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From your higher-self: Just get started


Dear soul,

I do not give you ideas you can't realize. I give them to you because you're

the only one who can

realize them in the exact way they're meant to be. There is no great question I haven't already pondered. No 'how' I haven't already figured out. And no fear I don't see coming.

So, what then, are you waiting for?

That BIG idea you are sitting not doing any good inside your head. It wasn't granted to you to be pondered. It was granted to you to be BUILT, CREATED, and REALIZED. Why, you ask?

Does it matter? OK...I will give you a tiny answer because your 'why' is a tiny question.

Because. Want more? Ok...

Because it's fun. It feels good. It's the pure definition of creativity. Creation. To create. To actualize some essence of an idea to something you can hold in your hands. To something you can experience with emotion like joy, gratitude, and reverence. Because, as your higher-self, I selfishly want to feel these things too through you.

So go now and create. Put it on paper. Sculpt it. Offer it. Build it. Make it messy. Don't get it right at first. I assure you, you can't get it right at first or you'd miss out on things like growth, desire, and the sheer thrill when you actually get it right. 

And if you get scared remember this -- fear and joy are two sides of the same coin. Just flip it over.

In light and love, Your Higher-Self


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