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Guidance comes in all shapes and sizes - a look at my own healing process


When in crisis, transition, overwhelm, or a good ol' fashioned break down seek guidance. And quick. This is what I did recently - although instead of asking for a particular kind of guidance I opened myself up to the idea that what was meant to show up, would. This form of seeking is not for everyone and typically I know exactly what I need. This time was different. What caused my mini freak out? I am taking the reigns of my coaching practice and moving it to new heights. This is very scary for me and comes with many questions from my crazed monkey mind. For example - Are you capable? Can you really do what you love for a living? Will people show up? How will you know it's right? Those are just the tip of it.

You don't have to sit and stew in crisis mode - it's ok to ask for help and sometimes help comes in forms you don't expect. Like I said, I opened myself up to whatever form of guidance I needed and what showed up? A rolfer and tarot card reader. And it was awesome.

My good friend and fellow healer is a rolfer - this is a form of bodywork I'd never tried but am now hooked. Take note when going through any form of transition the types of people who show up. I was in need of someone who could help ground me and she did just that. As a coach I sometimes forget that I too need to seek a compassionate listener from time to time and that's exactly what she did for me. I felt grounded before we even began our work together because I felt heard. I listen for a living and easily forget how good it feels to be listened to.

Our rolfing sessions revealed that I'm over-protecting my heart and have been for a long time. The result has actually been chronic shoulder pain - even as I sit here writing this thinking about the story of an overly protected heart it is starting to throb. This is how our emotional body grabs our attention - with pain. If you're interested in experiencing rolfing for yourself, I recommend seeing Brooke Buzzie here in Portland. Love her! Info here:

No more than a week later I came across a tarot card reader. I did not actively seek her out - she happened to be at an event I was attending. This is how synchronicity works - it looks like coincidence but when you look deeper there is something more at play. I will write a whole post about this phenomenon soon! When seeking guidance, be open to what comes your way. I'd never had my cards read before, but it just felt like a good idea. And it was one of the most incredible and odd experiences of my life.

I was on the brink of launching my new site when I sat down to talk with her. I pulled two money cards telling me that I am moving towards prosperity and abundance and not to be afraid of my new direction (phew!). Then it got odd. She told me that I'm in Phase Two of my own awakening and that I'm here to heal through more spiritual channels. She continued by sharing with me that my intuition is incredibly strong and my ability to heal is innate to who I am. There was more, but part of it felt very personal. Her wisdom comes with me everyday now as a reminder that I'm on the right course. She affirmed that everything she was saying made perfect sense, to which all I could do was nod yes because I was so overcome with peace and understanding for what was happening.

Yes, guidance comes in all shapes and sizes. I'm writing about my experience because part of vulnerability and courage is owning your story, every single piece. We all have moments in our life when we need a little something extra to get us through. I am grateful these two women showed up at the exact right time - these are things in life you can't explain and don't have to. This is how we get through uncertainty, by having faith in who we are and who surrounds us.

Thank you for reading about my experience - share below about a time someone you didn't expect showed up to help you through. I would love to hear about it!


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