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Life Balance Inventory + A Free Download


Taking a life balance inventory is an easy way to reduce stress and quick. Often, stress is a build up of too many things happening all at once and no easy way out. It can feel like a snowball effect, just a rush of things that need taking care of but where to begin? In life coaching I look at two kinds of stressors, gnats and sufferings. Yes, I said gnats, like the teeny tiny but pesky bug. Here's the difference - Life’s Gnats

Like the little annoying bug, gnats are not a major inconvenience and you just bat them away until they grow in numbers. Only when they grow in numbers do you feel compelled to take care of the situation.

Gnats in your life can be cupboards full of expired food, messy closets, a cluttered garage, unpacked boxes, unpaid bills, your ever growing to do list, or needing to change the oil in your car. These by themselves can be ignored or brushed off without much thought. You see that they need to be taken care of eventually, but there is no rush until they add up. If left untended for too long they become greater emotional strains than are unnecessary. Worst of all, they don’t allow you to focus positive energy anywhere else in your life.

Life’s Sufferings

These are a major inconvenience and crowd you emotionally. They can diminish your quality of life. Life’s sufferings are more mental and emotional drains such as a toxic work environment, lack of rest, an unsupportive relationship, your health, your weight, or your constant attempt to be on a diet. You need ample space and preparation to move these out of your life.

A Life Balance Inventory looks at both Gnats and Sufferings in 8 sectors of your life, including:

  • Relationships/Love/Family
  • Emotional Health/Personal Growth
  • Physical Health/Body
  • Finances/Security
  • Fun/Social Life
  • Career/Work
  • Home/Environment
  • Spirituality/Religion

You'll take a look at just a few areas of your life for the exercise, look at what's happening and what you need to have happen, then create an action plan to get you there. This is like a mini-coaching session on paper. I've included a free download of the Life Balance Inventory for you here:


It's easy to get overwhelmed in life, so it's nice to know there are ways to move through overwhelm, without adding more to your full plate  :)


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