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It's so much bigger than us! Introducing My Confident Heart


“You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.” –Woodrow Wilson

As you may or may not know Christine and I have been working on a new project and we are ready to share it. With it being Thanksgiving in a few days we thought this was the prefect time to share our venture and express some much needed gratitude for your ongoing support. It’s because we have people like you in our lives that we feel so confident in sharing our ideas with the world. We don’t take your support fore granted and thank you for helping us bring our dreams to life!

We founded Aleda Fitness because we wanted to create a place that could embrace others in their time of need. It is also part of our ongoing goal to help women be kinder to themselves and use exercise as a form of self-care as opposed to the thing that makes them feel worse about themselves.

For me personally, lacking confidence in myself boiled down to not having a positive relationship with my body and subsequently that affected how I saw myself. I never learned how to embrace whom I was, how to fail, accept criticism, or ask what I didn’t know. This resulted in more than a decade of being unhappy as a young woman.

Bringing movement and strength training into my life were part of my anecdote to finding happiness, but so was surrounding myself with people who helped mirror back a positive self-image.

Christine and I love fitness and enjoy having exercise in our daily life for many reasons – it helps you feel better, keeps pain away, and keeps you healthy. But more importantly being active brings mental clarity, awareness of your body, and a daily example of what you’re truly capable of. It helps bridge a connection between your body and mind and that is where the real magic is.

What magic exactly? A strong sense of self and feeling confident about who you are. This has been our experience and since we’ve opened our doors we’ve seen this be our client’s experience too. When you’re not confident in yourself or your choices you stay small and you keep your gifts hidden from the world. Self-doubt can hold you back from so much more than not loving your body; it can keep you from really going after your dreams.

We’ve seen clients who’ve transformed how they see themselves and as a result have gone on to try things they’ve only ever imagined – like traveling alone, changing career paths, and openness to love again. How can showing up to your gym each week do this? Because you are one whole self – body and mind. When you don’t acknowledge your body because you aren’t happy with what you see, there is a major disconnect. You can’t treat yourself unkindly and expect yourself to go on and accomplish your goals.

Your body is one smart cookie and it does not respond well to put-downs or judgments. When you browse the diet section of your bookstore, look up how to lose fat quickly, or start counting and decreasing the amount of calories you intake dramatically all you are doing is placing judgments on yourself.

What messages are we sending younger generations of girls who see their mothers, sisters, aunts, and teachers talk down to themselves and treat their bodies disapprovingly? How you treat your body has to be out of love and self-care, not cruelty. When you say to yourself, “You are too fat” or, “You are not good enough” and then you go looking for a quick fix, what you are really saying to your body is, “I am ashamed of you, this diet is what you deserve now, this is your punishment.”

Your body and your mind cannot give you want you want from a place of anger or criticism. You have to be able to say, “I care about your well-being and your happiness, and my gift to you is care and love.” That sets you on a transformative journey and that is infectious!

At Aleda we are doing something a bit radical – we are asking you to love yourself FIRST. Confidence is actually a trust or belief in the self. If you don’t believe it first you will not achieve it.

We can help you change on the outside but we encourage you to embrace making a change on the inside – first. Change how you see yourself – first. Which is why we are thrilled to announce our newest project: My Confident Heart.

My Confident Heart is a jewelry line with a powerful message – “I love myself from the inside out.” Aleda Fitness has joined forces with Amy Wing Designs and together we have embarked on a mission to inspire 1,000,000 women.

Every woman who wears My Confident Heart is a woman who has taken the pledge to love who she is from the inside out. Lets demonstrate for younger generations of women their personal right to positivity, choice, and confidence. We want every woman who wears My Confident Heart to stand firm in their own self-worth so that together we can make the world around us healthier and happier.

Although this message is powerful we believe that we can do more. Aleda Fitness and Amy Wing Designs is thrilled to donate $10 from every piece sold to Girls Inc. of NW Oregon, an organization dedicated to inspiring girls ages 6-18 to be strong, smart, and bold. 1,000,000 women wearing My Confident Heart means $10,000,000 for Girls Inc. of NW Oregon and would ensure 20,000 girls can participate in their full program.

Read about Girls Inc. of NW Oregon here!

Now it’s about reaching as many women as possible. There are women in your life today who are struggling to feel confident in themselves or their bodies on a daily basis. It's a way to say to them – “I love and believe in you!” We can’t reach everyone on our own, so we are asking for your help. These are the perfect gift this holiday season because giving a necklace gives back to our community and spreads a much-needed message.

We know you have so many wonderful things going on in your own life this time of year and if you don't have time to help that is ok. If you do, though, it's an awesome opportunity to invite the people you know and love to be proactive in their self-love.

My Confident Heart is available to purchase online on Friday, November 29th and will be at Aleda Fitness on Monday, December 2nd. Check out the collection here:

Say hello on our Facebook Page and share with those you think need this message in their life. Thank you for all your continued support and for helping us realize what is possible!


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