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How I got to 6 figures (Part Two)

Journal prompt for spiritual leaders

"I am in my own right. I am in my own authority. I am in my perfect divine timing. I am growing and attracting. I am reaching and rooting. I am everything I've asked for. I am clear and focused. I am ready now. And so it is."

I don't remember what inspired me to write these statements or what I was reflecting on when I did but I come back to this because success is born from your beliefs and how much permission you give yourself.

Not enough of us grant ourselves permission to radically succeed. To me, radical success means wealth, ease, reach, service, clarity, peace of mind, and vision.

Earning 6-figures is a result. It's feedback that says, "Hey, you did something that added up to this number." All results are feedback. There are some undeniable themes that led me to 6-figures but of them all there is one I borderline obsess about every day - a relationship with the not knowable, the universe, divine source, or the energy between energy. 

Ok -- let me back up to August 2014. I had just left the business I found with my wife and dared to imagine I could embark on a totally new adventure all my own. And I was terrified. I had failed 8 other businesses at this point. Why would this be any different? I had to start this business with $0. And it had to make money or break even. This was the deal I made with myself.

I produced some pretty bad ideas in the beginning. And thank goodness I did because they taught me the most.

--->I learned that selling digital products to a massive market required a ton of energy and money to get in front of people. So this was out. 

---> I learned that my list didn't love to buy from me. So creating sales funnels was also a waste of time and energy.

---> I learned that when I got in front of people (speaking, coffee, connection) magic would happen in my business. But I didn't make this connect for almost a year. 

---> I learned that if I was working M-F and charging $75 for an individual coaching session I was not even making minimum wage. I made $4,000 my first year in business and $35k the next year before taxes.

---> I learned that I needed to change my approach to this work.

One year ago I stopped looking outside of myself for answers and I stopped listening to "marketing experts", "Facebook gurus", and "High-end coaches" and got very still. I listened to my heart by opening up a dialogue through my journal. Call it a portal, call it a channel, call it woo-woo, I don't care. It didn't bring life to my business - It brought my business TO life.

Privately I was practicing these incredible things like breath work, listening to my intuition, meditation, prayer, paying attention to synchronicity, communion with the unknown, listening to nature, and channeling my guides.

But when it came to my business - it was like I slammed the door and forgot everything I knew. I didn't trust my gut. I didn't ask for support. I looked completely outside myself for my business to succeed and I was failing, quick.

I felt like I was running out of time. Now, in perspective, one year to a profitable business is almost unheard of. I know this. But I made a deal with myself; this business was not to cost me or my partnership anything. And we were bordering on this deadline. I gave myself until the end of 2015 to bring home a paycheck or I was going job hunting.

I threw caution to the wind (it's a real thing) and hired a coach I couldn't afford AND asked him to charge me more money to hold me accountable to a BIG vision. And because I was now borrowing money to keep my business open I stopped paying for all marketing and did something no one was telling me to do - I brought massive amounts of faith and trust into what would unfold next. I surrendered.

And then magic happened. Things that shouldn't be possible, happened.

Nike called.

I got hired to speak.

I intuited an article called, "Roots to Fruits" and filled my consults 3 months out.

I would fill my coaching program in less than 3 months.

I was a keynote for a beautiful event for women.

I started to hear some version of this over and over - "I have no idea how you ended up in my inbox/email/mail because I am not on your list but it feels like divine timing." 


And the more I trusted and leaned into this faith the more people would show up.

Is this "woo-woo"? No.

We know that the act of how we observe something changes what we observe. Because light, thought, emotion and consciousness are things and they move, act, and honor our intentions we can predict our outcomes by observing our present thoughts, emotions, and expectations. (Translation: what you DECIDE will be and dedicate to both consciously and unconsciously, will be.)

Was I granted success for doing good in the world? No. Absolutely not.

It doesn't work like that. There is no reward because this would assume some moral or ethical righteousness that is better than another. Meaning - who gets to judge what is good and what is bad? 

I practice and employ universal laws consistently and have faith that they've already succeeded. And then I act as though I've already succeeded and what I need TO succeed shows up. 

Which laws? I thought you'd never ask! (This is my interpretation of each law. There are many out there. Adopt what feels right for you.)

The Law of Reciprocity

What you give you receive. Want to receive more? Give a million times more.

The Law of Divine Compensation

You will be rewarded most when you heed the call of your heart and answer your calling. To earn money from something that feels degrading to your soul, will be.

The Law of Light and Shadow

The world is your mirror. There is nothing in your field of awareness that is not also inside of you. Lean into your fears for they are your gateway to freedom.

The Law of Intention

What you intend and commit to both consciously, unconsciously and in your highest plane of existence will be. But you have to be patient. For the time is not instantaneous even if thought is.

The Law of Dharma

You have a calling. You have a pilgrimage of the soul. It's in your bones. And when it knocks on your door, answer. 

When I paired this practice with everything I've dedicated my time to (see last week's article) it adds up to what I would call success. Financially, yes. But also joyfully. I am very happy to be living in a way that shines more light on my path, my calling, and my purpose.

No money can quantify the power of fulfillment. 

I want this for you. If you want this too,

Awaken Your Practice is just around the corner. Just sayin ;)

In light and love,


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