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Fall Coaching Circle Now Open

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"If not you, then who? If not now, then when? If not this, then what?" 

These words were gifted to me over a year ago and still ring in my ears. If not now, when? All we ever have is this very moment, and it's always the perfect one to do what we're all built for -

Coaching continues to be my fiercest gift to my fellow change agents, visionaries, and possibilitarians. 

Here's the thing - I believe wholeheartedly in the potential of humanity and was, for many years, apologetic for that hope.

Because at times, hope can feel naive and even ignorant. I am not unaware of the injustice in the world. But injustice isn't new. What we choose to do about it and how we choose to rise, is

Last year I wrote my most popular article to date about why I chose not to raise my prices in 2018, and why I actually decided to lower them. There's a trend in coaching to constantly be raising our rates, and I quickly fell into it.

By 2017 I was charging upwards of $2,500/month to be my client. I thought this meant I'd “made it”. Instead, I am sorry to say I lost something very dear to me. I lost my focus on the greater whole.

Coaching has quickly become an exclusive industry. As our prices rise, our exclusivity rises. As our exclusivity rises, we are no longer building unity and with it are fueling the very thing most coaches and healers claim to not stand for.

I sat down last year and had a heart-to-heart with myself. I remembered something a mentor told me. She said, "If a therapeutic process is inaccessible to any one person it is ineffective to all people."

This hit me hard then and still does today. If my work is not accessible then I am not congruent with my value of bringing more harmony to our world.

Enter, The Coaching Circle. A 1:1 private coaching experience that starts at $199/month. Yes, really. I wish I could work with all of you.

> What do you feel responsible for?
> What are you doing about it?

My new coaching circle is an invitation for 20 people and 20 change agents to come to life.

I am inviting 20 people to be personally coached and mentored by me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for 6 months. If you're someone who feels called to something bigger in their life than this is for you. It is my greatest gift to help you change even more lives by trusting what calls you and believing in yourself.

There are a few things you need to know about working with me. 

My coaching is not...

...strategy and planning. Your ideas are not something you can think your way through. Your stories are not calculated but are instead created from your need for love and safety. When they stop serving you and you decide to face them or untangle them, it’s time to come out of your head and into your heart. We go in with radical acceptance and self-discovery. You will take action, but first, you have to meet yourself where you are.

...just life coaching. Coaching is a powerful tool and one that I love. It’s a way of showing up with someone and using powerful, open-ended questions to inspire new action in them. I use a coaching container, but I fully understand that I can’t help you move forward and get you where you want to go without giving space to where you come from, first. You are your own guru and your own change agent, first. We can be guides for others, but all we can do is facilitate an environment where change is possible. I can't change you for you. Just as you can't change others. But you can walk your path with integrity and congruency. And that is the most effective path to change we can embark on.

Together, you will...

1. Say Yes

Before you can do anything in the direction of what calls you, you have to say yes to it. You have to trust your path AND fully commit to it. Tucked inside of you is a message and a purpose that is tugging at you big time, am I right? 

2. Be Yourself

Whatever you piled on over the years - old identities, other people's idea of success, limiting beliefs about yourself - shed these. We don't have to go in search of your authentic self, we only have to strip away what isn't authentic to you. 

3. Change more lives by being yourself

You're a giver; you keep hope alive in those lives you change, and you do so by being your most authentic self. I don't need to remind you that there is something big at stake. Maybe you're headed in a direction you never predicted but the world is waiting for you. This I know...

The Coaching Circle

20 Transformative People, 6 Months, Innumerable Possibilities
Each of these 20 spots is an invitation to an experience of waking up your conviction and your compassion through deep coaching and it starts at just $199/month.


How to Be Part of The Coaching Circle:

1. Read ALL the details here

2. Choose your level and complete your application no later than Wednesday, August 22nd

3. If accepted you'll be sent a personal link to schedule your first coaching session & to pay your $199 deposit to hold your spot. Your first payment won't be charged until September 10th.

4. There are only 20 spots. No waitlist. This is the only way to coach 1:1 with me this year.

*The next Coaching Circle opens March 2019.

All of life is an extension of how you see yourself and how you show up in the world. Imagine what is possible...

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