"Fear Of Missing Out"


I love how fast our ideas can make their way in the world because of technology today. And I miss the days when slow was enough and pacing yourself was considered a virtue. Maybe I can bring them back? I mean, what are we all racing toward anyways?

After my return to the hashtag and "liking" random cat videos, I started to feel the FOMO creep back in. One morning I even found myself spending over an hour researching how to outsource social media to gain more instabookfollowers. Why? I was quickly slipping back into not just comparison mode but also this --> If I don't have xxx,xxx followers or xxx,xxx likes or subscribers then I somehow don't know what I am doing.

Well. F*#k that noise.

Then I opened my mailbox and there were two little gifts inside.

One from a past client and now a good friend. She sent me a card congratulating me on the People First Project and a blended oil she made that read, "This blend is used when you are confident in your divine purpose, and ready to take your level of activity up a notch. This helps brings up the intensity of living with intention."

Thank you, friend, for bringing me back home and keeping my head from spinning.

The second was a letter from my mom. In the midst of her cancer diagnosis (you can watch my story about it here) we started writing real, old-fashioned letters back and forth every month. I ask questions and she responds. Last month I asked her this - How do you trust in what life brings your way?

There, outlined beautifully in my mother's words is this - "Well, my dear, you create the life in the way you want it to be. So, you're actually trusting in your "self" to make the right/wrong decisions, deciding which road to go down or back up from and to believe in yourself to make the right choices for YOU. In your core, you know what is right at the time - trust in yourself."

Thank you, mom, for reminding me about what really matters and always having the best perspective right when I need it most.

Sharing your ideas or vision today can so quickly be associated with fast success, being an influencer, growing your following, and the new version of being popular à la social media. There are days when I want these things because I think, somehow, it would make things magically easier. But would it? And for what purpose?

Sure, like many of you, I want to spread my beliefs and use them to inspire people. Some days I want that to be millions of people and I want it now. Like, NOW. Then I get to measure my "success" on how big the gap is between where I stand and that random million number of people.

I know I am not alone in this. I share it because sometimes we do get it right, we share an idea that really helps someone and that idea also happens to go viral. Bam, '"#insta" success!

But most likely, it happens a little differently. Most likely, your really brilliant idea and possibility thinking won't go viral - BUT it will help someone. When did one become not enough? When did that one become too insignificant to matter?

The truth is, I really just want to do my work.

I want to coach and serve.
I want to be present and really see people.
I want to hear your stories and support your desires.
I want to help you slow down and listen to your life.
I want to be a source of goodness in the world.
I want to help you see your own light.
I want to share when I can and lead people by being honest.
I want to trust in myself and that I am enough as I am.

Most days, I don't want to play the business hustle game. I just don't. I don't want to schedule a hundred FB posts or memorize the top 100 hashtags. I don't want to master FB ads or how to close sales through an opt-in page. I just don't.

This was why I created Awaken Your Practice in the first place. Maybe it was naive, but I really thought that if I could teach a handful people every year how to trust themselves, how to let their ideas steer them, how to listen to their gut, and how to find a community worth being surrounded by then we could have more brilliant purposes soaring.

I thought if I could really SEE people and what they are capable of and help share that with them, they too could see it in themselves and stop comparing to others. I thought that if I showed up authentically and trusted my own gifts, I could demonstrate that for others.

And I was right.

I am not a millionaire coach and honestly, I don't have hundreds of thousands or even thousands of readers or "followers."

You don't have to, to do great work and help your fellow humans. Because the people who do like what I have to share stick around, they talk to me, sometimes they hire me, they show up, they do the work, and most of them love themselves more fiercely because someone finally told them it was OK to do so. I've created a business from building good relationships, honestly. No "likes" needed.

And you can too.

Andrea Wilborn