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How to listen to your own intuition - Part Two


In Part One of this post I talked about what your intuition is and gave 3 quick tips for tuning into your own intuition. In today's post I will share 3 tools for deciphering the messages your intuition has to deliver and a little about the burden not listening can carry. I get asked this question a lot - "How do you know it's your intuition coming through?" Although this answer may surprise you, the truth is you don't. Because your intuition is not of your mind or body it's not something you can point to and say, "There it is!" It requires a massive amount of faith and trust. Yup, I said it. Faith. Faith is a knowing without proof and this is exactly what your intuition requires. Now intuition can be broken down into pattern making and many brain lovers out there will describe intuition like this - a series of patterns your brain strings together that feel or represent a previous experience. Meaning your 'gut reaction' is because your brain is constantly scanning its environment for red flags or potential danger. This might mean someone that doesn't feel safe or a situation that just doesn't feel right. And yes, your intuition is part brain pattern making. This is how your brain keeps you safe and alive. But there is another kind of intuition.

It's a kind of knowing without seeing. Feeling like you should exit the freeway and take the back roads to later find out there was an accident on the freeway. Intuition. Getting the sense that you need to call your mom and she later tells you she was thinking of you at that exact same moment. Intuition. I once dreamt that my mom couldn't speak and had something wrong with her throat. I told her about this odd dream and she explained that she was actually having some bizarre throat pain which turned out to be acid-reflux. Intuition. It's knowing without being in a place for your brain to scan for any patterns.

It's a knowing without seeing and it requires total faith and the ability to tune in.  Are you experiencing any of these consistently?

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Overwhelm or confusion
  • Pain
  • Indigestion
  • Headaches
  • Anger
  • Feel aimless or directionless

Now it could be something you ate but it's more likely some knowing you're not tuning in to. This is the burden not listening can carry. It's not the lack of intuition that could be causing pain or discomfort but what message you're missing that is. And your intuition is your greatest message machine!  

If you're still unsure how to notice your intuition re-read this article from earlier this week. Then try on these 3 tools for getting what message your intuition is trying to send you.


Of course I'm going to recommend journaling first! Your journal is an open source for your inner-guide to come through. In fact, I created this week's journal prompt around it. Read it here and take this prompt to your journal for immediate intuition access.


Sit with the intention of tuning into your intuition. Sit in a position where your feet or spine are touching the floor. You can do this by sitting in a chair or on the floor. Use your breath to center yourself in the here and now. Then simply listen. As your mind wanders call it back. Don't judge where it goes just ask it to be in the here and now. Put this question into your meditation, "What is my inner-guide trying to tell me" Then let go and allow the truth to come through. If present you'll hear a loud and clear message. Accept it. If you're uncomfortable with long bouts of meditation set a timer for 7 or 10 minutes. When you come out of this space grab your journal and write down the message you received.


Dreams are wonderful and full of insight. For this tool I suggest keeping a pen and paper by your bed so you can record your dreams right when you wake up. Similar to the meditation above you'll ask, "What is my inner-guide trying to tell me?" as you're falling asleep. You might get a literal dream that tells you exactly what you need to know. You might receive symbols like animals or a place that means something to you. When you wake you might have to do some research on the symbols but the message is there. Take note of what shows up more often. Snakes show up in my dreams when I need to let go and embrace new change. I like this site here for animal totems if they show up in your dreams.

If you're struggling with tuning in to your intuition or need some guidance in what you need to learn at this time please reach out to me. In love and light, Andrea

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