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Interested in the secrets to loving your body?


BodyLove hands“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” -Buddha

This spring marks my 5-year Healthy, Happy Me Transformation Anniversary. Yes, I celebrate this because it was a significant turning point in my life. And yes, I have given it a title. I never thought my work would center on the very thing I struggled with for so many years.

Shoe shopping used to be my cardio. My diet consisted of toast, chips and salsa, and red wine. I wasn’t working or living on purpose and I felt it in my body.

I am grateful for the dedication I gave to changing my life. It wasn’t easy! You know exactly what I am talking about, right? It is easier to stay where you are but what are you really giving up by doing so? Happiness? Health? Vitality? Joy?

Really what I was doing was dishonoring my body and then complaining that my body wasn’t what I wanted. Your actions have to match your attitude.

If you want to LOVE your body and feel great living your life then these secrets are for your use. Let them be part of your turning point or part of what keeps you going.

Secret #1: Turn the car

For me, my choice to change my life and my body was a turning point. Turning points are those moments in life where you decide to not walk down the same path but to forge a new one. If you are driving from LA to New York and decide half way that you would much rather go to Miami you better turn the car a new direction.

You can’t just will it to happen. You wouldn’t get to New York and be confused why there weren’t palm trees everywhere because you thought about going to Miami.

You can affirm all you want but no amount of affirmations will turn your car. It is the same way with loving your body. You can affirm body love or you can make body love happen. Turn the car.

Secret #2: Shut up and listen

I love talking with my body. And yes, my body talks back. She is constantly telling me what she needs. The problem was I didn’t used to listen. I tried to out-smart my own body but it can’t be done! My body knew exactly what she needed and all I had to do was tune in and listen.

When I started listening to my body I heard things like this: Drink more water. Take me on long walks. Be sure and deep-belly laugh everyday. Wear that bright yellow scarf. Stop feeding me so much salt. I started listening and the most miraculous thing happened – by body and I are no longer enemies. It takes two to tango, right? Your body and mind are no different. Shut up and listen.

Secret #3: Crack the whip

Loving your body does require discipline. If what you’re currently doing were working you wouldn’t be reading this with such intent. You can’t have what you’ve never had if you keep doing what you’ve always done.

Someone asked me recently, “Isn’t body love just something you have to realize? Isn’t that what loving yourself from the inside out is all about?” Body love isn’t about contentment it’s about confidence and trust in yourself.

Do you trust your health? Do you feel calm everyday? Are your needs being met? Are you happy? It’s not up to me to determine for you what body love looks like or feels like. It’s up to you!

Ask yourself this question right now, “Do I LOVE my body?” You know if you need to make a change. And you know what that change needs to be. Do you have the discipline to make it happen? Crack the whip.

I want to hear from you. What are some secrets you think I left out? What inspires your own body love? There are many ways to make this change in your life, these are a few that worked well for me.

In health & happiness,


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