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How do I know my intuition is right?


how do I know my intuition is right?How do I know my intuition is right? It requires a word I wasn't comfortable with up until this year. This word is belief. Your intuition is not something you can point to. You can't see it. It can't write you a letter or send you a text message. Your intuition can only speak from within your own mind. Sometimes (often times) it won't sound like you. Your intuition will sound like a wiser, older, and more experienced you. I call my intuition she and refer to her in third person. You can do whatever you want. It's your intuition. Mine is notorious for saying things like this:

  • Be patient and trust that you're on the right path
  • Be kind to yourself because your journey is long but wonderful
  • You're doing the best you can with what you know today
  • Be still and listen to your life
  • You are worthy of love, joy, and happiness

I like what she has to say. She's so calm and sure of herself. I visit my intuition in meditation a lot. She is always dressed in all white. She sits on a raised platform surrounded by white but transparent curtains. And she always sits in lotus position looking out over the ocean. She never looks me in the eye but talks slowly and intentionally directed at me. Her presence is pure love.

This is how I know she's right. Because my intuition is pure love. 

I am sucker for a show on OWN called 'Super Soul Sunday'. Oprah sits side-by-side with thought leaders, spiritual guides, authors, and all around wise people (well I think they're wise!) and they chat candidly about living a life of soulful proportions. I just finished watching a two-part interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. I actually haven't finished any of her books (I saw the movie!) BUT I really like what she has to say about intuition and your higher-self.

She says we have three inner-voices. They go a little something like this...

Voice #1: Fear Gremlin

Your Fear Gremlin loves to put you down. It spouts off things like:

  • Why are you so stupid?!
  • No one will pay you for that idea
  • You're never going to love your body
  • You made your bed now you have to lie in it

I don't need to continue because you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you need help naming your gremlins read this post here.

Voice #2: Older Judgmental Sister

Your Older Judgmental Sister loves to scold you because she thinks she's protecting you. She has good intentions but somehow always seems to make you feel worse. It's easy to mistake her for your higher-self because her advice is out of protection. She spouts off things like:

  • How could you get yourself into this situation again? Didn't you learn anything last time?
  • I don't think you're ready to take this risk. You need more information.
  • I love you, but...
  • I know you're trying, but...

We all know this voice. She's scared and reactionary. She wants you to learn your lessons and stop getting hurt. But her methods aren't too kind.

Voice #3: Your Higher Self

Your Higher-Self doesn't have a mean bone in its body. It's not naive. Rather it's very kind and accepting. It only wants you to be happy and find continuous joy in your life. Your Higher-Self sends you messages that say...

  • You are loved
  • You deserve joy
  • Be kind and patient for your path
  • It will all be ok
  • The path is over here
  • You are worthy

See the difference? Your intuition has no judgment and it only has your best interest at the forefront of what it says to you. It has no need for you to prove yourself and it has no need to judge your actions. In the eyes of your intuition you can not fall from grace. Ever.

I may a lose a few of you with this next sentence and that's ok. This is how I direct my life. Your intuition is your soul's messenger. It is here to help guide you to fulfill your purpose here on Earth. 

What purpose? I'll save that for another post. For now I encourage you to trust that your intuition is only love and only here to guide you to endless joy. How can this be wrong?

In love and light, Andrea


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