Five Questions


When I was a little girl I spent most of my days in our backyard playing with my imagination. The trees that lined our home could be big houses, ski resorts, horse ranches, and anything else my mind could conjure up. As far I understood, if I could dream it, then I could see it.

I am happy to say nothing has changed.

Although today I imagine peace, compassion, joy, and helping people to see their own brilliance more than I see ski resorts and horse ranches, I still employ my imagination, because we can’t always see what we’re capable of until someone helps us see it. These questions are a way of pointing to what you may not see yet: that the answers you seek are inside of you already.

You matter immensely, and I want you to see this. Not just your own brilliance and what you have the power to contribute to our world, but that you matter. I want you to really understand this. I believe that when every human being understands how much they matter and comprehends their own worth, we won’t have to work so hard to change the world. In fact, there would be nothing to change.

When you love yourself enough to follow your own path of least resistance, then peace, joy, and compassion are not just your birthright but the Truth of who you really are. If you want to help change the world, then you begin right where you stand, from within who you are. What if there were nothing to change and everything to embody?

The five questions that follow are my guide for you to get back to the Truth of who you are, the Truth of who you are meant to be, and why you are here having a human experience. When you allow your life to be the answer to these five questions, you will find not just a great life but a life that fulfills something greater than you and me.

My dad said to me once, “Andrea, life is meant to be the answer you seek. The secret is, you can’t actually seek it - you can only create it.” Hearing this changed everything for me. You mean I don’t have to go find answers from outside of myself? I don’t have to seek some answer but, instead, I get to create it?

I have never met a single human who wasn’t seeking something, even if they weren’t totally sure the question they were asking. We are seekers. We are designed to ponder and search for our own meaning to life. And I hope that you do. You’re here after all.

We are built to inquire, explore, wonder, and ask about things greater than ourselves. It’s what gives life meaning, purpose, and imagination. What are you seeking exactly? You might not know yet, but still you feel the need to seek. But what if instead of looking outside of yourself for some magical truth, you could create it for yourself from within?

Let these five questions help you to create your life from the inside out.

Here you go: five powerful questions for a life of meaning and magic. If nothing more, pick just one and let it soak in. Don't rush to answer it, and don't rush to do anything with it. Don't post it on Instagram or wonder out loud on Facebook. Instead, make this intimate inquiry into your life a private conversation between you and your self. There is no greater quest than the one we make to the center of who we really are.

Question One: Why am I here?
Question Two: How do I choose to matter?
Question Three: What is the meaning of my life?
Question Four: How do I want to be seen and heard?
Question Five: How can I serve?

Instead of filling each question with an explanation, for today I will simply leave you with the questions themselves. And stay tuned: as the book unfolds I will be giving away copies!

Andrea Wilborn