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How to get off the accomplishment roller coaster

Measure of my success is joy
Measure of my success is joy

As we continue Conscious Living for Mindful Entrepreneurs Month today we're talking about the accomplishment roller coaster. What is it? How do you know when you're on it? Why should you get off of it? First - the response to last week's article, When is enough really 'enough'? was awesome. I am so glad this is hitting home AND that you're getting something positive from it. Today's topic is part of feeling like enough - today we're asking this BIG question:

How do I measure my success and ultimately my happiness?

The accomplishment roller coaster goes a little something like this -

You set out with your dream and your vision for making an impact in your market. You start dedicating your time and energy to helping this come to life. This is the initial climb where you are building momentum, s-l-o-w-l-y.

Then you hit a peak where your dedication, message, and market come together in this perfect storm and you hit a downhill flow. It feels incredible! You're experiencing the rush of people loving, craving, and buying your work. You feel...happiness in your gut as you realize what you've accomplished. comes to a stall.

Maybe you launched a new idea and it's over now.

Maybe your recent influx of business, which felt so amazing at first, is slowing down or not enough anymore. Suddenly you need more and more for that rush to come over you.

Maybe you're at the end of a busy season and you don't have anything in the foreseeable future.

You start brainstorming, planning, dreaming and the climb begins all over again...

This is the accomplishment roller coaster. 

Now you might be saying, "But I love the rush! What's wrong with this roller coaster?"

There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, we need that boost of inspiration to keep us innovating, creating, and providing for the people we care to serve.

There will always be a drive for accomplishment. This is good. Remember how last week I wrote that the last thing we want as entrepreneurs is apathy? Bringing our inspiration to life keeps us rooted and manifesting at the same time.

The question then becomes...

If you don't have a new idea, a big launch, or an influx of business are youstill happy & fulfilled?

Here's 3 major reasons why the accomplishment roller coaster can be troublesome.

Reason #1: Your joy is measured by doing, not by being

If your entrepreneurial happiness is measured by how much you DO then it can never be measured by you BEING an entrepreneur. Happiness is not something you can seek, it's something you experience by getting rid of everything that makes you not-happy. Do you trust that you can let go of the need to constantly be accomplishing something and enjoy that you're living a dream? Is the constant drive keeping you from experiencing the sheer joy of your dream?

Reason #2: Your drive is now hooked into what's next, keeping you focused on the future

When you're hooked on what comes next you're living from the illusive future. What's wrong with this? The future isn't real! It's a concept that never actually arrives. When the future arrives it's NOW. What is happening NOW in your work to be grateful for? To enjoy? To be happy with?

Reason #3:  You stop enjoying what is for fear of what may or may not happen

Have you ever had an incredible day with your work to quickly find yourself worrying about the momentum sticking? When you're riding the accomplishment roller coaster you're looking to what's next to experience joy today. What requirements have you put into your work that keeps happiness at bay? Can you allow yourself to lean into simple happiness just because?

Do you want off the accomplishment roller coaster? What if I could guarantee you'll still be inspired to keep going AND your happiness in your work won't rely on what's next any longer? IF this sounds good then here are 3 Simple Tips for Mindful Accomplishment. Remember: the goal isn't to stop achieving. It's to use achievement appropriately and not to measure your worth or your joy by your accomplishments.

Do what you LOVE. Period.

Do you LOVE what you're doing? If not, stop. Seriously. I've worked with several entrepreneurs that are putting things in their path because they think it will help their bottom line. I can't stress this enough - no amount of money will ever compensate for a lack of enjoyment or love for what you do. Ever. How you feel about what you're creating translates. The people you serve know when your heart's in it and when it's not. Be heart-centric!

Be what you LOVE. Period.

Do you LOVE who you are when you show up in your work? Just as important as loving what you create, do you love who you are in the process? Are you a model for how an entrepreneur prides himself or herself? If not, why not? What change is needed to be this person? Only you can answer this and I know there are many of you reading this now who would say, "Nope. I would want people to work hard but not burn out like me!" Then stop. You can work hard, accomplish your dreams, and breath into the moment.

ENJOY what you've created. Period.

Do you ENJOY what you've created? How often do you stop, take a look at how far you've come, and celebrate what you've created? This is mindful accomplishment. If you must get back on the roller coaster, take some space before and check in with yourself. Take a long look around. Why keep pushing if you aren't even going to stop and see what you're working so hard for? Express gratitude for this life you've created. It's amazing what you do! It's ok - you're allowed to take a step back and fully enJOY this.

Your accomplishments change the world. Your ideas change people's lives and this elevates the world. Thank you for this! Now - take accomplishment and joy apart.

I leave you with a saying I have hanging in my office (you can see a photo of it above!). Take this to heart and seek JOY first. I promise you that inspired accomplishment will follow.

The measure of my success is my joy

If you seek joy through accomplishment you'll always be seeking. If your accomplishment IS joy, then it's joy!

In light and love,



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