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Journal Tour: Skylor Powell


Skylor Powell 1Journal writing is different for everyone. The beauty of being a journal keeper is that you can make your journal practice whatever you want it to be! Each month I will take you on a Journal Tour of different journal keepers and their journal practice. These tours inspire me and my hope is they'll get you excited about your journal. Want to share your journal practice? Submit here This month I'm taking you on tour of a yogi and wellness author, Skylor Powell, and her journal practice. Her work helps people feel more centered in their body through a healthier relationship with food. Skylor is an incredible woman who has taken me under her wing these past few years. Plus I just really like her :) Skylor is my guest teacher at this month's Women's Journal Group. There are just a few spots left - journal group is held the first Thursday of every month. Having her guest teach is a real treat!

Skylor as been a journal keeper since she was 11 so I know you'll enjoy reading about her evolution through the years of her journal practice. I especially love that even as a young kid Skylor learned that her journal was the perfect place to grieve and heal. Without further ado...

Skylor Powell 21. When did you start journal writing? Why did you start?

I've been journaling since I was about 11. My life was pretty weird as a kid! My dad passed away when I was 8, my step dad and my mom (who had been married since I was born) split a couple years later and I spent a lot of time holed up in my room journaling to cope.

2. What kind of journal writing is your favorite? Ie. stream of consciousness, prompts, poetry, etc.

I started collage journaling - cutting out pictures that resonated with what I was feeling and pasting them all together creatively. It developed into poetry while I was in high school. Then I read The Artist's Way and stream of consciousness is my jam right now.

3. What are your 3 top tips for keeping a journal or for getting started? 

  • Find a journal and a pen that you are attached to. Some people love black ink, some colored ink - spiral notebooks, composition notebooks - set yourself up to love journaling by loving the ink and paper.
  • Introduce yourself to your journal first thing. It's your new friend, your partner in crime. Just like any relationship, you don't begin by saying the things that make you feel vulnerable. Start at the surface and let yourself get to know yourself through your journal.
  • After you get comfortable, treat your journal like your bathroom. You can be naked and fart and pick your nose and no one will ever see you, so dive in to the deep stuff because it very well may be the way to uncover some really beautiful pieces of you!

4. Leave us a favorite prompt or journal technique we can use in our journals. 

The unsent letter is one of my favorites. Sometimes you have feelings and thoughts that you aren't comfortable sharing with anyone and that's completely okay. But keeping it bottled inside can make you feel ashamed. By writing them down, we acknowledge and accept that they exist. We get to let go of the shame by acknowledging that our feelings are real, and we don't have to expose our vulnerabilities in the process. And sometimes, after it's written, we realize just how important it is to send the letter. The unsent letter is a first step in fulfilling the potential of a myriad of different paths!

P.S. Read my October Journal Tour here with Scott Mansfield.

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