Do people tell you their life stories too?

I've always been that girl strangers share their life stories with.

It doesn't matter if I'm in line at the grocery store or on an airplane, I often find myself the person others tell deep and meaningful things to. I have a gift. 

I call this gift compassion. I call this gift empathy. And I call this gift love. This gift isn't unique to me but it is the thread of my life and the lens for my work.

We all have a calling. Sometimes it comes through loud and clear. Other times it's merely a faint whisper, and you feel crazy for even thinking something is speaking to you. (You're not alone!) And if you feel called to the profession of life coaching, then I have something for you! (You can skip ahead and join this free course here!)

21 Days to Powerful Coaching is more than just a free course...

I believe wholeheartedly in life coaching. I've been coaching since 2010 and have completed more than 5,000 hours in sessions with clients from all over the world.

And I am more in love with this practice than ever before.

I became a coach because I don't believe people are broken. They are whole, resourceful, and creative. You can do wondrous things with your life. And so can the people you most want to serve.

But coaching is headed in two very different directions.


Direction #1: Telling your clients what to do to succeed

Direction #2: Extracting from your clients what they need to do to succeed

While direction #1 feels like it creates results faster, it also creates what a client of mine calls "false confidence." It creates the allure of fast results through tactics, strategies, and tips. But it invariably leaves you right where you began.


Because if you don't take the whole person into account, you are leaving the power and richness of the creative process off the table. The places that actually create new possibilities and change.

It should be no surprise that I've chosen Direction #2. 

Coaching is...

...a co-created relationship, one that can radically empower you, possibly for the first time in your life. 

...founded on the principle that all people are whole, creative, and resourceful. You do not need to be diagnosed, fixed, or healed because you are not broken.

...wholehearted and provides safety for you to truly be seen and heard, and ultimately remember that you matter.

...not a solution but rather a pure creative space where you can explore all possible outcomes and remember that you have a choice. Our primary goal is to move you toward choice.

...putting you back in the driver seat of your life and assumes right responsibility. It reminds you that you are your own domain and always have a choice: the very definition of empowerment.

...rooted in the belief that all people are valuable and have a purpose. It assumes all people are whole at their core, even if you're experiencing a fragmented piece of your life in this moment. 

...simply a tool. You will be the one to change your own life with my unwavering belief that not only can you create positive change, but in a way, it's already done.

Practitioners, leaders, professionals, and destined healers, it's your time.

Whether your goal is to become a full-time coach, lead retreats, facilitate transformative experiences, incorporate life coaching into an existing career, or transform your own life, then 21 Days to Powerful Coaching is for you.

Here's what to expect from October 15 – November 5. (click to join for free!)

  • Build your confidence as a coach

  • Deepen your skills

  • Get better results

  • Charge more money for your coaching

  • If you're new, learn what it's all about and try it on!

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Here's your free training schedule!

Week One: Back to the Basics

The best coaching is founded on a few simple but powerful tools. In Week One, reconnect with the foundation of powerful coaching. 

Week Two: Skills of Powerful Coaches

Powerful coaching is within your reach. In Week Two, learn the dos and don'ts of the world's most powerful coaches. 

Week Three: Where Are We Going? 

Coaching remains one of the fastest-growing service industries in the world. In Week Three, learn where we are going as an industry, what the most missed opportunities as coaches are, if coaching is "too saturated," and how to stand out.

Use this link to join and I'll see you on October 15th!

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