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Good ol' Gratitude

Bend Oregon
Bend Oregon

These are a few behind-the-scenes from an early


sunrise shoot at Devil's Lake last weekend. Driving up Cascade Lakes Hwy with the orange sun just illuminating Mt. Bachelor, as the fog rolled over the lakes, is a sight I will never forget. There is something magical about dawn and the waking of a new day. I am hitting pause today to reflect and express some much-needed gratitude. As I round the corner and count down the final 11 days until

Awaken Your Practice

I need to take a deep breath. I have been traveling, adventuring, writing, and preparing for this weekend since March and as it comes near I'm really just in awe.

Gratitude. The remarkable practice of recognizing the good. Something we can all do more of, don't you think?

Just two weeks ago I was on a private vision immersion with a client and watched gratitude melt fear before my very eyes.

I felt gratitude for nature that can take my breath away looking out over Sparks lake as the sun set.

And I feel gratitude (beyond measure) for my Awaken weekend just days away and everyone who has supported me in making this possible.

After we wrapped the photo shoot we warmed up over chai and the best hot breakfast I've had in a long time. My dear friend and photographer, Jennifer Alyse, looked at me and asked, "how do you stay grounded?" To which I replied, without even thinking about it, "I just am."


Is that true? Where did that answer come from?!

But this is one of the ways when I am in the midst of coaching, teaching, writing, travel, speaking, and creating that I keep my feet on the ground. I say thank you. For all of it. Yes, ALL of it. Even the things that push me and challenge me (which is a kind way of saying the things that light my sh*t up). Because I am also human and not exempt from struggling.

My goal isn't to not suffer but rather to understand my suffering and be ok with it. One of the ways I do this is through gratitude. And I invite you to practice some today. Call it thankfulness, gratitude, acknowledgment, appreciation, recognition, or many of the other synonyms it doesn't matter what you call it. What does matter (and I mean literally manifests) is born from what you SAY matters.

Here is a quick, unedited list of things I am grateful for in this very moment. I hope you make your own list and then bask in the energy of that gratitude.

People My work Fall Hot coffee Blank journals Family Our puppy Yummy tea Mountains Birdsong Creativity The ability to read Books Home cooked meals Taking a deep breath Working for myself This space here YOU Water Funny movies Money My health A good bottle of wine

Deep chats with my Dad

My mom's health

My community


Gutsy ideas


Art Post-it notes (What would I do without a list?!)

Cards on my wall

Trees Travel Friends The ocean Hiking Meditation My coaches Lavender Red maples in the fall Fog in the morning Walks

and my beautiful, strong, inspired, supportive, powerful, loving wife.

I could keep going. This is the joy of gratitude, it has this kind of compound effect. Try it!

In light and love,