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10 Most asked questions about self-doubt

top 10 questions about self doubt

I work with topics like self-doubt, fear, stress, anxiety, and self-worth on purpose. I chose to make these the basis for my coaching work with individuals, topics I work with in groups, and why I encourage my readers to pick up their journal and get their thoughts on paper. Why? Because in all my research, reading, studying, and intuitive experiences people just aren't living content or joyful lives. Trust me, I've been there myself. Few people know that I struggled with depression for more than 10 years, used to live with chronic stomach aches, anxiety, and panic attacks. I wasn't living a life of joy. I was living in my own cesspool of self-doubt. Bleh.

Sure we all have moments of joy and memories that would say, "Hey, you are a happy person!" but we're missing elements of self-belief, purpose, connection, and alignment with our higher selves. I talk a lot more this here.

I believe that if I can help you let go of self-doubt, help you prove your fears wrong, and calm your anxiety then you'll see something wonderful. You'll see that self-belief, purpose, connection, and alignment with your higher self is yours for the taking. Really, happiness is yours for the taking.

Recently I launched a new journal course, Journal for Joy. Before doing so I took a survey and asked you what your top two questions about self-doubt were. Your answers were so amazing and I want to share the top 10 asked questions.

This was an anonymous survey and yet many of you asked the exact same question in the exact same wording and format. We are not alone in our fears and doubts.So we shouldn't be alone in solving them either. I'll answer these next week through my own experience. But I would love to hear from you. Do you ask yourself these same questions? Do you have any answers or insights that could help? In light and love, Andrea

Top 10 Questions about Self-Doubt

  1. Where do I start in letting go of self- doubt?

  2. What if doubt is the right course and I should be doubtful of myself?

  3. How do you recognize self-doubt and decide where to start?

  4. Are you letting go of all self doubt, or self doubt about a one issue?

  5. If a certain aspect of self doubt is genetic, or comes from childhood can it be over come, really?

  6. Are there proven methods when the self doubt gremlins begins to spiral out of control?

  7. How can I trust that I know what to do?

  8. How can I cultivate feeling that I am "enough"?

  9. How do I let go of others' rational opinions over what my heart feels? When should I take that leap of faith?

  10. What triggers self doubt?

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