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Call for Submissions: #IAMENOUGH Project


The world needs our stories...

I'm that girl strangers share their life stories with. It doesn't matter if I'm in line at the grocery store or on an airplane, I often find myself as the person others tell deep and meaningful things to. I thought everyone received in this way. I thought everyone enjoyed listening and lending sometimes just a smile as if to say, "I see you and I hear you."

It would take until I was 30 to realize this simply isn't the case. I have a gift. I call this gift compassion. I call this gift empathy. And I call this gift love. This gift isn't unique to me, but it is the thread of my life and the lens for my work.

You see, the most radical thing about me is that I love people and I have a strong belief in our capacity to do good. I love our silly nature, our dreams, and our ability to create hope. I also love that we get to reawaken with each lifetime and discover something completely new.

I've always been intuitive and tapped into things I can't see but know to be true. When I walk around in the world I don't just see the world, I feel it. I feel all of it. Sometimes I can't tell which is mine and which is not mine because it just all melts together. One big emotional soup.

To feel the world isn't always easy or convenient, but it's a gift. Emotions are the texture of our life. They give our life meaning and make our stories worth recounting. My mother helped me understand this. She always told me I would be a helper one day. Naturally, upon hearing this, I avoided it for as long as I could. I wanted to come to this conclusion on my own. When I finally conceded that she was right, she simply smiled and said, "I know." 

After my mom passed away, this little seed in me popped open and I was left with the clear call to lead women. To use my gifts in a way I hadn't before. Over the past 13 years I've chosen to explore people. First as a social worker, then as a counselor, and today as a coach. 

However, these are just tools and a means for me to do my real work -- to help women awaken their life from the inside out. To help you see how brilliant, creative, and resourceful you already are. To help more women share their voice with the world and even with themselves.

This is my story. I have many stories, as we all do. We share them because they matter and because we are more connected than we realize. I want to hear your story. 

It is time to start collecting these stories, the stories that remind us in the midst of our beautifully messy lives that we are enough, we are good, and we are valuable. If this calls to you, read below how to submit YOUR story. And thank you - This work is no longer negotiable and our time is now.


When I started coaching in 2010 I didn't know what I would discover about the people I worked with, I just wanted to be a great coach. Almost eight years and more than 2,000 conversations later I can say that there is one theme above all else that finds its way through no matter what.

"I am not good enough."

Where does this come from and why do we share this common thread? The truth is, I don't know. But I want to give a bigger voice to this phenomena so that maybe together we can begin to untangle our worthiness.  Welcome to the #IAMENOUGH project: a collection of women's stories about "enoughness." This project is a compilation of stories by women, for women.

>> Submit your story and be part of the project. <<

Submission Guidelines:
> Your story needs to be first person and true. 
> Share a story that you'd want to be published or shared with others.
> One submission per person.

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