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Journal Tour: Scott Mansfield


Scott Mansfield journalJournal writing is different for everyone. The beauty of being a journal keeper is that you can make your journal practice whatever you want it to be! Each month I will take you on a Journal Tour of different journal keepers and their journal practice. These tours inspire me and my hope is they'll get you excited about your journal. Want to share your journal practice? Submit here This month I'm taking you on tour of a landscape photographer, Scott Mansfield, and his journal practice. You can see his incredible work here. (I highly recommend getting a cup of tea and perusing his site, it's like a well-curated gallery) Read his blog, Mountain Over Water here. I hope you enjoy his thoughts on journal keeping - as an artist he sees everything as a composition, even his words. It inspired me to take a more reflective look at my entries. And I LOVE what he has to say about using pen and paper. Without further ado...

1. When did you start journal writing? Why did you start?

I've been writing in a journal of some kind for as long as I can remember. The why isn't so important to me, or I just can't remember.  Personal writing, journal writing, has been a steadfast comfort to me most of my life, be it to get our emotions or a creative stream of conscience.  It's both a place for self-reflection and a source for ideation for whatever projects I'm working.

2. What kind of journal writing is your favorite? Ie. stream of consciousness, prompts, poetry, etc.

In the past several years most of my writing is artistic ideations and creative prose. I keep a small notebook and pen in my pocket all the time. There are plenty of electronic means to capture thoughts but they lose something tangible, something organic, something spontaneous. I also keep larger journals that i'll transfer notes to and write directly to. Writing to me is the way to make intangible thoughts tangible, a way to make sense of the jumbled stream of creative prose that is always running through my head.

3. What are your 3 top tips for keeping a journal or for getting started?

Write, write, write. Get a pocket sized notebook and keep it with you all the time. Ignore all self-conscience thoughts and remember nobody has to see what you write unless you want them to

4. Leave us a favorite prompt or journal technique we can use in our journals. 

I'm not a huge fan of prompts, but I've also never had trouble keeping a journal, it's just a habit I really enjoy. I'd say my favorite thing recently is to describe something around you without adding any pronouns or making it about your interaction with the thing. For instance describe the wind rustling leaves in a tall tree or the way sunrise happens or the flight of a butterfly.

Thanks Scott for your insight! -Andrea


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