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I ate the whole bag


So a funny thing happened in my kitchen...I (almost) ate an entire back of chips. Technically I think they were crackers, but do the details really matter? They were delicious but I didn't really enjoy the experience. I say almost because when it became rather clear my intentions were to devour the entire bag - about half way through at least - I asked my better half to throw them in the garbage. I mean open the bag dump them one-by-one so there was no chance of me ...well, you get the picture. I didn't buy these tasty little things, they were left over by a house guest and this why I don't buy things of this nature - because they end up in my belly. I felt compelled to share this because I co-own a gym and am a life coach who specializes in helping women love their bodies and I just thought you should know I am also human. 

There wasn't really a craving present, nor was I particularly hungry. I ate them because I could. And yet with each bite I seemed hungrier for the next, what a terrible trick! I have spent many years learning how to move on from such instances and not hold shame over my head for any length of time. I voluntarily opened the bag and ate them. And when my belly started to hurt because I don't (typically) eat  processed food I continued to eat them! I am not alone in this experience and for a lot of people something like this could derail you from your goal, right? You would feel defeated, let down, disappointed, and like you failed. But here is the thing - you are human too. If this has happened to you, here are my suggestions for getting back to your goal.  

Recognize the habit in the moment

Sometimes we eat mindlessly whether out of boredom or out of habit but for many of us eating has no real intention. When was the last time you sat down on a weekend evening and planned and prepped your meals and snacks for your week? If not then most of your weekly eating comes out of impulse, necessity, or convenience. When you find yourself with your hand in the cookie jar (or chip bag) take note right then and there. You may continue eating them if you want to, but choose to be present. Decide right then if this food is serving you or making you feel worse?  Is this habit setting you up to feel great or not so great? If you decide that you really like what you are eating, awesome! Be present and enjoy every single bite. If you decide that what you are eating doesn't make you feel awesome then challenge yourself to let it go.

Ask someone to help you out

I had to ask someone else to throw the remainder of the bag away and they did without remorse because they were not attached like I was. You can ask someone in the moment to help you out or you can ask a friend if you can check in with them when these instances occur. It's easy to repeat a pattern you haven't admitted to anyone yet. But when you let someone know about the habits you are ready to part with you are actually holding yourself accountable to creating intentional change.

Bookend the chips

Ok, so you ate the whole bag. Now move on. What is the next thing you are going to do that will get you back to your goal? Bookend your experience so that you know you are capable of choosing other choices.

There is no slip-up that can totally derail your goals unless you allow them to.


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