How we're to heal the world


The truth is, most days I feel like I am just this girl in a small pocket of the world doing her best to add something of value and meaning to our collective life.

But, aren't we all attempting this in some way? We are each just one person in a small pocket of the planet doing what we can to come alive in this lifetime.

The past few years have had us all questioning some things. Policies and politics, equal rights and systemic injustices, women's voices and being really heard . . . I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to surrender.

But, giving in to our own cynicism is often an attempt to get out of letting ourselves feel how crazy vulnerable it is to hold onto hope despite massive evidence to the contrary. Cynicism is easy. But it also tricks us into thinking attempting to "do something" is a lost cause. And I've been there...

I find myself nodding emphatically for anyone who feels this as I do.

No matter how many people I coach. No matter how many emails I send. No matter how many books I recommend or journal prompts I hand out...I can't solve this for anyone. I don't know if I can make the world a more tolerable place but I DO know I can help people trust their path through this world wholeheartedly.

In just a couple of days I will open seats to my fifth Awaken Your Practice for a small group of healers, helpers, practitioners, and soul shakers — people who are seeking more than just how to help people. They are also seeking how to be wholly themselves while helping people.

It sounds so simple . . . and yet what I find more often than not is that we are hungry for knowledge but starved for self-acceptance.

We want to know "the path" but are quick to hide once we find it.

We want to help change the world but are quick to exempt ourselves from saving ourselves.

We are hungry to understand why things are as they are but we are also seeking simple solutions that may not exist.

As I remind my clients frequently, "Mend what breaks your heart in the world by seeking wholeheartedness within yourself."

Is it that simple? No.
Is it remotely easy? Nope.
Is it a worthy quest? Absolutely.

When I first became a certified life coach, I followed a call to show my fellow wayfinders and life guides a more whole path to themselves and to serving others.

But in the beginning, I hadn't yet given myself permission to really own this path, the path I was coaching so many others to walk. It was almost like I was watching myself do all of these things but wasn't embodying that I was allowed to do these things.

I mean, who am I to coach? Who am I to guide? Who am I to mentor? Perhaps your "Who am I to...?" questions are different but I know you have them. We all do.

I need to back up to this word — allowed. It wasn't that I needed allowance from others; I had been given that. It wasn't that I needed allowance from my clients because they were showing up. No, I needed allowance from myself.

Allowance means how much something has been permitted. In other words, how much permission was I giving myself? How much permission have you given yourself?

These are powerful words because they open doors.

Although I was hesitant to put this work out there, I did anyway. Because it ultimately wasn't about me. Sharing this work was and still is about showing others their own light. It's the ripple effect that keeps me moving through my own fears.

Ultimately, trusting what calls you has to come from within, and the permission to go after it when you hear your call also has to be your own. I believe in people. I wholeheartedly believe in their ability to do good, love, and heal. I have a deep belief in the spiritual potential of humanity and I won't quit until every single human being inherently understands their true value and worth.

Something tells me you feel the same way. In your own words, what gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you going when you have the question of, "What the f*$k am I doing?" buzzing around in your head?

If you need to pull over once in a while and take a little rest, do. Maybe you'll reconnect to the deeper truth of why you risk yourself spiritually to fight for your vision.

It isn't even about the world needing you. It's about YOU needing you and it's about YOU coming fully alive. I believe that for everyone this is the real mission. The rest is merely details.

When you do connect with your vision, stoke your conviction, worship your belief in what's possible, and keep going . . . well I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Do you want help to create a business you love by only serving people you're meant to serve in only the way you're meant to?

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