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Joy. The ultimate measure.


Joy. A feeling of great pleasure. If you could have more joy in your life - more great pleasure - would you accept it? That may seem like an obvious 'yes!' but I actually had to sit back and think about this. I took many (many) books to Kauai. Once we got there and unpacked I realized I'd brought one theme along for the trip: follow your bliss.

'Hmmm. That's curious', I thought.

Aren't I already following my bliss? But I dived in anyways.

I read Big Magic, The War of Art, Turning Pro, The Life Coaching Connection, Money and the Law of Attraction, and Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior.

Each book seemed to point out this blaring idea to me - as if to say, "Hey! Andrea! If it doesn't feel good working harder is not the way out!"

Here's the thing - I love my work. And I think you can attest to this too. You love what you do. You probably even describe yourself as 'lucky', 'blessed', 'gifted', etc. You might tell your clients that your work is being done through you. As my dad would say about his paintings - "I didn't paint, I was painted." 

This is beautiful and needed. Because what an incredible point to become aware of who you are (I mean at your CORE) and simultaneously embark on this path of servitude. Just living into your bliss is a gift to others.

So why was this theme following me??

Because it was all coming full circle.

Months ago, in all my effort to provide value, to give as much as possible, to show up and play big I sorta forgot this important question, "Does this thing I do also bring me joy?" The answer was YES!

So the next question was, "Does the way you're doing this work bring you joy?" The answer 

Uh oh.

See I was pushing. I was trying to DO more. But I never tuned in to ask myself if the way I brought my work to the world was authentic to me.

Have you ever asked this of yourself?

So...I let go.

I let go of doing more as a measure of worth. I let go of trying to prove anything with my writing. I let go of trying to 'add more value' in my program. I let go of trying to 'enroll' or 'upsell' in my emails.

And I really let go of the fear that it would all fall apart.

Instead I leaned into what truly brings me JOY and magic started to unfold.

I had the most incredible conversations with the most inspired people.

I poured my heart into a smaller number of clients and students and watched them BLOOM.

I let my work speak for itself. I am the work and the work is me. There is no separation SO this means whether we're diving deep in a 2-day intensive or grabbing a cup of coffee I will show up in full.

I let myself dream. Like really dream about what's possible and how I want my business to be.

And...I found joy.

I can say with total congruency... I am energized. I am grateful. I am full. I am present. And my business is manifesting from this place everyday.

I didn't need a vacation - I got to spend 12 days with my love in a beautiful place. Because I wanted to.

I write this because I want you to know something:

You don't have to be exhausted. You don't need to do more. You don't need to compare yourself. You don't need to get loud.

I encourage you to work from joy. And is actually this easy. Much love and success, Andrea

P.S. I look forward to bringing a handful of you to Kauai in 2016...