Behind the scenes of retreat learning


Twice every year, I get to embark with my next Awaken Your Life cohort for 6 months of learning, mentoring, and embodying what it means to be a transformational life coach. This program that continues to amaze and inspire me is hard to put into words because it's so much more than a training.

I've shared about this program in many ways but today I want to give you a peek behind the scenes. Particularly, I want to show you one of the parts that makes this program not only unique but the cornerstone of why most choose this program over the bazillion out there today: retreat learning.

In addition to weekly training classes and mentoring, we spend two weeks "in residence" - each immersive retreat is 6 days and is in two of my favorite locations in the Pacific Northwest. We stay in beautiful private homes on the Oregon Coast and perched in the mountains. Each retreat includes a live-in private chef who will prepare three organically sourced meals per day.

But it is so much more than this.

These are the logistics, yes. But what happens over these 6 days that make this style of learning so incredible? I could just as easily run this part of the program out of a hotel conference room with stale lighting and bad catered food. It would be also wouldn't feel like me.

Home matters to me, and creating a place for the people I care about to feel cared for really matters to me. Just ask my wife - I think the best thing in the world is a dinner party that goes just a little too late. People sitting around the table for hours, wine-stained tablecloth, full bellies, and enriching conversation.

Around the dinner table are some of my most cherished memories as a child, and some of the most enlightening moments of my life continue to happen in such an intimate setting. Awaken Your Life is just as intimate to me. So no, a hotel conference room simply won't do.

This work has my whole heart. When I created it I wanted to include my whole self, and my whole self believes this work should feel like we are sitting in the coziest spot, sipping tea, while you have the most life-giving and life-enriching conversation about yourself and get to witness what it's like to come home to your True Nature.

What happens at an Awaken Your Life retreat?

We arrive late in the afternoon on the first day. Day one is about community. At our fall retreat we spend the first evening getting to know one another. We build a fire in the original river rock fireplace, we sip tea or wine, we walk the beach, we get settled in.

Each morning is your time - you can join me for yoga, journaling, and meditation. Take the morning to walk, sleep, sip coffee as the sun rises. We indulge in a multi-course organic breakfast from our live-in chef, Zach Mazi.

Each day consists of two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions. Our classroom comes with views of the ocean or pine trees. Settle into cozy plush couches in the sun-soaked living room where we will spend the next four full days learning, mentoring, and in hands-on practice.

Enjoy two full hours each day for lunch and a little space. Take a walk, go into town, take a nap. This isn't just a learning haven; it's a retreat and we build space in for you to do just that. We end class at 5pm for a little business mentoring, games, music, and play.

My favorite night is day three, Community Cooking Night. We choose a region and our chef becomes an instructor. This will be the yummiest cooking class you've ever attended. To date, we've visited Mexico, Japan, Israel, Italy, the Mediterranean, and Thailand through cuisine. This night has been known to bond our group in new ways and with total joy.

During our fall retreat at the Oregon Coast we study The Way of the Mind and begin to practice coaching. We spend ample time in mini-sessions and in hands-on practice. We have lectures on topics such as intuitive listening, powerful questions, container setting, limiting beliefs, models of the world, changing your story, roots to fruits, the MEPS model, and more.

During our spring retreat in Bend, Oregon we study The Way of the Ground. We spend an entire week studying the brain and neuroscience in coaching. Currently the only program to incorporate this, this retreat also includes an in-residence neuro teacher. Topics include habits, behaviors, the threat bucket, language patterns, goal setting, and understanding how your clients are wired.

I knew to create a classroom like this was a risk. This isn't the how most people teach. But I am not most people. I am just a girl navigating this work and want to do it in a way that is nourishing and inviting because this is the very nature of coaching. It has only proven to deepen the work and create moments that will carry you as a coach for years to come.

I look forward to reading your application and I really look forward to greeting you at our fall retreat in just a month.

Whether your goal is to become a full-time coach, lead retreats, incorporate coaching into an existing career, or transform your own life by dedicating 6 months to walking inward, Awaken Your Life is for you.

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