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Guidepost #7: Cultivate Play & Rest - Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth


After diving into all three books by Brene Brown I realized that The Gifts of Imperfection is the perfect companion to the work I do around the effect stress, anxiety, and feeling like enough have on loving your body and living a fulfilling life. To share in these gifts I am writing about a guidepost a week from the book for the next 10 weeks and how to embrace each one. I will also gift a journal prompt with each guidepost for you to use. I love this book and encourage you to pick up a copy!

Guidepost #7: Cultivate Play and Rest – Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth

My niece has no problem cultivating play. She loves to explore, play, and immerse herself in fun activities. She is 21-months old. So what happens between childhood and being an adult? Status happens.

As Brene points out in Guidepost #7, we attach status and worth to being immersed in work, not play. So much so that we also attach guilt to play! We feel bad when we spend an afternoon at the park, playing Frisbee, or painting pottery (if that’s your thing) instead of cranking out more work.

As Arianna Huffington writes in her new book, “Thrive” – we need a third metric for measuring success and it has to be well-being. Play and rest are the two best places to start with in well-being because they counter-balance exhaustion, burnout, stress, and anxiety. Because who has time to think about emails or deadlines with a Frisbee flying at your head?

In my Girls Inc. Girls Group we spent one day on the importance of physical activity, which resulted in an intense game of freeze tag. And we played, hard. Myself, a 30-something woman, and a handful of 10-year olds were running around a lawn like it was our job and it was…awesome.

When we grow-up we grow out of things like freeze tag. We even grow out of self-care, rest, naps, and breaks. What would happen if you placed worthiness on play and rest and not exhaustion and 14-hour days? So go and play! Paint pottery. Play Frisbee. Run around with your kids, or even better, ask your adult friends for a game of freeze tag.

Cultivate Play and Rest - Set 10 minutes on a timer and place pen to paper. I have two journal prompts for you today!

If I cultivated play and rest, I would…

Download a free .pdf of all the guidepost journal prompts here!


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