Inquire. Explore. Repeat.


Seems simple enough, and yet how many times do you turn to a friend or coach or loved one and ask some version of "What do you think?"

One of the greatest joys of my life is exploring a curiosity. Be it my work, a book, art, music, my body, what I am capable of, or a new idea, that thing called exploration has so much power. It's where growth, possibility, paradigm shifts, and evolution unfold. It's also the access point to fear, failure, and getting something wrong. But what if there was nothing to get right, and instead you could explore freely? You know, because it's fun.

I think most of us hold ourselves back unnecessarily because although we're hungry to explore our life, all sorts of "expectations" get in the way. Often, when I meet with a new client the very first thing they reveal to me is that they know exactly what or who they want to be and they feel it's always just out of reach. Whether the risk feels too big or the gap in making that thing happen feels too wide, it comes at the cost of free exploration.

I think it would be far easier to take the thing you want desperately and explore it as though it were inevitable, than it is to take the thing you want and do everything in your power to keep it just out of reach. (Which is often what we do instead.)

We launch programs we don't really believe in.
We finally share our story but hide it from those we love the most.
We know what we stand for but do so only in private where the risk is low.
We take risks in our mind but when it comes time to take action we shy away.
We take money for the "easier" work even when we don't' believe in it and then convince ourselves that no one would pay for what we really want to offer.

The list goes on.

I have done everything above. And I want to tell you how I got out of that cycle - but then, you don't need information. You need to give yourself full and total permission to do the things you want to do! This quote is from a client of mine:

"You would be surprised just
how little power
others have when
you don't give it to them."

- Peggy Capps

In this case, the "other" I am referring to is your small self. The part of you that says it's a hard world out there, be safe, play small, justify your dreams, give in, don't demand too much. don't be too loud, and my personal favorite, don't be selfish.

Exploration IS selfish. And I am more than okay with this and I want you to be okay with it too. Selfish in that it puts YOU first, it puts your dream ABOVE another's, and it makes you take action on behalf of YOUR well-being. We think if we do any of the above then we'll keep others small, or we'll take more than our "fair share."

I have a secret for you - you can't possibly take more than your fair share. It isn't possible. You can be the fullest expression of your soul and by the natural law of harmony, it will be the perfect amount.

In fact, I would argue that people who are playing small but acting big from fear, insecurity, greed and shame are actually taking more than their fair share. Those living their dreams tend to give, serve, be open, forgive, and even help others do the same!

What if a deep and free exploration of our dreams is the only thing that can lift others up? Wouldn't you be more inclined to give your all to self-exploration if it were THE access point to gratitude, joy, reverence, and even peace? Not to mention having enough and feeling like enough - two things that won't come from more information - so go explore your life. And then come tell me about it :)