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Let joy become your compass


I was watching the season finale of 'Super Soul Sunday' this morning as Oprah interviewed Jack Canfield. His parting wisdom was this - "Your passions are your purpose and joy is your guide."Thank you, Jack Canfield. And I couldn't agree more. Joy is your guide. Or at least, it should be.

For me, joy is a resonance. It's a form of vibration and I can feel when I'm in alignment because I feel joy all throughout my being. A recent choice for me is that if it doesn't bring my joy I am not doing it. It's far harder to point at what brings us joy than it is to feel our way through it.

This is how resonance works - it's one form energy can take. When you resonate with something it means you're vibrating at the same frequency as that thing. It feels amazing.

I am asked a lot some version of this question, "how will I know I am on the right path?" Because it will feel good. Period.

And yet I see, more often than not, people stressing out, grinding it out, burning out...all in the name of following their bliss. This is a sign that something isn't quite right.

Stress in any form is an indicator, a signal, that you're applying a form of pressure to your life that isn't serving you. Anxiety is when you don't trust where you're headed. Stress is when you aren't en-JOYing where you are.

This isn't to assume there won't be challenges. There will always be a challenge of some sort because it's in the contrast of the challenge we grow and step into even more joy. But a challenge shouldn't make life feel hard. 

I see people making life far harder than it needs to be. Yes. Making - As in choosing to follow the difficulty rather than the possibility. Although this is often not conscious, it is still a choice.

Instead, ask bolder questions of your life. And really listen to what's there. You want to feel good. Your brain, body, and spirit are always in search of joy.

Ask yourself -

  • If I could live my ideal life what would I be doing?

  • What limiting beliefs or fears would I have to put down?

  • What dreams do I have?

  • How am I keeping my dreams from fulfillment?

This year, and all years, I invite you to think about what the essence is you're in search of. Why pursue more money? Why be healthy? Why love? Why answer your calling? Why search and seek the corners of your spirit?

I have immense hope that there will come a day, not too far in the future when we will all go within. When we will do the thing that creates joy in our life and in our soul. And that when we do we will stop looking outside ourselves for what is already inside.

Our worthiness. Our right to happiness. Wealth. Contentment. Pride. Forgiveness. Compassion. And understanding.

That when we do this we will stop seeing the world through scarcity or fear of not enough. We will stop competing and start collaborating. And we will start trusting our intuition and listen to the whisper of our heart. The voice that is sharing with us all day, every day, which step to take next.

For then, and only then. will we see what we're truly capable of. Then, and only then, will God/Source/Consciousness get to experience the fullness of It through the fullness of us. This is co-creation and it is built on joy.

Love and light, Andrea