brazen ideas about what they want to do with their life. They love to share with enthusiasm and are the first to tell you what's just on the horizon for them. They talk about their accomplishments and success stories to tell you how far they've come and will go in life. As a coach, it's easy to feel lucky working with these clients because look at everything they SAY they will accomplish! Don't be fooled.

List-MAKERS also have some dangerous but not-so-obvious tendencies:

  • They change their mind quickly and usually as soon as their current idea doesn't succeed the day they try it

  • They cancel appointments if they don't "feel inspired" today

  • They chase passion at the cost of discernment

  • They don't risk looking like a failure

  • They're proud of their work because of how it makes them feel

  • They wait for people to tell them where they're needed and show up there

  • They risk only what they can stand losing

  • You could probably pay them to quit.

List-DOERS don't look great on paper.
They know looking great on paper is irrelevant if the work is not getting done. They read books and integrate what they learn the same day. They have brazen ideas about what they want to do with their life but they don't speak about their accomplishments. They speak about the people they SERVE and their accomplishments. They only share what's just on the horizon with a carefully curated list of people. As a coach, it's easy to dismiss these clients because they don't really tell you how accomplished and brilliant they are.

List-DOERS also have some powerful but not-so-obvious tendencies:

  • They don't change their mind, ever. They have a singular focus which is the only way to achieve it.

  • They never cancel appointments regardless of "inspiration"

  • They don't chase passion, they guide by clear discernment

  • They risk looking like a failure, every day

  • They're proud of their work because of how it makes others feel

  • They show up where the work needs doing, no matter if people are ready for it or not

  • They risk whatever it takes

  • You can not pay them to quit.

Instead of just reading about it — why don't you try it on?

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