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February Book Club Chat: Radical Acceptance


radical acceptance"Radical Acceptance dissolves the glue that binds us as a small self and frees us to live from the vibrant fullness of our being."- Tara Brach

Today's book club chat is about this lovely read: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. Radical Acceptance is Buddhist in nature - it is how you dance with fear. As she points out early in this book, "Fear is part of life, so resisting fear means resisting life." Pause and really let this in.

So much of our living today is focused on staying comfortable. On staying away from uneasiness. Tara offers a radically different approach - in order to fully embrace life you must fully embrace your fears in life.

This isn't to say you have to passively accept them but accept them with intention. This means change your relationship with the things that scare you so that they no longer direct your life. True fears are not the fear itself but our story about something and our acceptance of that story as truth.

For example a fear of not having enough money is a fear of not feeling like enough. The story becomes, "Am I worthy or even deserving of abundance?"

Don't make the goal to get rid of your fears for they are your greatest teachers. Instead make the goal to find the lesson in the fear and the growth you're meant to experience as a result of this fear. Seek that growth and the fear has completed its job and falls away. You do this with the two wings of Radical Acceptance - mindfulness and compassion.

"Compassion begins with the capacity to hold your own life with a loving heart." 

All of your life. This becomes the training ground for offering compassion and loving-kindness to the world. Not to end suffering but to have compassion for it. She then goes on to say, "As we open to the vulnerability of others, the veil of separation falls away, and our natural response is to reach out a helping hand."

And as we connect with what is right in front of us, we realize the true immensity of who we are. It's in the face of the world around you that you learn about yourself. This is Radical Acceptance.

I leave you with this final quote that I can't stop using. It's so beautiful!

"Radical Acceptance opens the door of our cage and invites us to move freely in our world...when we live in awareness we live in love."

- Tara Brach

What did you think of this book? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave me a comment below (note that these are public comments) or send me a private message by clicking 'contact' above.

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Next month we'll continue this study of how to embrace and live with our fears with Pema Chodron's book, "Taking the Leap."

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