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Is staying stuck a choice?


Is stuck a choiceIs stuck a choice?

I know what you're thinking - why would anyone choose to stay stuck? I encourage you to read this entire article and just let's see if stuck is a choice you don't even know you're making.

First I would like to share a personal story if that's ok with you?

Stuck looks different for all of us.

For some being stuck is a repetition of the same story or experience and it just seems to keep appearing in your life.

For some it's a desire to move forward but there's either a lack of resources or a lack of clarity in how to move forward.

For some it's hitting a glass ceiling and a repetition of a sticking point like your finances, your health, your business, or your relationship.

For me stuck is a desire to do big things while pouring my energy into small things.

It's a desire to play big but when you play big the stakes get higher and high stakes are scary. So being stuck is really an act of quitting. Have you ever done this? 

Last week I launched my first group coaching program in over a year. Then my server crashed.

And my email crashed.

And, randomly, my phone stopped functioning. No texts. No apps. I had to turn it off.

No computer. No phone. And I'm in the middle of enrolling you into a program I am stoked about. Hmmm.

Why would this happen?

More importantly than why was what am I to do with this?

This my dears is a beautiful lesson in lessons. I don't believe in random.

I asked for clarity in a dream. Something I do often when I need some guidance. And I got this symbol: a gas pump in a gas tank but the pump didn't go to anything. It was cut off.

I knew right when I woke up this meant I needed to recharge and to not give up. To not let myself empty into playing small.

I spent the weekend reading and writing. Taking long baths and having the best conversations with friends, clients, and my love. No computer. No phone.

And today everything is back up and running.

To be stuck would have been to cancel the course. To be stuck would be to choose not lean into a request to surrender and play big at the same time. To be stuck would have been a choice.

What message are you turning away from? What keeps repeating itself? Where are you playing small and want to play big? How are you choosing to stay stuck?

Despite the chaos I did enroll people and I can't wait to help them change their life. To stop being stuck and to lean in to the very things they've been avoiding.

In light and love, Andrea


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