Do you want to help others?


If you're anything like me then you've always been that person strangers share their life stories with. It doesn't matter if I'm in line at the grocery store or on an airplane, I often find myself as the person others tell deep and meaningful things to.

It was only a matter of time before I succumbed to this innate piece of myself and followed the thread toward (at first) social work, then counseling, and eventually life coaching.

When I first got certified as a Professional Life Coach I simply wanted to help people. It really wasn't more complicated than this. I chose to coach because while it was simple it was also powerful. I was blown away that something like intuitive listening and positive mirroring could open whole worlds for the people I worked with.

It would be another four years before my spiritual awakening and what I deem my "real" work unfolded.

I say "real" because it was always real and the work was always good but in the beginning, I was merely utilizing some tools. I had learned a skill, to coach, but it wasn't connected to anything deeper than my desire to help.

However, it really all started on January 8th, 2014...

I woke up with the dawn, walked downstairs, poured myself a cup of coffee, sat myself on the couch, and opened my journal to write like every other morning. And then something it would take almost two years to understand happened:

I had a spiritual awakening.

Let me back up…34 years. I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, surrounded by evergreen trees and refreshing rain (and plenty of coffee). I am the youngest of three and the only daughter. My parents, who were married for 46 years, were amazing parents. They surrounded us with so much love, tradition, books, music, and the encouragement to “follow our bliss.”

We were also atheists. We prided ourselves on knowledge, logic, and getting to the simple truth of life.

When it felt like Source/God/Universe cracked me open on that January day, I was a lot confused. Questions began to pour out of my pen which I had never contemplated or given much thought to. Questions like, “What is consciousness? Are we infinite?”

I would spend the next two years in search of answers. What happened to me? What did I miss? Where do I come from? Why am I here? Is there a God? What is Source? How do I feel about religion? What is spirituality? What are the mystics telling us? What is my role in all of this?

I read every text I could get my hands on. I asked teachers, leaders, healers, intuitives, and mentors these questions. I wrote hundreds of pages in my journal. And slowly the answers began to flood from me. I knew what I believed…but I was terrified to say it.

So I hid.

I didn’t talk about my awakening with many.

I didn’t write about it or share it.

I didn’t work with it or invite it into my sessions.

The truth was, this wasn't new. I wasn't simply "waking up" so much as I was remembering who I was. I've always been intuitive and tapped into things I can't see but know to be true. Have you ever felt this way?

I answered my calling because I ached to return to my intuitive roots and use my gift to help people heal and radically love their life.

We all have a calling. Sometimes it comes through loud and clear. Other times it's merely a faint whisper, and you feel crazy for even thinking something is speaking to you. (You're not alone!) In order to answer your calling, you have to let go. And risk the leap into the unknown.

For me, that risk has been mutli-faceted. It's required surrender, faith, and bouts of listening inward. And in 2017 the whole of what I know became a course I call Awaken Your Life.

This is the teaching I always wanted to create. Sometimes, though, we have to be patient for our vision to match our own growth. Since becoming a life coach I knew I was not only in the right career, but that I had answered a calling and was finally in the arena. And if you know the arena – you also know it can kick your butt.

Callings can be big and can knock you sideways. They can also be small nudges that keep you moving toward actualization. This teaching is part of my own actualization and is part of my greater calling to help all people journey within and come fully alive.

Over the course of 9 months, through this program you will come alive, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing so. You might not know the tremendous gift this is for our beautiful planet and all her creatures. And this is OK. You are here, ultimately, for you.

This program will challenge you, stretch you, but also deepen you.

It may not feel so big at first but there will come a day, a totally ordinary day, when you look out into the world and realize you don’t see the same world – because you aren’t the same person. This is the power of self-transformation: it has the ability to change our entire outlook, and in doing so, we actually change the things we’re looking at.

This is just a taste of this year: We spend time in Manzanita, Oregon and atop the mountains in Bend, Oregon.

Between our retreats we meet weekly for 2-hour trainings on the Five Ways - Heart, Mind, Crown, Ground, and Transformation. In addition, you are mentored privately by me each month and receive unlimited support.

At the end of our time together, you will have completed 200 hours and be a Certified Master Coach - and you will have walked your own journey inward.

Whether you’re here for radical self-development or to learn how to make your own mark in the world, you don’t dedicate to a year of introspection and not change your life and subsequently the lives of those around you. You are a ripple in this cosmic pond and, I assure you, every fiber of you does matter.

Let’s get on the path, shall we?

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