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Lessons for my 33rd revolution around the sun

I like the number 33. A double number just feels like good luck. I've compiled a year's worth of life lessons in honor of my 33rd birthday. You can read last year's lessons here. I am struck by something I wrote last year, something I don't remember writing and am so glad I did...

"I wish for all people to have their entire life be their entire awakening. To get out of their own way and go for it. To answer their calling and turn their art into their purpose and to give their gift back to the world. Maybe this is a selfish want. But it's my birthday and this is what I want."

Well, I still want this ;) But something I learned this year is to not attach to whether this actually happens. And with that, onto my lessons...

I learned that I can want so much for others, perhaps too much, but I have zero say over what actually happens out there in the world and we'd all be fools to think we do beyond our own being.

I learned that success cannot be measured by our riches alone. That in business it can be so easy to assume success is best measured by your bank account, but what about the richness in a community, in how well you serve others, and in how well you treat yourself? 

I learned that expansion is inevitable and that I will never arrive. As Abraham says, "You can not get it wrong and you can not get it done." Every new thought is a new creation, which creates more contrast, which creates a new thought, and on it goes. 

I learned that sometimes good people make poor choices. And it's important to keep their humanity in mind because even a seemingly poor choice has a reason. Even if you don't know what it is or can't understand it, I assure you that it exists. 

I learned that we can not get it wrong and we will never get it done. Every new idea brings new expansion, new expansion creates more contrast and even chaos, which creates more ideas...and so the cycle goes. 

I learned that no one has it figured out. <--- period

I learned that I want to live at the beach. It may not happen soon but it is happening and someday I will spend the majority of my days overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

I learned that everyone's path is sacred. That comparison is a one-way ticket to pain and that we have to love others' paths as fiercely as we love our own. 

I re-learned that human beings are magical, weird, silly, full of it, powerful, prideful, scared and full of potential. You don't always know what you'll see when you look at humanity, which is why I also learned that the very best place to start and end is with yourself.

I learned that my home matters. What I wear is important to me. And that I love rosé.

I re-learned that it's important to spend time with the people who matter. It really isn't what you know but who, and the "who" I'm referring to are those that are near and dear to me. The people whom I love very much, who have seen me wayyyyyy up and wayyyyy down and their affection for me never wavered. To these people, THANK YOU. I couldn't do what I do without you.

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