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For the light keepers

For the light keepers
For the light keepers

I'm having an off week. Nothing, in particular, is wrong. It's a great week by all means - I'm spending time with my wife, I'm writing, I'm having wonderful conversations with clients and students. But something in me feels unsettled. It's ok.

I don't fight these moments or hide them. I don't shove them down and I don't push through it. I simply be with it. Which is super uncomfortable. And even still I know exactly what's wrong. I'm not trusting in ME right now.

Part of my inspiration for writing this today is to call myself out for not going all in on ME! Even as I'm writing this, this quote pops up on Instagram -

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

Yes! See sometimes I get impatient. Even when the path I'm walking feels so good I look for something outside of myself to tell me it's right. The key here being 'outside myself.'  That piece of me that's looking for external validation or 'proof' is losing. I know this because it doesn't feel good.

So here's what I want to do about this. And I am doing this here because this is a call for you, too. It's a call for the Light Keepers to tune in...

We can not loath our path and love our results. We can not question our worth and receive abundance. We can not turn away from the light and get out of the dark. 

This is for ALL the Light Keepers - the ones who are here to go within so to inspire others to go within. Fort those of us who feel called to open their hearts and help. To heal. To guide. To teach. To trust. To love. To inspire. To be in spirit.

I am passionate about you because you have a big job to do. And the only way to do this work is to look at what holds you back. We can not help another if we're stuck in an illusion of our making.

An illusion that tells us we're not ready, not enough, not prepared, not there yet...

'Shhhh, illusion be quiet for a moment.'

Let me speak the TRUTH about what it means to be a light keeper.

It means to walk your path, first.

It means to carry the lantern so others may find their path.

It means getting out of your way.

It means understanding it's so much bigger than you.

It means having total faith in yourSelf.

It means saying YES to your life - your whole life. The messy parts too.

And my hope is you'll say yes to all of it because to be a light keeper is a gift. It isn't better or worse than other gifts. But it is a gift for YOU.

I took a vow to help the world heal from within. That I would partake in this great awakening and help shepherd people toward their light. That I would help people reignite their intuition and open hearts.

There are days that I want to quit. That I want to say, 'No, thanks.' But then again, it isn't about me. And I wouldn't be fulfilled without this work.

So I remember that I am holding a lantern. And I remind myself that in holding that lantern I am also holding belief, possibility, trust, faith, love, and divinity. And that all will be ok. Better than ok.

Because I look around and see what's waking up and I am utterly amazed. So thank you for being here. For walking your path. For not quitting. For asking for help. And for being a light keeper.

You are awesome.

In light and love, Andrea