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Confidence Curriculum 101


School started up again in Portland just yesterday - where did the summer go?! I say that every year. Even though it has been many years since I started a new school year in the fall, it's still such an inspired time of year. Fall is about settling in a little bit, reaping the seeds you planted in spring (ideas, dreams, plans), and adding to your own personal growth repertoire. You can take that art class you have been eyeing, try a whole foods cleanse, start a new workout routine, join that book club, get out the knitting needles, and get back to cooking the foods you love. To help inspire your own personal version of going back to school I thought I would share some of my summer reading list. Each book here is really Confidence 101 and each makes for excellent fall reading. I seem to really crave new books in the fall - it's that whole 'snuggling up with tea' thing I think. To not overwhelm you I picked out my top 5 - enjoy! FYI - I like to link to Powell's Books. I do not receive a commission, I just really love that bookstore.

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

In her 10+ years of shame research, Brene Brown unearthed something she didn't expect that rocked her world - the power of vulnerability. To embrace vulnerability is to dare greatly. It may not be easy to lean into discomfort and what makes us vulnerable, but in learning how Brene discovered massive amounts of joy. If you ever struggle with perfectionism, fear of failure, shame, or you hide from feedback or criticism this read will serve you well!

The Power of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy

This book is all in the title. Brian Tracy breaks down what confidence is, the power behind having confidence, and how to manifest it into your life. Simple and to the point - excellent read!

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Ha. This book was such a fun read. I would like to have a conversation with Jen because I am certain it would be filled with humor, quirk, and plenty of 'ah ha' moments. She has done her homework and is a living example that all you have to do to manifest all the things you want for your life is ask and commit. Simple but not always easy. Yet I found myself under her accountability spell with every chapter because she basically doesn't let you get away with anything. We need more personal growth doers like Jen - it doesn't have to be so serious but it does have to be your truth.

Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

Afraid to fail? Yeah. Me too. But here is the most incredible secret no one ever told me - failing is NOT failure. It's just learning how NOT to do something. How inspired is that! Making mistakes, messing up, dropping the ball, however you want to describe it, is totally inevitable. We are not equipped with the answers, we're just not. So instead of fighting what failure is embrace it! Learn how to do just this in 'Failing Forward'.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

I loved this book! So good. Brene Brown is a researcher who has spent the past decade studying shame, vulnerability, courage, and joy. Her discoveries led to her infamous breakdown spiritual awakening of 2007 which blew her work and her writing open. In her book, "The Gifts of Imperfection" Brene discusses ten teachings that came out of her research. These ten themes were found in those who are living a wholehearted life - full of joy, happiness, and possibility. Yet, they aren't exactly what one would expect to discover.

Themes like failure, letting go of other's opinions, ending perfectionism, letting go of comparison, AND practicing self-compassion, play, purpose, laughter, and resilience. I loved this read SO much that I created a 2-part class out of it. In my 2-part series we will discuss the themes presented in the book and journal. This class is complimentary and I would be honored if you joined me! Spots are limited so please register here!

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