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Thoughts from where I sit...


This is my view from where I sit in my coaching space. When my clients come and sit down with me there is always a mix of excitement, fear, possibility, and nervousness. I am grateful for each and every conversation I have in this space and for every one who has ever decided to open up to me. Over the years I've worked with lots of strong people who just lost a bit of their direction. Most are pretty hard on themselves and often don't give themselves enough credit for their strength. From where I sit I see people who are giving a new way of living a chance. Whether it's more joy, better health, less stress, more flow, more awareness, or renewed passion you showed up! I think that in itself is pretty cool.

Today I want to share a handful of things that I see and wish for every person who is seeking change in their life to see too. No matter where you are in your own journey of self-discovery, health, change, transition, or dreaming these are things I wish for you to remember. I think they will help you along the way.

1. You're funny, smart, creative, and worthy

You are. Do you know how awesome you are? You are so awesome! You dream and go after what you want in life. Even if it doesn't always go as imagined you at least took the leap to look and see. You are a good person and you deserve happiness.

2. Your new awareness is your gateway

Without this new awareness the gateway to change will remain closed. It is through 'waking up' to your life that you get to choose a new way to live.

3. You're not alone

You may not talk about the things that scare you a lot but you are not alone. Everyone has been in a position before where they didn't feel like they were living the life they really wanted. Don't keep that inside of you where it can taunt you. Share this with others because you are not alone.

4. Your courage is inspiring

I am so taken back by your courage to show up and ask for something different in you life. That means you don't resolve to stay stuck or keeping doing what isn't working. That is inspiring. It's easy to talk about wanting change but to move forward and seek awareness so you can change is pretty cool.

5. You can let go

It's easy to get wrapped up in wanting, "X, Y, and Z..." that you forget how great you already are. If you're afraid of losing control I encourage you to loosen your grip a little. It's ok, you can let go. Follow the path of least resistance and you go with the flow.

6. You are loved

Whether you feel this every moment of every day or not I want you to know that you are loved. And it's not because of your weight, or your looks, or your job, or your are loved just because you are here.

7. You can choose 

You get to choose what comes next. Including the things that do or do not happen to you. You choose through your thoughts, expectations, and beliefs. You are choosing tomorrow today. And you  have the power within you right now to change that if you don't want to keep repeating today.

8. You don't have to be so hard on yourself

I understand that something you trusted yourself to do didn't happen. I understand that your goal wasn't accomplished. I understand that somewhere along the way you fell short. I understand that you ate the whole carton of ice cream. And it's ok! You don't have to be so hard on yourself. You are allowed to learn and move forward. No one expects you to linger in it making yourself feel worse. See no. 5 :)

9. You are powerful beyond measure

You are very strong and powerful. Not in the physical sense but mentally and emotionally. Even if you are under stress today you are enduring which takes strength. It's ok if you don't always feel strong, but know you have strength within you available whenever you may need it.

10. You are here for a reason

We can talk about how I know this another day but for today know this - if you are alive than you are here for a reason. You have a gift to offer the world and you have a purpose to fulfill.

These are things I want you to share with you because I don't think you're sharing them with yourself. I think you are amazing and deserve the world.


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