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Leap and wings appear


I used to think taking a leap of faith was a myth. You know, a nice idea that sounds good when you use it to motivate someone. But when I look back on my life I find that leaps of faith have almost always brought me my very favorite things. Asking my now wife (Eee!) out on a date and now, 7 years later, being more in love than I've ever been.

Leaving a comfy job position to open my coaching practice totally by myself and falling so in love with work its kind of ridiculous.

Investing a lot (like, a lot) of money last summer in a 2-week training that radically changed my life.

With no money, no job, and only knowing one person I moved to Portland almost 8 years ago and found my joy.

What leaps of faith have actually been your most favorite adventures? In the moment right before you leap it's terrifying and the mind starts asking all kinds of tricky questions -what if you fail? How much will this cost me? What if it totally sucks? What if they say no? What if I can't recover? What if I am wrong? I think you get the idea.

"Oh, but what if you fly?", whispers your heart. 

My current leap of faith is launching, writing, fulfilling a weekend I am in the middle of creating, Awaken Your Practice. Now it's not for everyone because some of you reading this are not interested in carving a business out of your purpose. But for this who are - read on. 

Here is an excerpt from Awaken Your Practice - In a way, I think we always know our calling. We may not be able to spell it out at first or point to it but we can feel it. Even as a little girl I know I would grow up and help people in some capacity. I fought it for, oh, 18 years but alas I finally saw the light and realized my purpose had been following me all along.

Chances are if you’re a soulpreneur you are attempting to merge your purpose with business. It is both a huge blessing and a burden. It’s a blessing because to get up every day and spend your time in service of your calling is a rare and special gift. It’s a burden because…it’s really hard to ‘sell’ the thing you hold most sacred.

I can promise you this – building a business from the soul doesn’t make it any less sacred. In some ways, it makes it more sacred because you are daring to serve humanity in some way and it doesn’t get more sacred than this.

If you feel this thing brewing in your heart and soul is what you’re meant to do then make a dedication to yourself right here and now to stop at nothing to make it happen.

Your soul’s path is yours and yours alone. You have to feel your way through it. So feel away! But do not fall away when it gets tough – as I can promise you it will.

When things are tough it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track. Quite the opposite, actually. It means you have some growing to do in order to fully step into who you need to be to fulfill your purpose.

Write a dedication to your soul, your heart, and your work…Have conviction!

Keep this. Write it on your vision board. Revisit it often – because this is your personal declaration to walk this path.

Light and love, Andrea


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