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Got power?

Authentic power
Authentic power

Gaining power from outside yourself is like drinking from an empty cup. You will have to constantly refill to gain what you're looking for. Gaining power from within yourself is drinking from the source.  Because you're drinking from the source, it is self-fulfilling.

So then it begs this question - what is the source of your power?

I feel inspired to write about power today for two reasons. The first reason being that most of my client work center's around helping people navigate their life by, as Martha Beck says, their True North. And when someone aligns with that I see the need for external power or validation totally fall away. And peace land in its place.

The second reason is because in our attempt to feel like enough we can't think that external forces can inform our internal choices. In other words - if you want to feel like enough, if you want to trust your choices, if you want to live a heart-centered life then seeking power from within is the path.

But if we know this and we like this idea, why aren't more of us navigating our power by our own innate wisdom? 

The short answer is...I don't really know. Expecting something different? Well, I don't know just yet but I am exploring it. I do, however, know when we seek something outside ourselves to help us measure our joy we are losing a game with no end.

To measure our growth in tangible results means we have to be able to point to something externally and measure it. But, and here's where it gets a little twisty, if our external life (ie. money, status, education, community, health, etc.) are simply a mirror or a mark of our inner world, are we measuring the wrong 'results'?

I know very 'externally successful' people who are living in a shadow of misery. And I know very 'externally poor' people who are also living in a shadow of misery.


Because - the outside cannot inform the inside.

Something outside of us (ie. money, status, education, community, health, etc.) can not inform our feelings about life.

Our feelings about life inform our relationship with the tangible things like money, status, education, community, health, etc.

How you feel about something internally becomes the mark it wears externally. So how do you measure power? How do you measure joy? How do you measure success? How about peace, possibility, grounded-ness, love, or security?

How about you measure it by itself?

What if you measured joy simply because you felt joyful?

I believe the most powerful people are the people who know who they are and who they are is not dependent on anything or anyone. Period. Because this person has nothing to lose. And if you have nothing to lose you gain everything.

Because if something can be measured, it has a limitation. Money, status, education, community, health, etc. can be measured and they are limited. They have a finality to them. So if your power or joy is anchored to them they too are limited.

What would happen if your inner world, and your inner world alone, determined your power? I bet you'd find peace, clarity, abundance, space, worthiness, joy, and trust.

If I emptied your bank account tomorrow and stripped you of your current identity what would you be left with? I know this is a harsh question but I ask it for this reason - who are you really?  What are you really? 

Go into your depths and meet yourself. Bring him or her out into the world and watch what you used to measure yourself by feel insignificant compared to the light inside of you that can not be measured.

This is authentic power.

Light and love, Andrea